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Enjoy the new Twincast podcast, and then join the discussion in the k2gx73.cn forums. http://www.k2gx73.cn/podcast/rss Ryan Yzquierdo (k2gx73.cn Podcast Staff) no <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #251 "Bob Lobclaw's Rumor Mill"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-251-bob-lobclaws-rumor-mill/44822 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-251.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #251: Bob Lobclaw's Rumor MillEpisode 251 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast starts out with a look into the latest Generations Selects figures unveiled on Hasbro Pulse, the set of five Decepticons that comprise the mighty God Neptune from Beast Wars II. Next up, a new wave of Netflix figures may soon be on the horizon and some names definitely piqued our interest. No one is surprised by the news of another Bumblebee figure, this time with a Deluxe Class figure rumored to be coming to the Earthrise line. A deluxe Cheetor figure has also been discovered in Walmart's system leading to lengthy speculation on the implications of more Beast Wars characters in the Generations product line. A possible "Sleep Mode" Optimus Prime and a Studio Series Devastator boxed set round out the rumor discussions prevalent in this episode. Two listener questions that cover the product reveal plans for the now-canceled 2020 San Diego Comic Con as well as thoughts on the distribution of the Siege line come up next. We close out this episode with a joke-filled round of the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.]]> Hobbies Sun, 24 May 2020 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:46:38 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #250 "Parade Day"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-250-parade-day/44788 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-250.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #250: Parade DayThe k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast returns for another week with episode 250. The Transformers talk starts out with some impromptu reflections on Cyberverse's parade loop episodes, providing a teaser of content fans can expect when they watch the TV series. This is followed by a discussion about the upcoming and slightly mysterious Amazon exclusive Generations Earthrise Deluxe Class two pack of Prowl and Ironhide featuring the characters in their well known G1 alternate vehicle modes. Impressions of the recently release Studio Series Voyager Class Sentinel Prime and Scrapper follows, with this latest wave bringing fans one step closer to completing the Constructicon combiner Devastator based on his appearance in Revenge of the Fallen. Generations Selects' Soundwave Spy Patrol 3rd Unit has also shipped out, featuring Wingthing, Frenzy, Skar and Knok. The cast takes some time to discuss them with the conversation going to some fascinating places before the show concludes with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.]]> Hobbies Sat, 09 May 2020 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:17:07 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #249 "It's Repaints!"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-249-its-repaints/44775 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-249.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #249: It's Repaints!Episode 249 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast begins with a pair of two-packs that aren't new, but they are new to show discussion. Earthrise Skywarp and Thundercracker as well as a Decepticon Clone two pack, with Pounce and Wingspan, will be Target exclusives under the Cybertron Villians sub-line. Next up, we discuss the newly revealed Masterpiece Lamborghini, named Spinout which is a homage to diaclone Sunstreaker. It looks like the animated prequel that has been tossed around lately may actually come to fruition because a director has finally been announced, leading to a brief chat about how there are allegedly dozens of movies in the Hasbro universe on the horizon. We close out the night with an in hand discussion of the Netflix Ultra Magnus, featuring a surprise inclusion from one of Hasbro's other brands: Play-Doh.]]> Hobbies Sat, 02 May 2020 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:51:50 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #248 "Battle for Cybertron"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-248-battle-for-cybertron/44756 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-248.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #248: Battle for CybertronEpisode 248 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast takes a look at the first four episodes of Transformers: Cyberverse Season 3. The episode starts off with a discussion that explores the overall plotting and characterization of the show so far. We'll also take a look at how season one and two tie in with some of the more meaningful events that took place during the first four episodes. Bumblebee, Cheetor and Hot Rod seem to be the leading cast members this season so we'll discuss the appeal these characters have to kids and we finish things up with the toy line that has not had too many gems but it does give us our first incarnation of Rack N' Ruin. A few listener questions are on tap to see who we'd like to see as the next commander class figure and smaller class figures giving us an ever growing accessories cache. We close out the episode with another round of bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Sat, 25 Apr 2020 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:20:01 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #247 "Fish 'N Chips"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-247-fish-n-chips/44737 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-247.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #247: Fish 'N ChipsThe k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast brings its 247th episode that starts out by examining the most recently revealed upcoming Transformers Movie Masterpiece series figure, MPM-10 Starscream. In addition to general thoughts about the figure and its impressive, officially licensed F-22 alternate fighter jet mode, comparisons are made and contrasts are drawn to 2010's Hunt for the Decepticons Leader Class Starscream, which was also released by Takara Tomy as MPM-1 Starscream in a different deco. After that, the group talks about the just released Generations Selects Seacons, this time featuring Nautilator, Seawing, Overbite and Tentakil. This segment of the episode spends time highlighting favorite points as well as the naming confusion brought about by using Japanese names such as Lobclaw and Kraken for only some of the releases in this set of figures that combine into the Decepticon Piranacon. The episode finishes up with humorous speculation about vague Walmart mobile app listings for "Gen G1 Red" versions of Megatron and Soundwave.]]> Hobbies Sat, 18 Apr 2020 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:04:56 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #246 "Crossover"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-246-crossover/44713 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-246.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #246: CrossoverEpisode 246 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast starts off by answering everyone's burning questions surrounding the latest Masterpiece figure from Takara, MP-38+ Burning Convoy. A brief stroll down Beast Wars Convoy (aka Optimus Primal) memory lane takes place and a discussion begins on which release of this figure is the best and most cartoon accurate. The latest comic crossover from IDW Publishing, Transformers vs Terminator #1 has hit the shelves in both print and digital, with the initial response varied. Universal agreement is found on the new "Seeker" designs created for this crossover universe by artist Alex Milne. This episode ends with another round of the recurring bragging rights segment, with this one going on a tangent featuring the new GI Joe Classified Series Snake Eyes figure.]]> Hobbies Sat, 11 Apr 2020 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:33:11 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #245 "On a Boat"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-245-on-a-boat/44694 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-245.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #245: On a BoatEpisode 245 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast sets sail with the latest Generations Select releases to arrive, Turtler and Gulf. The reviews are mixed with these sea critters but one can hope that the other Seacons aren't too far behind so the mighty King Poseidon can awaken. More images have surfaced of the upcoming spoiler-filled Transformers: War for Cybertron Siege Netflix Ultra Magnus and the bar may have been set a bit too high in previous discussions. After starting out as just a silhouette teaser, the mighty Super Megatron has been unveiled as the next Generations Selects figure and exclusive to the Takara Tomy Mall and is the next topic of discussion. With comic releases slowing down a bit, the show wraps up by taking a look into the most recent Transformers comic book to hit the shelves from IDW Publishing, Galaxies #6.]]> Hobbies Sat, 04 Apr 2020 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:07:03 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #244 "Call Me Maybe"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-244-call-me-maybe/44673 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-244.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #244: Call Me MaybeEpisode 244 of the Twincast Podcast finds the cast starting out the episode by talking about the recently released comics from the IDW Publishing Transformers ongoing, issues 18 and 19. While the pair of issues constitute signs of life and creativity, the cast members question whether this is enough to revive the series. Contributors are then challenged to think of a piece of Transformers media, be it toy line or content, they were initially unimpressed by but were later drawn back in to. Obscure trivia follows after that about Transformers Armada Mini-Con Inferno, partner of Decepticon Thrust, and the mystery behind an intended part of the design or a widespread assembly error. The episode ends with a robust discussion with cast member pitches on what kind of Transformers cartoon would be accessible and friendly for all ages, given the conclusion of the Transformers: Cyberverse cartoon.]]> Hobbies Sat, 28 Mar 2020 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:03:57 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #243 "Mega Teeth"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-243-mega-teeth/44649 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-243.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #243: Mega TeethEpisode 243 of the Twincast Podcast starts with the group taking stock of the recent release of Transformers: The Manga Volume 1, available for the first time from Viz Media with a new English translation. The cast discusses the artwork, the story with its parallels to the original 80s cartoon, and the overall packaging of the collected volume. The conversation turns to the latest toys out of the Earthrise line, as Megatronus and Counterpunch update the Twincast crew on which figures from the recently released first-wave of toys are their favorites, counterpoint opinions on Deluxe Class Hoist and Voyager Class Grapple from the previous episode, and reflect on which new toys leave them wanting something more. The episode ends as it often does with the Bragging Rights segment, where each cast member discusses what they acquired since the last episode.]]> Hobbies Sat, 21 Mar 2020 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:12:38 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #242 "Arise"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-242-arise/44609 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-242.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #242: AriseEpisode 242 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast catches up on the first wave of products for Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Earthrise. With most of these products available for collectors to have in-hand now, opinions are shared about the Leader Class figures Astrotrain and Optimus Prime, Voyager Class Grapple and Starscream, Deluxe Class Hoist and Ironworks plus many more along the way. These lead to a look ahead to the recently announced Trailbreaker and Sunstreaker from the same series, plus Takara Tomy's slightly altered take on the Quintesson Alicon. The Beast Wars resume next with MP-48 Lio Convoy arriving and impressing the cast with its superb engineering and uncanny replication of the character model. A look at some recent Transformers comic book releases from IDW Publishing follows all of that, featuring a look at Transformers: Galaxies' fourth and fifth issue, plus brief thoughts about the ongoing Transformers title's issue number 17. Once that's all out of the way another round of the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment closes out the episode.]]> Hobbies Sun, 08 Mar 2020 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:39:29 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #241 "Toy Fair 2020"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-241-toy-fair-2020/44568 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-241.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #241: Toy Fair 2020Episode 241 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast is almost all about the just concluded 2020 New York Toy Fair and all of the new Transformers products and media revealed by Hasbro. This begins with a look at the large amount of product revealed for Generations War for Cybertron: Earthrise, including the Titan Class Scorponok, Commander Class Sky Lynx, Leader Class Doubledealer, Voyager Snapdragon, Deluxe Class entries Smokescreen, Runamuck, Arcee, the Battle Masters such as Slitherfang and Doublecrosser plus plenty more Micromasters. Some special attention is also given to the long anticipated Quintesson toys, arriving with Voyager Class Quintesson Judge and a Deluxe Class Alicon. A trailer for the upcoming animated version of the War for Cybertron was also released at the event, with the show set to be released on Netflix sometime later this year. New Generations Siege redecos that tie-in with the series are also noted before the talk turns briefly to Cyberverse, its third season and the associated toys. Studio Series rounds out a busy agenda with Devastator finally coming to life in the line along with Blitzwing and other familiar movie faces. We wind down by catching up on some items shown at Winter Wonderfest that have piqued our interest with the latest images of Masterpiece Tigatron and Arcee. Closing out this episode is another round of the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment plus off-topic discussion on a strange Beast Wars toy variant.]]> Hobbies Mon, 24 Feb 2020 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:35:07 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #240 "Ramping Up"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-240-ramping-up/44483 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-240.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #240: Ramping UpThe Twincast / Podcast from k2gx73.cn's latest episode begins with in-hand impressions of the recently released Transformers War for Cybertron Earthrise Micromaster teams, the Hot Rod Patrol and the Decepticon Military Patrol. Comparisons with previous Siege Micromasters as well as the Generation 1 toy incarnations of the characters are both covered in the discussion about these toys. After that, leaks of forthcoming products are talked about to the extent possible, including Commander Class Sky Lynx, Titan Class Scorponok, more "ramp" robots in the Battle Master assortment, Voyager Megatron, Snapdragon and Deluxe Class entries such as Arcee and a Quintesson Alicon. The Transformers Card Game from Wizards of the Coast has just announced its fifth wave forthcoming in April with a Titans Return theme to the set, so the cast gives their initial thoughts on this latest installment as well as the state of the game in their local areas. Crossover comic books are up for discussion next, given the recent announcement of the Transformers and My Little Pony crossover from IDW Publishing set to be released this May. After that, a look at the various options available for fans looking to attend unofficial Transformers fan conventions around the globe comes up in the wake of absolutely nothing that would have prompted this conversation. The episode ends as usual with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.]]> Hobbies Sun, 09 Feb 2020 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:21:45 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #239 "Secrets and Scope Creep"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-239-secrets-and-scope-creep/44433 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-239.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #239: Secrets and Scope CreepThe k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast is back for its latest installment and 239th episode, which begins with initial reactions to the news that IDW Publishing will continue the original Transformers comic book storyline once more with a four issue mini-series follow-up to last years' Transformers '84 #0, known this time around as Transformers '84: Secrets and Lies. After the look at upcoming comic books, speculation on the upcoming Generations Earthrise toy line commences now that a look at some of the packaging art is available. In addition to the package art, guesses at what, if anything, can be learned from a small sample of the included galaxy map are brought up. A question from one of the show's listeners comes next, with curiosity continuing on the status of the War for Cybertron: Siege Netflix series, as no news of the show has been passed along to fans in almost a year since its announcement. A look at the free streaming catalog of Transformers content on Tubi TV comes next, with each cast member giving recommendations of parts of the catalog some fans may have overlooked over the years that are now available for legal viewing over the internet without any additional financial commitment. A look at the recently released Transformers Cyberverse Ultra Class Clobber figure rounds out the discussion before the episode ends as usual with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.]]> Hobbies Sun, 26 Jan 2020 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:21:17 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #238 "The Podcast That Leapt Through Time"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-238-the-podcast-that-leapt-through-time/44396 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-238.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #238: The Podcast That Leapt Through TimeA new year of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast begins with episode 238, which starts out with the cast sharing their more unlikely predictions for the upcoming year of Transformers products and media. This is followed by even more outlandish predictions before the discussion settles in with a lister question asking about preferences regarding the time travel stories featuring Brainstorm and Shockwave in the last IDW Publishing comic book continuity. A similar question about Kup's time in the "Dead Universe" follows, also referencing a story from those same series. More listener questions follow, with one asking about the accuracy of past predictions made by the podcast as well as their considerations, if any, with respect to departing from the fan community. In-hand impressions begin next, with the recently released Masterpiece MP-47 Hound from Takara Tomy leading the way. A discussion of the new first wave of Cyberverse Deluxe Class figures comes next, with the cast sharing mostly positive thoughts about this assortment's debut in the Cyberverse toy line-up. More toy discussion follows that with opinions shared regarding the latest wave of Generations Studio Series Deluxe Class figures, featuring entries such as Soundwave, WWII Hot Rod and the bike triplets Arcee, Chromia and Elita-1. The episode ends with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment where the cast shares their first round of Transformers product acquisitions for the new year.]]> Hobbies Sun, 12 Jan 2020 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:42:04 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #237 "Target: 2010s"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-237-target-2010s/44347 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-237.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #237: Target: 2010sEpisode 237 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast is a retrospective episode taking a look at not the highs and lows of 2019, but also the ’10’s decade as a whole. The past year in review is the first topic covered, as the best Transformers toys, media that the year had to offer and even some of the worst things in 2019 are discussed. A quick look into the future follows as the cast gets excited for what they know is coming before making some pretty easy predictions about what could be on the way. A deep dive into the past decade starts out with the “Aligned” continuity which began with Transformers: Prime. After a lengthy analysis of the fan-favorite show the talk moves on to the related War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron video games, covering both the games and the toys. Transformers Rescue Bots, one of the Transformers brand's longest running iterations gets mention next with considerations about what provides the series with the staying power it still enjoys with the ongoing Rescue Bots: Academy. Movies come under the spotlight next with thoughts on 2011's Dark of the Moon followed by speculation on what went wrong in the Wahlburg era of Age of Extinction and The Last Knight - and what went right with Travis Knight’s Bumblebee. The decade in review takes a turn into deeper discussion with a look at the evolution of how the Transformers brand was and now is being marketed towards adult collectors, including the influence that unlicensed "third party" manufacturers may have had on this evolution. IDW publishing’s “Phase Two” affected the brand’s landscape in the past decade, earning it some time in the discussion before the episode finishes up with personal reflections, bragging rights, highlights of the past decade and hopes and dreams for the future of the Transformers in the 2020s.]]> Hobbies Mon, 23 Dec 2019 00:00:00 -0600 no 03:33:19 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #236 "Tangled Web"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-236-tangled-web/44288 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-236.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #236: Tangled WebEpisode 236 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast begins with in-hand impressions and analysis of the latest Transformers Masterpiece figure from the Beast Wars series, MP-46 Black Widow, better known as Blackarachnia to Western Transformers fans. More Masterpiece discussion follows with the simultaneously released MP-45, a second version of Bumblebee's "Generation 1" design. The talk continues on with speculation about a possible Masterpiece combiner toy after Takara Tomy's announcement of a new project for the trainbot combiner Raiden, with the cast imagining what potential product could be the result of this still nebulous project. Toy discussions then shift to the Generations Siege lineup with Leader Class Astrotrain hitting store shelves. After that, a brief discussion of voting on the 2019 Transformers Hall of Fame leads into a topic about Beast Wars. Specifically, the cast shares what animals not used in the original 1990s series they would like to see if a new line-up of toys featuring beastial Transformers was created. The episode concludes with a brief chat about IDW Publishing's Transformers Galaxies #3 as well as a surprisingly short round of the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.]]> Hobbies Mon, 09 Dec 2019 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:54:59 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #235 "Pre-Holidaze"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-235-preholidaze/44247 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-235.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #235: Pre-HolidazeIn episode 235 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, the talk begins with commentary on Jim Sorenson’s new book Transformers: A Visual History, which brings new artwork along with a deluxe packaging option for Transformers fans to digest. After that, the cast takes time to address the rumors about potential toy releases in the upcoming Generations War for Cybertron: Earthrise lineup and which seem likelier to be true than others. With War for Cybertron: Siege winding down, its blacklight codes have also come to an end with a map of Cybertron as the final bonus content they've delivered. A brief chat about some Chinese mythology comes next with a look at some upcoming Transformers Nezha toys. With Black Friday just around the corner the crew is keeping their eyes out for some deep discounts on particular items, so they share what they're hoping to buy next week. The episode ends with a round of bragging rights that includes some finds from overseas.]]> Hobbies Sun, 24 Nov 2019 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:09:29 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #234 "Hell in a Cel"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-234-hell-in-a-cel/44195 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-234.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #234: Hell in a CelEpisode 234 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast begins with a look back at TFcon 2019 from the perspective of a first time attendee. After that, the regular show format begins with follow-up from that including the typical "Bragging Rights" ending segment happening first, with each member of the cast sharing their acquisitions at the convention and beyond. Topics turn to the recently released retailer exclusive products from the Generations: War for Cybertron Siege lineup, with the Walgreens exclusive Ratchet and Walmart exclusive 35th anniversary figures such as Soundblaster, Bluestreak and the "Animation" deco Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Megatron. The group discusses the "cel-shaded" look of the figures and whether they would want to see more of this type of paint job on Transformers toys in the future. The chat turns to another unusual exclusive repaint in the Bump of Chicken Sonic Bumblebee before moving on to take a look at the newest Botbots and Cyberverse toys headed to store shelves in the very near future, if not there already. The show concludes with a lighthearted read through of Blaze's Tech Specs and biography entry from the Grandreams Transformers Generation 2 Annual.]]> Hobbies Sun, 10 Nov 2019 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:14:04 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #233 "The Return of the King"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-233-the-return-of-the-king/44144 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-233.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #233: The Return of the KingThe k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast's 233rd episode begins with a look at the newly revealed products for Cyberverse set to launch in the coming months including versions of popular characters such as Whirl, Repugnus and Bludgeon. After that talk about Generations toys takes over with the cast checking out the site's newest galleries featuring Leader Class Astrotrain, Voyager Class Apeface, Deluxe Class Spinister, Crosshairs and the Battle Masters Singe and Rung. After that the discussion pivots to the recently released Amazon exclusive fan vote three-pack of Deluxe Class figures featuring Impactor, Mirage and the Powerdasher Aragon. With the Powerdasher set being completed by this figure, the crew takes time to consider what other Generation One toys still don't have an updated incarnation in the Generations lineup with so much of the original 1980s cast now having a modern toy interpretation available. After some speculation about Takara Tomy's mysterious "Raiden project" that's coming soon, the episode pivots to listener questions about the Transformers TCG from Wizards of the Coast as well as Cyberverse Grimlock. The episode concludes with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment where cast members share their most recent Transformers product acquisitions.]]> Hobbies Sun, 27 Oct 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:21:33 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #232 "NYCC 2019"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-232-nycc-2019/44047 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-232.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #232: NYCC 2019Episode 232 of the Twincast Podcast begins with an interview with Hasbro's John Warden which was conducted this week at the 2019 New York Comic Con. Mr. Warden provides insights and information about the next chapter of Hasbro's Transformers Generations War for Cybertron trilogy, Earthrise. Following the interview, in depth discussion of the newly revealed products from the show begins. The latest Voyager Class Starscream takes cues from the older Classics design while Soundbarrier and Ironworks show a lot of potential for more Micromaster base playsets down the road. Other figures such as Optimus Prime, Hoist, Grapple and Wheeljack show a distinctive G1 cartoon inspired direction for this lineup of toys. New Cyberverse toys made a small appearance at NYCC with new Deluxe Class figures that impressed the cast. In another surprise from Cyberverse, it seems there may be some pointers taken from the Marvel Legends action figures with what looks to be Cyberverse's very first build-a-figure in the form of Maccadam. The episode concludes with a brief discussion on the trading card game and the new faction that has just been revealed, including potential strategies for using some of the new Mercenaries characters in the game.]]> Hobbies Sun, 06 Oct 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:17:19 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #231 "Technically Correct"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-231-technically-correct/44003 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-231.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #231: Technically CorrectThe k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast starts out episode 231 with yet another look into the status of the crowdfunded Haslab Unicron figure, with the cast speculating on the lack of momentum as the project approaches its final days. With this out of the way, talk turns to rumors of possible upcoming Generations products that could be released after the conclusion of War for Cybertron: Siege with very believable potential releases on this list of unconfirmed products. Discussion then turns to the world of Transformers comics with the spin-off anthology series Galaxies having launched this week from IDW Publishing. The crew chats about its focus characters, the Constructicons, as well as the art, production and other qualities of this fun new addition to IDW Publishing's Transformers story. Picking up after a long layoff, the "Classics Retrospective" then continues with the look back reaching the Transformers Universe lineup from 2008 and 2009, known by most fans as Universe 2.0. Listen in as everything from Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Prowl, Cyclonus, Hound, Galvatron, Ironhide, Inferno and even Ultra Class swan-song releases Silverbolt, Powerglide and Onslaught are discussed. Along the way, various repaints of these releases such as those in Takara's Henkei! Henkei! lineup are brought up. The episode then concludes with the recurring bragging rights segment with the cast sharing their latest Transformers toy pick-ups.]]> Hobbies Sun, 29 Sep 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:32:35 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #230 "The Search for Convoy"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-230-the-search-for-convoy/43938 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-230.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #230: The Search for ConvoyEpisode 230 of the Twincast Podcast beings with an in hand discussion of the latest Masterpiece figure from Takara Tomy, MP-44 Convoy version 3.0. The group discusses how it compares to previous Masterpiece Convoy and Optimus Prime releases including analysis of the high price point assigned to the toy. SDCC exclusives like the Botbots Con Crew and Masterpiece Ghostbusters Optimus Prime were recently released on Hasbro Pulse with cast members having various degrees of success at securing the toys they were after. With Cyberverse Season 2 hitting the airwaves, a brief discussion about the premiere episode is the next topic in this episode. After that, the latest Generations Selects exclusives are discussed with those toys arriving in collectors' hands now, including Nightbird, drill Powerdasher Zetar and the toy-colored Reflector Recon Team. Haslab Unicron's second end date of October 6th is on the horizon and the crew ponders the same question: can 8000 backers be reached in time? After very brief mentions of MPM-9 Jazz and the reading of another bio from the Grandreams Generation 2 Annual, the episode closes out once again with an opportunity for the cast to brag about the latest additions to their Transformers collections.]]> Hobbies Sun, 15 Sep 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:05:38 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #229 "Galaxies"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-229-galaxies-featuring-tyler-bleszinski-and-livio-ramondelli/43844 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-229.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #229: GalaxiesOn the very special 229th episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, the team sits down with writer Tyler Bleszinski and artist Livio Ramondelli, the creative tandem behind the initial "Constructicons Rising" storyline in the upcoming Transformers: Galaxies series from IDW Publishing. A look into all aspects of this forthcoming comic book awaits, beginning with discussion of the approach behind the characters of the Constructicons and how that informs their design. After a brief look into what Devastator will mean for the book, a chat about the production of the comic takes focus as the creators share a glimpse into the process that makes the story come to life. Some teases follow in regards to some other characters that may be present in the story as well as how it relates to the ongoing monthly "Transformers" series also being released by IDW. Our guests also discuss working with Hasbro and their editors before talking about how the recent clean slate provided by a total relaunch of Transformers comics helps allow freedom in what they can do with this story arc. Bleszinski and Ramondelli help us answer a listener question about what other combiner teams would be interesting to write about, with a certain predatory king being a popular selection. The episode winds down with a discussion of favorite toys and moments from the past featuring the Constructicons and Devastator before concluding with a last look into the upcoming comic book and how to order it.]]> Hobbies Sun, 25 Aug 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:49:32 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #228 "Afterthoughts"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-228-afterthoughts/43778 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-228.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #228: AfterthoughtsEpisode 228 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast starts with a re-visit of Haslab’s War for Cybertron: Siege Unicron project, with a look at the number of backers at the time of recording and speculation on the project's chances of being successfully crowd-funded by Transformers fans. After this, the Transformers movie-verse provides several topics starting with an in hand account of Studio Series Voyager Class Long Haul. Masterpiece MPM-8 Movie Megatron is front and center for discussion next, with analysis of the toy's looks and transformation plus comparisons to other Movie Masterpiece series releases. Other new Studio Series reveals including Deluxe Class Revenge of the Fallen Arcee, Chromia, and Elita-1, The Last Night World War II Hot Rod, and Dark of the Moon Soundwave also get early reactions from the cast. With the new in-color pictures released and their preorder listing on Hasbro Pulse, the Seacons Turtler and Gulf soon forthcoming from the Generations Selects series are the next toys to get a look. The discussion continues out of toy related topics and into other territory, including the Transformers card game’s Trypticon and friends as the first reveals for the next wave of products in the TCG's War for Cybertron: Siege II expansion. The cast ponders how bold the "Bold New Era" in Transformers comics really is after the initial 10 issues, with some cast still patient and others less enthused about this new direction. After bringing back hope for comics with the upcoming Transformers: Galaxies, a quick reading of Optimus Prime's Tech Spec from the 1995 Grandreams Generation 2 Annual leads in to the recurring bragging rights segment to end the episode.]]> Hobbies Mon, 12 Aug 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:00:26 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #227 "SDCC 2019"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-227-sdcc-2019/43663 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-227.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #227: SDCC 2019San Diego Comic Con's 2019 event is in the books and the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast is here to break down all the latest new happenings with Transformers in the wake of the show. The first hour of this episode talks about the Haslab Unicron crowdfunding project that Transformers fans can back to try and help make this gigantic toy a reality. After that discussion moves on to other recently released or revealed Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Siege products. This starts out with the Rainmakers and moves on to Generations Selects items like the Leader Class Galaxy Man Shockwave and Deluxe Class Lancer. Other new products are then discussed like Battle Master sized Rung from the IDW comics stories, Micromaster Ratbat, Voyager Apeface and soon-to-come repaints of several already released toolings such as Soundblaster, Bluestreak and special "Classic Animation" colored Voyager Class figures Optimus Prime and Megatron. Attention then turns to Micromasters with obscure recolors of those characters filling out a multi-pack of ten figures in the upcoming Fall season. Vintage Generation One product reissues are also continuing with analysis and reaction to the other pair of Dinocassettes, Gurafi and Noizu who will be released in all new "vintage" style packaging with complete Tech Specs in tow. After a brief discussion of upcoming Transformers comics projects from IDW Publishing, the group discussion ends with a round of the recurring Bragging Rights segment. Following that, two interviews occur that were recorded live at SDCC 2019, the first with the John Warden and Ben Montano from the Transformers brand team. The second interview rounds out this episode of the podcast as k2gx73.cn talks with Transformers TCG Brand Manager Drew Nolosco from Wizards of the Coast.]]> Hobbies Wed, 24 Jul 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:57:54 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #226 "Fire in the Sky"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-226-fire-in-the-sky/43554 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-226.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #226: Fire in the Skyk2gx73.cn brings you episode 226 of the Twincast / Podcast, which starts out with discussion of the latest new Transformers toy announcements from Tokyo Toy Show 2019. The Seacons and Piranhacon are forthcoming in the Generations Selects lineup, with talk about these toys focusing on the potential base toolings used for various characters. Takara Tomy's Masterpiece lineup continues with Lio Convoy from Beast Wars II and a bonus figure of show character Artemis adding additional questions for the cast to consider. Recent reveals from the later waves of the Generations: War for Cybertron: Siege lineup are analyzed next, with a chat about Leader Class Astrotrain, Voyager Class Apeface with Spasma, and Deluxe Class figures Spinister, Crosshairs and Ratchet. Speculation on how some of the engineering will work on certain figures along with contemplation surrounding the deco of others is covered. The toy talk moves on to in-hand impressions of more War for Cybertron: Siege products, with Deluxe Class Refraktor / Reflector, Commander Class Jetfire and Voyager Class Springer all receiving lengthy analysis. Quick speculation on delayed product releases leads to a listener question about how the Masterpiece lineup further separated collectors into different areas of focus and changed Transformers collecting as it was known. After all of that, the recurring Bragging Rights segment featuring cast sharing their recent Transformers toy and product acquisitions closes out another episode.]]> Hobbies Sun, 07 Jul 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:19:31 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #225 "The Overexposure of Bumblebee"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-225-the-overexposure-of-bumblebee/43445 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-225.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #225: The Overexposure of BumblebeeThe Twincast / Podcast from k2gx73.cn's 225th episode begins with a discussion of the choices available in the 2020 Transformers Generations War for Cybertron fan vote poll which will decide the Decepticon character to receive a new toy out of the choices of Gnaw, Runamok, Needlenose and Shrapnel. After that, the detailed images of the upcoming Masterpiece MP-47 Hound from Takara Tomy are analyzed, with special attention paid to the potential transformation mechanisms and the included accessories. A look at the upcoming Generations Selects Voyager Class Red Wing comes next along with a history of how the character came to be as an accidental inclusion in the Botcon 2013 companion comic. This is followed by in-hand impressions of the recently release Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Siege Deluxe Class Brunt figure. The episode's special topic follows, where the cast members consider Bumblebee's plethora of recent fictional appearances in various pieces of Transformers media and whether these are inconsistent portrayals that may ultimately prove harmful to the brand's storytelling potential. After that discussion topic, the show finishes up with the recurring Bragging Rights segment where cast share their recent Transformers product acquisitions.]]> Hobbies Sun, 16 Jun 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:43:45 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #224 "TCG Siege Strategy"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-224-tcg-siege-strategy-with-3-new-siege-battle-cards-revealed/43368 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-224.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #224: TCG Siege StrategyThis special episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast features the show's hosts talking with Drew Nolosco, Brand Manager at Wizards of the Coast for the Transformers Trading Card Game. Mr. Nolosco talks about the goals and philosophies behind the design of the game, with a focus on interactions between people and storytelling through gameplay. Information on the first official "Organized Play" events is shared, including information on how players can participate in events and some of the potential prizes available. After that, the Twincast provides the first reveals of three upcoming Battle Cards for the game's third wave which focuses on War for Cybertron Siege: "Scavenge the Battlefield", "Squish Them Like Bugs" and "Two-Pronged Attack". Following candid discussion about the wave's character card redesign of Needlenose, additional questions are answered about game strategies and character selection within the game's roster. Additional details are also revealed throughout, such as the precise meanings behind the glyph-like symbols currently found on Transformers Generations: War for Cybertron Siege packaging.]]> Hobbies Thu, 30 May 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:05:08 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #223 "Symmetrical Docking"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-223-symmetrical-docking/43358 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-223.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #223: Symmetrical Docking/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-223-symmetrical-docking/43358/]]> Hobbies Mon, 27 May 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:09:51 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #222 "The Real Ghostbusters"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-222-the-real-ghostbusters/43296 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-222.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #222: The Real GhostbustersEpisode 222 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast starts out with a discussion of the upcoming SDCC exclusive Transformers and Ghostbusters crossover version of MP-10 Optimus Prime. The packaging, new accessories and even additional context for Transformers fans less familiar with the Ghostbusters franchise are all discussed. After that, more analyzation of upcoming Transformers toys occurs starting with a talk about the painted version of MP-46 Blackarachnia shown at last week's Shizuoka Hobby Show. Generations: Siege repaints are discussed next with the podcasters sharing their opinions about Skywarp, G2 Sideswipe and Slamdance. The Generations Selects series comes after this with its latest reveal of deluxe class Smokescreen taking the spotlight. After expressions of disappointment about another Selects series release, Red Swoop, the show moves on to fun future products again by talking about voyager class Snaptrap. A look back at Transformers stories that had good endings follows, prompted by the recent release of Avengers: Endgame and the final season of Game of Thrones. After some obscure Transformers facts are shared by the cast, the recurring bragging rights segment rounds out another episode.]]> Hobbies Sun, 12 May 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:07:27 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #221 "Appliance Wars"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-221-appliance-wars/43213 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-221.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #221: Appliance WarsEpisode 221 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast, "Appliance Wars", begins with in-hand impressions of the just released Transformers Masterpiece MP-43 Beast Wars Megatron. The transformation, accessories and even the concerningly fragile midsection pieces are discussed at length. After that, opinions are shared about the upcoming Generations Selects series Star Convoy and whether or not the toy goes far enough into evoking its namesake character design. The release of the Bumblebee movie on home video formats brought with it several special features and deleted scenes. The cast discusses their favorites of these, as well as the original opening of the film which was replaced by the time of the movie's release with the fan-favorite Cybertron battle sequence. Listener questions come next, starting with one asking about what characters in IDW Publishing's now concluded first Transformers comics continuity that we would have liked to see more of. This is followed by ideas about possible crossover franchises that could join up with the Transformers in media or toys in the future. The next listener question sees the show's host give a new twist on some older characters from the Japanese Generation One continuity. Once this concludes, the show also does after a round of bragging rights, including a look back at the past weekend's annual Dairycon event.]]> Hobbies Sun, 14 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:05:10 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #220 "Classically Trained"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-220-classically-trained/43162 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-220.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #220: Classically TrainedThe k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast presents its 220th episode, "Classically Trained", starting out once again with in-hand impressions of some of the latest Transformers Voyager Class toys to hit retail in Studio Series Rampage and Optimus Prime. Part one of a special retrospective at Transformers Classics and the Generations line it eventually spawned starts next, with a look back at the genesis of the idea with Alternators, Dreamwave publishing's comic books and other releases from series such as Transformers: Energon. The retrospective continues with the beginnings of the Classics line itself, with popular characters such as Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime and Starscream hitting shelves first. The cast talks through the initial Classics run ending up with the Walmart exclusive Devastator released in early 2007. After this, Jon Bailey, voice of Soundwave and Shockwave in the Bumblebee movie, talks through his latest experiences that day at Paramount studios where he was able to talk about the movie with its screenwriter Christina Hodson, Foley artists Alicia Stevenson & Dawn Lunsford and on-set mechanic Sarah Lyon. A listener question about the upcoming Netflix series is followed by a chat about IDW Publishing's Transformers #2 and their newly relaunched Transformers comics universe. The recurring Bragging Rights segment concludes another episode as usual.]]> Hobbies Sun, 31 Mar 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:24:08 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #219 "Big Cat Convoy"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-219-big-cat-convoy/43093 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-219.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #219: Big Cat ConvoyIn the latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast, the show kicks off with in-hand impressions of Transformers Generations Siege Voyager Class Soundwave and Starscream, including a discussion of their availability on popular sites such as Amazon as well as brick and mortar retailers. The recently released Transformers Movie Studio Series Wave 6 Deluxe Class figures are subject to this analysis next, including Scrapmetal, Shatter and Cogman. The discussion moves on to more surprising territory, with the announcement of two additional Atmos X Transformers collaborations, these taking the names Tiger Camo Black and Tiger Camo Yellow. The War For Cybertron: Siege reveals at Australia's Toy Fair, including Micromaster Sports Car Patrol and Off Road Patrol teams, and deluxe class Barricade round out the toy discussions. Thoughts on the new Transformers #1 from IDW comes next, including the quality of the artwork as well as the strength of the narrative in this relaunch of Transformers comics. A listener question about favorite faction leaders comes next before the episode wraps up with a brief round of the recurring bragging rights segment.]]> Hobbies Mon, 18 Mar 2019 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:16:49 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #218 "Jump To Conclusions"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-218-jump-to-conclusions/43035 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-218.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #218: Jump To ConclusionsAnother episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast is ready to break down the latest in Tranformers. The episode begins with audio from the group interview with the Hasbro Transformers brand team at Toy Fair 2019. This is followed by a last round up of the event, with the focus on the experience of attending the event as media personnel. The latest announcement in Takara Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece lineup, MP-18+ Streak, is discussed next. With Masterpiece in mind, talk turns to the Atmos Safari Limited version of Optimus Prime featuring Lebron James' personal brand, with speculation within on just how much the toy will set collectors back on the secondary market. Fascinating Transformers Generation 1 prototypes were shown in the latest issue of Figure King Magazine that warrant a special look. Two listener questions round out the discussion topics, the first about our favorite parts of IDW's first 13 year run of Transformers comics and the next about Transformers toys that don't transform. Bragging Rights circles back in on itself with cast members buying things from other cast members to conclude the episode.]]> Hobbies Sun, 03 Mar 2019 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:09:38 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #217 "Toy Fair 2019"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-217-toy-fair-2019/42961 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-217.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #217: Toy Fair 2019The k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast is back for Toy Fair 2019 with episode 217. Wonderfest 2019 from the prior weekend are also discussed during this installment which is nearly exclusively about newly revealed Transformers products to be released sometime during 2019. The Wonderfest reveal of a new Armada Optimus Prime and Star Convoy start things off, with the Beast Wars Masterpiece MP-46 Blackarachnia following thereafter. MP-45, the second Masterpiece version of Bumblebee, continues our look at the upcoming Masterpiece lineup with the cast discussing whether or not the shift to cartoon accurate robot modes in the line has gone too far. Movie Masterpiece MPM-8 Megatron and MPM-9 Jazz then carry the discussion over to the new Studio Series toys such as Hightower and Dropkick in his car mode which were seen at Toy Fair. A quick mention of Generations Selects G2 Megatron is followed by the cast's take on the Ghostbusters crossover figure, Ectotron. The Generations: War for Cybertron: SIEGE line takes center stage after this, with Commander Class Jetfire and Titan Class Omega Supreme getting long looks from the crew. Other toys such as Impactor, Springer, Mirage, and more take us through the forthcoming Generations releases. Some brief impressions on Cyberverse and its Scraplet take us into the recurring Bragging Rights segment to conclude another episode.]]> Hobbies Mon, 18 Feb 2019 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:57:02 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #216 "Prime Galaxy"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-216-prime-galaxy/42824 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-216.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #216: Prime GalaxyEpisode #216 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast starts with reactions to the leaked reveal of the next Transformers Generations: War for Cybertron: Siege Leader Class toy, Optimus Prime, who is based on the Cybertron version of the character from 2005. After discussing their anticipation for this upcoming release, the cast looks back at other characters from that era that have received updates before moving their attention to another Optimus Prime, the recent Walmart exclusive G1 "vintage" reissue. This new reissue is compared to previous releases of the classic toy in a segment with in-depth analysis that may help you make a purchasing decision. The last installment of the retrospective look at the Masterpiece lineup's "Super Car" era follows, with Ultra Magnus as the first toy on the radar. The Masterpiece version of Tracks comes next, along with a discussion of the repaints, Road Rage and Loudpedal. Once the retrospective topic completes, the show concludes with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment, where cast members discuss what they've acquired since the last episode.]]> Hobbies Sun, 27 Jan 2019 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:56:51 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #215 "New Year, New Toys"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-215-new-year-new-toys/42750 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-215.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #215: New Year, New ToysOn episode #215 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast, regular cast members and guest stars talk about some of the newly released and upcoming Transformers toys of 2019. The lengthy list includes Siege Leaders Shockwave and Ultra Magnus, Movie Masterpiece MPM-6 Ironhide, Studio Series Voyagers 38 Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime and 31 Revenge of the Fallen Battle Damaged Megatron, and the Walmart Exclusive G1 reissues of Soundwave, Gears, and Warpath. A short mention of Energon Igniters Soundwave is invited as well. The conversation moves to answering a listener question about distribution of Transformers products at retail stores in 2018 as opposed to previous years. After that, speculation about the prospect of an animated Transformers film focused around Beast Wars, which was hinted at by Bumblebee Movie producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, takes the spotlight. The Twincast then discusses the more substantial and imminent arrival of the IDW comics reboot, including the initial news, plot and character details revealed in the solicitations, and our thoughts on some of the promotional cover artwork released thus far. We wrap up the episode with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment, where cast members discuss what they've acquired since the last episode.]]> Hobbies Sun, 13 Jan 2019 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:49:14 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #214 "Bumblebee"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-214-bumblebee/42674 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-214.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #214: BumblebeeThe Transformers live action film franchise's latest installment is out, with Bumblebee hitting theaters last week. The k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast brings you its review of the movie, with one of its regular podcasters Jon Bailey bringing his insights after providing the voice acting talents for Soundwave and Shockwave in the film. Along with this insider perspective, the cast discusses each significant part of the movie itself, beginning with the "Generation One" inspired opening scene on Cybertron. The new human and robot characters presented in the Earth based adventures are also reflected on, with the cast agreeing that this latest movie is a measurable tonal departure from the approach of previous films in the franchise. After talking through the entire movie's plot and characterizations, speculation about what comes next for Travis Knight, Michael Bay, and the Transformers live action movies comes next. A quick chat about the movie's tie-in toyline follows, and the show concludes with a quick round of holiday season bragging rights about the cast's Transformers related gifts.]]> Hobbies Sat, 29 Dec 2018 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:17:21 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #213 "How to Say Expensive and Mean It"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-213-how-to-say-expensive-and-mean-it/42552 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-213.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #213: How to Say Expensive and Mean ItThe k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast reaches episode #213, and the discussion begins with Takara Tomy's upcoming Masterpiece MP-44 Optimus Prime version 3. This toy has a substantial price tag that has caused controversy amongst Transformers fans. In-hand impressions of Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Siege figures come next, with analysis starting for Deluxe Class figures Sideswipe, Hound, Cog, and Skytread/Flywheels. After that, Micromasters from the Race Car, Battle, and Air Strike Patrols get a look. Weaponizers Lionizer, Blowpipe, and Firedrive come next before the Generations discussion concludes with Voyager Class Megatron and Optimus Prime. A look at the upcoming Generations Select releases of Ricochet and Red Swoop is followed by a quick examination of the recently released Transformers: Botbots lineup. The endings of the long-running IDW Transformers comics continuity comes next, with the end of event book Unicron occurring first. Optimus Prime's namesake series is talked about next before the comics discussion concludes with Lost Light's finale. Bragging Rights close out another episode with early holiday season sales driving the cast's recent purchases.]]> Hobbies Sun, 09 Dec 2018 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:26:53 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #212 "Countdown"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-212-countdown/42438 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-212.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #212: CountdownOn episode #212 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast, cast members Megatronus and xRotorstormx wax lyrical about how Black Friday has creeped outward to cover most of Thanksgiving week, and how this in conjunction with the advent of online events such as Cyber Monday have dulled excitement for the sales season. The conversation moves to new sightings across Power of the Primes, Studio Series, and Siege. This dovetails into our look at Seibertron's exclusive galleries of War for Cybertron Siege Battlemasters, Micromasters, Deluxes, and Voyagers. The episode moves in a cinematic direction to evaluate new details of the upcoming Bumblebee Movie, including its run time and rating - which compare favorably to this film's predecessors - and a new trailer which provides a glimpse of the movie's action on Cybertron. We wrap up the episode the way we always do - with bragging rights, where cast members discuss what they've acquired since the last episode.]]> Hobbies Tue, 20 Nov 2018 00:00:00 -0600 no 00:58:03 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #211 "On The Prowl"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-211-on-the-prowl/42348 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-211.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #211: On The Prowl"On The Prowl", episode 211 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, begins with the typical recurring ending segment of the show with the cast talking about their latest Transformers toy acquisitions. The newly revealed BotBots product line from Hasbro is discussed next, with varying opinions on the appeal of these upcoming toys. Various newly revealed Movie Studio Series toys are analyzed, with forthcoming figures such as Deluxe Class Shatter, Cogman, and Scrapmetal, Voyager Class Long Haul, and Leader Class Jetfire getting a look. The latter's combination abilities with another Voyager Optimus Prime figure is also a topic of conversation, along with speculation on the Leader Class Megatron inspired by the character's appearance in 2011's Dark of the Moon. After all that, the retrospective look at the "Super Car" era of Transformers Masterpiece toys from Hasbro and Takara Tomy continues with discussion of MP-17 Prowl, MP-18 Streak, and the retooled MP-19 Smokescreen. Their repaints are talked about next, including the recently released MP-17+ version of Prowl. MP-20 Wheeljack and the enigmatic MP-23 Exhaust get a look, with perspective on Philip Morris' objections that complicated Exhaust's release. The show finishes up with a chat about MP-21 Bumblebee and the red repaint of the toy, plus the gold G2 version.]]> Hobbies Sun, 04 Nov 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:47:34 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #210 "Super Cars"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-210-super-cars/42269 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-210.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #210: Super CarsEpisode 210 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, "Super Cars", is the first part of a retrospective look at the era of Transformers Masterpiece toys from Hasbro and Takara Tomy known commonly by collectors as the "Super Car Era". Scotty P and Megatronus start out by talking about MP-10 Convoy version 2, as well as the variations on the standard Optimus Prime color scheme released by Hasbro as Masterpiece Optimus Prime. The plethora of repaints of this toy are also examined, with discussion of MP-10B Black Convoy, MP-10Eva Convoy Mode Eva, and many more. After a full hour on just the Autobot Commander, the talk moves on to MP-12 Lambor and MP-14 Alert, known to western collectors as Sideswipe and Red Alert. Their various repaints and retoolings are brought up as well, including MP-12T Tigertrack, MP-14C Clampdown, MP-12G G-2 Sideswipe, and even more. Historical perspective on each release plus the cast members' in-hand impressions of them can be expected for all of the discussed toys. The episodes concludes with the recurring Bragging Rights segment and off-topic banter.]]> Hobbies Sun, 21 Oct 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:13:58 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #209 "Under Siege"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-209-under-siege-nycc-2018/42195 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-209.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #209: Under SiegeEpisode 209 of the Twincast Podcast from k2gx73.cn features a wide variety of regular hosts and special guests from the site's news staff as they all react to the latest Transformers product reveals made by Hasbro at the 2018 New York Comic Con. The Generations: War for Cybertron: Siege series starts out the discussion, with the initial roster of Decepticons being revealed at the show. Initial impressions and analysis of Voyager CLass figures such as Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream, as well as Leader Class Shockwave and Deluxe Class Refraktor and Brunt are all shared. After a look at some of the other Generations product reveals such as Micromasters and the sneak peek at Titan Class Omega Supreme, the live action Bumblebee movie's full trailer is talked about along with the longer preview of the movie seen before the Fathom Events showing of The Transformers: The Movie. Along with trailer reactions and speculation on the Bumblebee Movie in general, the related toys get a short look with other new products being shown at NYCC. The crew then takes some time to look at the latest Cyberverse toys such as Warrior Class Prowl and Scout Class Ratchet before going back a few days in the news cycle to talk about Takara Tomy's upcoming Legends series Big Powered.]]> Hobbies Sun, 07 Oct 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:26:43 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #208 "Everyone Gets Counterpunched"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-208-everyone-gets-counterpunched/42079 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-208.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #208: Everyone Gets CounterpunchedEpisode 208 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast is hosted by Scotty P and Counterpunch as "Everyone Gets Counterpunched". The episode kicks off with discussions of some recent Transformers toy releases, including the Cyberverse Ultra Class Shockwave. Additionally, the Generations Power of the Primes Deluxe Class Punch / Counterpunch figure is discussed in detail, including the minor assembly error present and how collectors can quickly and easily improve their toy by making one small fix. Takara Tomy's reveal of the upcoming Encore Big Blue Convoy leads into a short lauding of Bumblebee Movie toys being available for preorder on Hasbro Toy Shop, as well as the reveal of MPM-7 Masterpiece Bumblebee based on his rendition in the upcoming Bumblebee Movie. After this, the show's feature topic begins with a retrospective look at the history of Transformers Masterpiece toys from both Takara Tomy and Hasbro. Beginning back in 2003 with MP-1 Convoy, the podcasters go through each era of Masterpiece toy history and relate their own experiences with those perceived from the wider collecting audience. Through the early releases, MP-10 Convoy version 2 and the "Super Car" era, into the modern era of Sunbow-G1 inspired designs, Beast Wars, and Movie Masterpiece, this discussion gives a wide overview of the line and some historical perspective for any Masterpiece collector.]]> Hobbies Sun, 23 Sep 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:19:33 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #207 "Through The Fargate"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-207-through-the-fargate/41991 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-207.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #207: Through The FargateEpisode 207 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, "Through The Fargate", features the duo of Scotty P and Megatronus. The show begins with their impressions of the recently premiered Transformers: Cyberverse cartoon series, airing on Cartoon Network and available through various on-demand platforms. After that, comics discussion takes over for the bulk of the episode, with three releases from IDW Publishing having been published in the past week. Starting with Lost Light #23, they analyze the major revelations present and speculate on how the remaining two issues of the series could potentially proceed. After that, an in-depth look at Unicron #4 occurs, with the hosts looking at the numerous moments throughout the book and the emotional impact - or lack thereof - delivered by these. A quick chat about Optimus Prime #23 rounds out comic discussions. After that, a look over the latest Studio Series figures revealed at Fan Expo 2018 features discussion of the latest five deluxe class figures inspired by various scenes from the Transformers live-action films. Once brief thoughts of the recently released Masterpiece MP-34S Shadow Panther figure from Takara Tomy are given, the episode concludes with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.]]> Hobbies Sun, 09 Sep 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:26:18 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #206 "Release The Hounds"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-206-release-the-hounds/41922 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-206.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #206: Release The HoundsOn episode 206 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, Megatronus, xRotorstormx, and Tigertrack begin with the latest Transformers Generations: War for Cybertron: Siege details, featuring the roster of Decepticons to be featured in the first wave of products. The crew again discusses the Autobots already seen that were displayed at SDCC, and the possibility of battle damaged decos. After this, the discussion transitions to the upcoming Masterpiece Hound. Masterpiece Optimus Prime 3.0 is similarly on the topic list, followed by Throne of the Primes Optimus Primal and Retro Garage Bumblebee and Cassettes now that these products have been released for US-based Transformers collectors through Hasbro Toy Shop. The episode wraps up with a brief assessment of the upcoming Cyberverse cartoon, and as always, bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Tue, 28 Aug 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:37:48 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #205 "Ship Wrecked"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-205-ship-wrecked/41830 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-205.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #205: Ship WreckedEpisode 205 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast starts out with a look at the recently released Amazon exclusive Generations deluxe class figure of Repugnus, who rounds out Hasbro's concluded Titans Return toy line. After this, the episode enters a lengthy discussion of the most recently released Transformers comics from IDW Publishing, as they proceed on their way through the universe-ending "Unicron" event. The third issue of the namesake arc is analyzed thoroughly, along with the directly connected Optimus Prime #22. After dissecting the cameos and implications of that chapter, the crew engages with Lost Light #22 as well. Major spoilers are present as the team gives their impressions of the major reveals finally showcased within that comic's pages. Once comics talk wraps, a look at the Transformers Masterpiece series is at hand, with many cast members providing thoughts about the newly released Masterpiece Dinobot toy from the Beast Wars series. "Generation One" reveals from Takara Tomy at Wonderfest 2018 are on the table next, with early thoughts and speculation on Hound and the third version of a Masterpiece Optimus Prime. The show wraps up with some additional thoughts about Hasbro's upcoming Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Siege products, and with a brief round of the recurring bragging rights segment.]]> Hobbies Sun, 12 Aug 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:54:08 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #204 "SDCC 2018"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-204-sdcc-2018-sdcc2018-hasbrosdcc-jointhebuzz/41687 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-204.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #204: SDCC 2018Episode 204 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast breaks down all the latest from San Diego Comic Con 2018. The recently concluded convention featured a great deal of Transformers news, and the show starts with the cast taking a look at the Transformers Generations: War for Cybertron: Siege lineup from Hasbro, with new versions of classic characters such as Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Ironhide, Sideswipe, and many more are coming soon. In a brief interlude, the Titan Class Power of the Primes Predaking is analyzed now that some of the podcasters have the toy in-hand. Moving on, the crew on-site at SDCC talks about their impressions of the newly seen material related to the upcoming live action Bumblebee movie from Paramount and director Travis Knight. The corresponding toys for that movie, as well as those from the upcoming Transformers Cyberverse television series, are next up in the discussion. After this, the brief hints of the future of IDW Publishing's Transformers comic books are discussed, with some reaction to their surprise announcement of a Gobots comic also on the agenda.]]> Hobbies Wed, 25 Jul 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:03:37 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #203 "Light Bringer"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-203-light-bringer/41593 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-203.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #203: Light BringerEpisode 203 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast, "Light Bringer", picks up with Transformers talk after a short opening discussing Death's Head in Marvel's Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk, with reaction to the recently revealed SDCC exclusive Optimus Primal figure featuring a throne, scepter, and four bonus Prime Master figures. The surprising reissue Dino Cassette (with Bumblebee) exclusive set is talked about next, with Generations exclusives Blast Off, Repugnus, and Punch/Counterpunch rounding out discussion of recently revealed exclusive toys. Takara Tomy's Encore series is continuing with Micron Legend's Unicron of Light, which has some cast members very excited. The second half of the show focuses on recent Transformers comic book releases from IDW Publishing, and Optimus Prime's 20th issue starts this part of the show. A spoiled filled chat about the Unicron #1 follows, with the cast analyzing the story and production of the highly anticipated book. The back-to-back releases of Lost Light #19 and #20 finish the comics part of the show, with the usual wider mytharc speculation driven by the Lost Light series present as always. The show ends with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment where each cast member shares their recent Transformers product acquisitions.]]> Hobbies Sun, 15 Jul 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:32:52 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #202 "ReChrome2: CyGate"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-202-rechrome-2-cygate/41460 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-202.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #202: ReChrome2: CyGateEpisode 202 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast, "ReChrome2: CyGate", begins with analysis of the available images showing the upcoming third version of Masterpiece Optimus Prime (or Convoy) from Takara Tomy. After these considerations, speculation as to what Transformers toys may be available as special San Diego Comic Con 2018 exclusives ensues, including some guesses as to where fans may expect to see upcoming rumored releases such as Repugnus, Blast Off, and Counterpunch. Other exclusives are discussed next in the form of upcoming Takara Tomy Mall "Golden Lagoon" recolors. Next, the Transformers Hall of Fame gets a visit as much of the cast casts their ballots for what characters and which toy they feel deserves the annual Hall of Fame treatment from Hasbro. After a quick monologue on Power of the Primes Abominus, discussion turns to comics talk and the recent news from IDW Publishing that a short crossover series with the Star Trek franchise is on the way. Lost Light then takes over the conversation with a look at the recently released 18th issue, the upcoming 19th, and other notable recent events from the series. The show ends with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment where each cast member shares their recent Transformers product acquisitions.]]> Hobbies Sun, 24 Jun 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:15:03 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #201 "Sweet Boy"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-201-sweet-boy/41382 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-201.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #201: Sweet BoyIn this 201st episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "Sweet Boy", the discussion begins with the trailer for the Bumblebee movie and the positive reactions from it. The cast talks about the apparent tone of the upcoming film based on the small sampling available, comparing and contrasting it to other Transformers live action films. The Transformers episode of the Netflix Original Series "The Toys That Made Us" has been released, and the crew shares their thoughts on the episode and the series in general. In toy news, Masterpiece MP-43 Beast Wars Megatron has been revealed and is on display at Tokyo Toy Show, and the size of the figure is now apparent sparking more conversation. Other recent Masterpiece reveals are discussed covering Police Type Sunstreaker, Toy Deco Megatron, and Toy Deco Shockwave. After that, story, art, characters, and thoughts from the final chapter of IDW's Wreckers saga are shared in a chat about the recently released Requiem of the Wreckers. After the crew tells what Hasbro or Takara reissues of G1 figures they'd like to see, the episode finishes with a quick round of the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.]]> Hobbies Sun, 10 Jun 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:22:42 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #200 "Requiem of the Twincast"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-200-requiem-of-the-twincast/41258 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-200.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #200: Requiem of the TwincastIn this episode of the Twincast Podcast, "Requiem of the Twincast", the show celebrates its 200th episode with several special segments. To start the show, Transformers comics writer and artist Nick Roche, responsible for fan-favorite works Last Stand of the Wreckers, Sins of the Wreckers, and the upcoming Requiem of the Wreckers, sits down for a long chat about what's come before and what's yet to come in Requiem of the Wreckers. The interview includes topics about characters and the writer's process for defining them, with plenty of teases to get you ready for his latest work. A retrospective look at past works is also in store, and there are plenty of details that you won't want to miss within this special interview. After that, the current and former host of the show look back on the history of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, including its origins and where it could go in the future. Then, a wider selection of podcasters takes questions and comments from the show's community of listeners. These lead to several topics, such as superlative Transformers toy lines that have been released since 2010, some of the crew's greatest hits and misses in their collecting, and even a look at each cast member's favorite Generation One Transformers toy.]]> Hobbies Sun, 20 May 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 03:36:12 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #199 "Like It's 199(9)"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-199-like-its-1999/41180 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-199.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #199: Like It's 199(9)In this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "Like It's 1999", discussion begins with impressions and speculation about the upcoming Transformers: Bumblebee live action movie set for release later in the year. Business news comes up next, with Hasbro's acquisition of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers intellectual property from Saban potentially creating waves in the toy industry. Keeping the potential for crossovers in mind, the chat goes off the beaten path and examines several "what if" crossover scenarios for Transformers. Friends, foes, and even cooking competitions and sporting events involving the Transformers come to the forefront for a long discussion that should not be taken too seriously! There's still time for discussion of some recent Transformers comic book releases from IDW Publishing, with Optimus Prime's 17th and 18th issues and their major twist receiving analysis from the cast. A look at the Free Comic Book Day "0" issue of Transformers: Unicron rounds out the episode's topical discussions, with the recurring Bragging Rights segment closing the proceedings.]]> Hobbies Sun, 06 May 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:29:47 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #198 "A Night in the Studio"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-198-a-night-in-the-studio/41077 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-198.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #198: A Night in the StudioIn this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "A Night In The Studio", focus is on the recent high volume of toys celebrating the live action Transformers film franchise. Discussions of the recently released Studio Series Leader Class Blackout and Grimlock start the episode's talk, followed by thoughts on Voyager Class figures Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Thundercracker. Comparisons to the Takara Movie the Best line and its recent releases are also made during the discussion. A quick review of Movie Masterpiece Barricade follows, analyzing its similarities to the Human Alliance toy, plus investigation into its articulation, gimmicks, accessories, and more. After that, a first hand account of Dairycon 2018 comes next, discussing the history of the convention, its exclusives, dealer room, and similarities to other fan conventions. Speculation follows about potential themes for IDW's reboot of their Transformers comic book continuity. Closing the show are quick impressions of other toys and a chat about Authentics, Power of the Primes Nemesis Prime, LG-EX Greatshot and Grand Maximus.]]> Hobbies Sun, 15 Apr 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:13:14 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #197 "Alpha Lyin' and Liege Factimo"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-197-alpha-lyin-and-liege-factimo/40974 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-197.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #197: Alpha Lyin' and Liege FactimoJoin us for a special episode featuring quick fire answers to deep questions on the Transformers throughout all continuities. First, we tackle some news, discussing the latest unveiled releases in Transformers Studio Series, including Blackout, Optimus Prime, and Starscream. Additionally we dissect the news of Toys'R'Us's imminent closure as well as the recently announced end of the IDW Transformers and Shared Universe, started in 2005. With the news completed, the team tackles some deep questions about the Great Cybertronian War and the impact on the galaxy, the timeline and scale of the fighting, as well as the implications of injury in mechanical lifeforms. Except some hot takes and back and forth banter as we dive into the taboos of scanning a new alt mode, generating chemical flamethrower fuel and ammunition, melee and energy weapons, and much more. We conclude with discussions on canon, head/personal canon, authorial intent, and the various continuities in the nearly 35 years of the franchise. Finally, the team concludes with some bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Tue, 27 Mar 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:37:17 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #196 "One With The Matrix"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-196-one-with-the-matrix/40911 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-196.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #196: One With The MatrixIn this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "One With The Matrix", we join ScottyP, Megatronus, and RodimusConvoy13 as they catch up on the lastest Transformers news. This starts with the impending closure of Toys R Us and what impact that could have on both Transformers and the wider toy retail sector. That discussion leads into a break down of the last exclusive figure for the chain, Movie Studio Series Voyager Class Thundercracker. Next, first impressions are shared of recently revealed Power of the Primes figures including Voyager Class Inferno, Legends Class Cindersaur, and Legends Class Outback. The toy talk ends with a discussion of the possible upcoming Walgreens exclusive Wreck-Gar. Listener questions are answered next, starting with a question about what got us back into collecting Transformers. This is followed by a question asking what our favorite gimmick has been over the history of the toy line. The show moves to comic discussion beginning with the Optimus Prime Annual, then to the announcement of Requiem of the Wreckers, and finishing with Lost Light #16. Ending the show is the latest round of bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Sun, 18 Mar 2018 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:14:52 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #195 "City of Fear"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-195-city-of-fear/40827 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-195.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #195: City of FearIn this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "City of Fear", we join ScottyP, Megatronus, and RodimusConvoy13 as they catch up on the lastest Transformers news, starting with the results of Hasbro's Fan Vote won by the pairing of Impactor and Mirage. In-hand impressions of the latest Transformers Generations Power of the Primes figures occurs next, with a look at Deluxe Class figures Rippersnapper and Moonracer. This is followed by a look at Voyager Class figures Elita-One and Hun-Gurrr, and the Generations toy talk concludes with impressions of Leader Class Rodimus Unicronus. Thoughts on the highly anticipated Movie Studio Series follows, with an examination of the first wave of Deluxe Class figures. The discussions shifts to Transformers Masterpiece figures, with a description of the latest release, MP-40 Targetmaster Hot Rod. Next, the cast ponders the rumor of a potential new Masterpiece Optimus Prime, which would be the third Masterpiece incarnation of the character. After a short look back at some favorite transformers item from the 90s, the discussion moves on to Optimus Prime #16 and Lost Light #15. The cast talks about their favorite art and story moments from each issue. The comics talk alternates with answers to listener questions about modifications done to Transformers toys and desire for a high quality Transformers series of some form on a digital platform such as Netflix. The episode concludes with rumors and speculation addressing the IDW Transformers comics and whether or not a fresh start is on the way.]]> Hobbies Sun, 04 Mar 2018 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:26:27 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #194 "Toy Fair 2018"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-194-toy-fair-2018/40737 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-194.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #194: Toy Fair 2018In this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, “Toy Fair 2018”, we join ScottyP along with Tigertrack and xRotorstormx as they discuss all the exciting news coming out of New York's Annual Toy Fair event. The episode starts off with the cast's take on the fully revealed upcoming Titan Class Predaking from the Transformers Generations Power of the Primes series. Next up, a discussion of the impressive Power of the Primes Leader Class Optimal Optimus / Optimus Primal takes the crew down a nostalgic road. Abominus, the combined form of the Deluxe Class Terrorcons and Voyager Class Hun-Gurrr made its way to Toy Fair and strutted his stuff, but is he a must have for the cast? In celebration of the upcoming Bumblebee movie release, Hasbro unveiled the first wave of the Movie Studio series toys which sees some updates to our favorite characters along with some names not seen for a while. After the Studio Series discussion, we head back in to Power of the Primes to discuss the Legends Class Duocon pair that forms Battletrap and his different possible combinations. Before things finish up, the crew is joined by Seibertron who was on hand in New York. He provides a firsthand account of the goings on at this year’s Toy Fair, with other details about the toys discussed earlier in the episode. This show concludes with an interview featuring Ben Montano and John Warden of the Hasbro Transformers brand team, as they field questions from the Transformers fan media community.]]> Hobbies Mon, 19 Feb 2018 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:29:38 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #193 "Eulogy"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-193-eulogy/40575 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-193.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #193: EulogyIn this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "Eulogy", discussions kick off with a look at the latest issue of the ongoing Optimus Prime series from IDW Publishing. With Transformers comic books beginning to reach some kind of climax, analysis of the characters and their actions, movements, and motivations is in store. After that, the recently announced Beast Wars Masterpiece Shadow Panther from Takara Tomy is the topic of conversation. From there, personal anecdotes about our recent in store experiences at Toys R Us frame the discussion surrounding their announcement of the closing of up to 180 stores in the United States throughout 2018. This episode's special topic comes next, with a recent sad life event for Seibertron yielding an introspective topic about our families and the role in which both parents and other family members have had in shaping how the Transformers hobby continues to affect our lives. Two listener questions are answered after that, with the group addressing one question about fiction and the other about toys. The episode concludes with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment which is also full of some general chat and banter about Transformers.]]> Hobbies Mon, 29 Jan 2018 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:45:37 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #192 "Transformers vs. Impropriety"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-192-transformers-vs-impropriety/40493 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-192.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #192: Transformers vs. ImproprietyIn this episode of the Twincast/Podcast, " Knights of the Ordinary Lamplight", we join ScottyP, Razorclaw, and xRotorstormx as they dive head first into the new Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Leader Class figures hitting store shelves everywhere. The cast discusses the high and low points of both Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime in their newest toy incarnations. After that the show includes a special roundtable discussion about "Classics" figures, those toys that serve to represent updated versions of Generation 1 Transformers. The discussion focuses on whether the very latest versions of characters in the recent Generations lineups could lead collectors to a more-or-less complete "cast" of the vintage characters. Continuing on with Power of the Primes, Machinima has started announcing the voice acting cast of the upcoming cartoon. With the impressive list of names being unveiled, is this enough to grab the attention of those who have dismissed the series as a whole? The crew then moves on to the newly revealed movie masterpiece Ironhide and discusses how you can bring home your very own GMC Topkick. Next up, ScottyP leads the discussion about the new, poorly received Transformers vs Visionaries comic and the plot twist that has Transformers fans canceling orders for future issues. MP Sunstreaker is making its way into collectors hands and the reaction so far has been stellar, and the show wraps up after the Masterpiece figure talk with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.]]> Hobbies Sun, 14 Jan 2018 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:09:56 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #191 "Champagne Wishes and Energon Dreams"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-191-champagne-wishes-and-energon-dreams/40379 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-191.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #191: Champagne Wishes and Energon DreamsThe k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast presents its latest episode, "Champagne Wishes and Energon Dreams". This episode primarily covers the best toys, comics, movies, and television episodes from the Transformers brand that were released in 2017. However, to start the episode, the Power of the Primes Voyager class figures Grimlock and Starscream are analyzed now that some of the cast own their own copies of these figures. Another current topic comes next in the form of discussion about the just released Transformers Till All Are One Annual comic from IDW Publishing. The "Best of 2017" topics then start in earnest with a look at the favorite Transformers Generations figures from Titans Return. Live action Transformers movie The Last Knight gets one last look as well, with reflections on the positively viewed parts of the film discussed. Missed opportunities, spotlight characters, and standout comics lead up to the topic where the best thing from the brand for the entire year is selected by each cast member, with Transformers Masterpiece figures taking center stage. The show wraps up with a quick mention of some of the year's disappointing moments, followed by predictions both wild and wonderful for the year to come for Transformers in 2018.]]> Hobbies Tue, 26 Dec 2017 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:50:33 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #189 "S.O.S. Dinobots"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-189-sos-dinobots/40203 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-189.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #189: S.O.S. DinobotsIn the latest episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "S.O.S. Dinobots," podcast crew regulars ScottyP, Megatronus, RodimusConvoy13, and xRotorstormx begin by describing their favorite figures from Wave 1 of the Power of the Primes toy line. Dreadwind tops the charts. The conversation moves towards the controversy around Power of the Primes Jazz, and the 'MAGA' inscription tampo-ed on his side in Cybertronian letters. Less controversial is the Street Fighter II crossover, featuring some fan favorite video game characters in Titans Return bodies. The episode takes a turn towards the Masterpiece line. First, a run down of MP-12+ Sideswipe details the portions of the deco that have changed since the original release. Second, the crew discusses the now fully revealed Masterpiece Dinobot, the virtues and accuracy of its robot and alt-modes, as well as the figure's eye-popping price tag. Third is Movie Masterpiece Barricade, with the accuracy of the figure's modes called into question in addition to some reminiscing about the 2007 movie experience and the fandom's collective recall of those now iconic character designs. The crew moves on to comics talk with Optimus Prime 13, and the convergence of loose, unresolved threads from the last couple years of IDW storytelling, including the fate of the Throttlebots, the location of the Dinobots, the re-emergence of Bludgeon and Prowl, and continued Unicron speculation. The episode ends with descriptions of our holiday wish lists, as well as Black Friday bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Sun, 03 Dec 2017 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:36:03 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #190 "Spacebridge Sunset Boulevard"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-190-spacebridge-sunset-boulevard/40204 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-190.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #190: Spacebridge Sunset BoulevardJoin the latest k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast Mainframes episode for an in depth review and analysis of Lost Light #11: "The Plotter's Club (Part 2): Filling in the Blanks". We dive deep into Getaway's personality, character flaws, and ambitions as we attempt to conclude why he's doing what he's doing, and how he is justifying the actions he's taken and what his end goals really are. We also look at other crew members including Atomizer, Perceptor, Riptide, and Thunderclash, and determine their role in the mutiny and analyze their reactions to Getaway's increasingly unhinged behavior. Additionally, we work the history of Getaway's time before and on board the Lost Light, and how characters such as Tyrest, Froid, and Sunder may or may not be preying on his tendencies. In addition, we slot the issue into a modern, real world context and examine Getaway's actions through the lens of modern authoritarianism and information manipulation. Is he a parallel to one or more modern political figures? Lastly, we take a look how many of the threads in Lost Light may be coming together to see Rodimus and company's return to the ship and a preparation for the upcoming Unicron cross over event.]]> Hobbies Sun, 03 Dec 2017 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:11:43 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #188 "Mutinous Intent"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-188-mutinous-intent/40018 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-188.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #188: Mutinous IntentIn this episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, "Mutinous Intent", speculative discussions start the show with the first being a look at what could happen if Hasbro were to purchase Takara Tomy. After the talk about this imaginary scenario, further guesswork occurs as the cast attempts to draw further conclusions on the upcoming Titans Return animated series from Machinima based on the newly released trailer for the show. A listener's question leads to restropective talk about the just concluded Robots in Disguise cartoon series and its place in the history of Transformers television. The featured topic for the episode is a deep analysis of Transformers: Lost Light #10 from IDW Publishing. Considerations into the events and characters in the book, its place in the overall story, and the consequences of what happens are all put under the microscope in this spoiler heavy discussion. Once that concludes, a quick look at the final First Strike tie-in book wraps up discussion of fictional media for the episode. Quick thoughts about the upcoming Masterpiece Dinobot's pricing are shared, and then information about upcoming site event Transformersmas 2017 is made available. The episode ends with the "Bragging Rights" segment where each cast member mentions their most recent Transformers toy acquisitions.]]> Hobbies Mon, 13 Nov 2017 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:35:17 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #187 "Madman's Paradise"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-187-madmans-paradise/39903 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-187.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #187: Madman's ParadiseIn the latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, "Madman's Paradise", the latest Transformers Generations Power of the Primes products continue to warrant discussion. With packaging artwork and tech spec card art recently revealed online through unofficial channels, the cast analyzes what they can with this new information. Additional material surfacing indicates the possibility for new Movie toys that may be on the horizon. A premium looking Megatron and Brawl using designs from past Transformers live action movie installments, as well as a potential design for a Movie Masterpiece Barricade are all discussed. With that news, and with the toy now reaching more markets across the United States, a short review of Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee occurs. After that, the latest releases from IDW Publishing are critiqued, beginning with the latest issue of Optimus Prime as well as the First Strike event tie-in for that same series. First Strike itself has just wrapped, so the cast gives their opinions on the final two issues and the questionable twist at the end of the main story. Time is given to the final pages of First Strike, which revealed the long awaited and much speculated return of iconic Transformers villain Unicron. The episode ends with a round of "Bragging Rights" where each cast member mentions their most recent Transformers toy acquisitions.]]> Hobbies Sat, 28 Oct 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:19:25 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #186 "NYCC 2017"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-186-nycc-2017/39828 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-186.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #186: NYCC 2017In the latest episode of the Twincast/Podcast, "NYCC 2017", the latest reveals from Takara Tomy and the new products showcased at this years New York Comic Con are discussed in depth, some garnering prase while others raise questions. Our discussion begins with two reveals from Takara Tomy that seemed to be a given but still a pleasant surprise, Grand Maximus and Greatshot. We then take a look at the figures revealed at NYCC including the Terrorcons, more Pretender decoy shells and the last of the monsterbots, Grotusque. Botcon may be gone but it appears the shattered glass concept is alive and well in Hasbro's mind with the upcoming Rodimus Unicronus figure, which raised some questions with the crew. We take a break from the toy talk to answer a few listener questions including how to avoid burnout in terms of collecting, current distribution issues and its effect on buying in store versus online, as well as a fun question about which alt modes we would like to see more of. We have a brief round of Trainbot bragging rights before wrapping up with a special segment from the TFcon Podcast Panel.]]> Hobbies Mon, 16 Oct 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 04:32:13 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #185 "Carnage in Troja Major"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-185-carnage-in-troja-major/39637 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-185.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #185: Carnage in Troja MajorWelcome to the latest Twincast/Podcast Mainframes episode featuring Lost Light Issues 8 and 9 discussed in-depth by the team, with full spoliers of each issue to be expected within. We discuss whether the book is getting back on track to the main story from More Than Meets The Eye, how this issue develops characters and relationships, and some of the more obscure breadcrumbs being left for future stories by James Roberts. We examine the pacing and parallels in the books and how plot threads are converging to the climax, and what the implications of that climax are. The main plot involving characters Velocity and Nautica in their attempt to revive the deceased Skids is looked at from a visual storytelling perspective, as well as through other means of analysis. Anode and Lug's continuing adventures are also discussed, with some of the cast finding a purposeful "heel" nature being used in their characterization. The mysterious Flame and his presumed leader Scorponok come up as well, with Lost Light's overall mytharc being furthered by their appearances in these issues. Before the episode ends, the cast also speculates on the upcoming action aboard the Lost Light as we see where the mutineers, lead by Getaway, have gone and where the story heads next.]]> Hobbies Sun, 24 Sep 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:15:45 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #184 "The Search For Alpha Trion"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-184-the-search-for-alpha-trion/39587 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-184.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #184: The Search For Alpha TrionIn the latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, "The Search For Alpha Trion", the latest Transformers Generations Power of the Primes products revealed at Hascon 2017 are analyzed in depth. This starts out with a look at the upcoming new versions of the popular Dinobots; Grimlock, Slag, Snarl, Swoop, Sludge, and newcomer Slash. The cast discusses their initial impressions of each figure, and also debates the merits of the combining feature as it relates to this team of characters. The Leader Class Evolution Orion Pax to Optimus Prime toy is talked about next, with a focus on the "evolution" feature allowing the smaller Pax robot to transform into the larger Prime. Revealed products from the Saturday night Hasbro VIP and Hall of Fame Dinner were also on the agenda, including Leader Class Optimus Primal, Voyager Class Hun-Grrr, and Deluxe Class entries Rippersnapper and Moonracer. IDW Publishing's upcoming plans for Unicron in their Transformers and Hasbro Universe comics is also discussed, with recent releases such as First Strike, Optimus Prime #10, and Lost Light #9 having quick analysis after that. The episode wraps up with a listener question about the potential for reissues of toys from the Transformers: Animated series as it approaches its tenth anniversary.]]> Hobbies Sun, 17 Sep 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:19:43 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #183 "The Road To Hascon"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-183-the-road-to-hascon/39555 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-183.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #183: The Road To HasconIn this special episode covering the first ever HASCON, Megatronus, Seiberton, and QBKiller94 discuss the overall experience, including the shift towards a more experience-centric convention, and whether the experiences and brand interactions offered provided the expected value. The groups discusses the direct exposure to the various brand teams, as well as the energy the Hasbro employee volunteers brought to the show. Crowd sizes and composition are mentioned, with attention paid to the breakout between fans and families. Panels are brought up in relation to the convention venue and layout. After a short break, the crew talks about the new Power of the Primes toy line, specifically Leader Optimus Prime and the Dinobot combiner, Volcanicus, as well as the upcoming Titan Class Predaking. Some movie figures and the overall Transformers brand area are discussed in detail. This part of the podcast concludes with special recognition for Providence, which was a wonderful host to the HASCON experience. The episode ends with an interview with the Hasbro Transformers brand team recorded from the floor at Hascon 2017.]]> Hobbies Wed, 13 Sep 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:16:58 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #182 "Great Expectations"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-182-great-expectations/39304 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-182.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #182: Great ExpectationsListen in to Episode 182 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, as the team discusses the recent release of SDCC Exclusives on HasbroToyShop. Next, they dig into recent reveals from Takara Tomy in both the Masterpiece and Legends lines, discussing the Masterpiece release schedule and Targetmaster Hot Rod, as well as Overlord, the Autobot Clones, Blitzwing, and his adorable black and silver elephant. Then, the discussion circles around to the recent Hasbro Movie Masterpiece Optimus Prime, and with the cast finding this to be a surprisingly lackluster release. This spurns talk about the history of premium presentation packaging for Transformers, finding some great examples from a plethora of past releases. Talk moves to a recap of IDW Publishing's First Strike Issue 1 and the end to the regular run of Till All Are One with Issue 12. During the segment, focus moves to the current state of affairs in the IDW Hasbro Universe, IDW release schedules, and more. The show closes out with on-the-fly Game of Thrones spoilers and the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment.]]> Hobbies Sat, 19 Aug 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:08:21 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #181 "Wipe-Out"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-181-wipeout/39202 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-181.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #181: Wipe-OutEpisode 181 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast starts with a special poetry based segment featuring Transformers themed haikus created by the cast members. These even pick up on some recent Transformers events, such as the disbanding of Paramount's Transformers and Hasbro cinematic universe "Writer's Room". John Cena has been cast in the Bumblebee movie, and this is the next topic on the minds of the show's participants. They discuss his potential role, as well as the slightly delayed release of this upcoming film which was announced by Paramount last week, with it now slated to come out in December of 2018. Topics then shift gears to toys with a discussion and in-hand impressions of Hasbro's premier Transformers Generations Titans Return toy for 2017, Titan Class Trypticon, which also includes Deluxe Class Full Tilt and Titan Master Necro. Rumors about potential Power of the Primes products are mentioned, followed by another short topic about the first availablity of Titans Return Deluxe Class Arcee with Leinad and Titan Master Ultra Magnus at the very first Hascon convention being held next month. Thoughts about IDW Publishing's Lost Light number 8 follow, with a look at the plot, characters, and real life messages found in this most recent Transformers comic book. We wrap up the episode with bragging rights, where each cast member discusses recent Transformers product acquisitions, as well as with a quick lamentation on the expected but nonetheless high pricing of Flame Toys' licensed action figures like Drift and Tarn.]]> Hobbies Sun, 06 Aug 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:07:21 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #180 "SDCC 2017"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-180-sdcc-2017/39051 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-180.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #180: SDCC 2017The latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, "SDCC 2017", focuses on the Transformers news that came out of the just concluded 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Hasbro introduced their 2018 Generations product line, Power of the Primes, during the convention. The cast takes a look at Leader Class Evolution Rodimus Prime, Voyager Class Starscream, Deluxe Class figures Jazz, Dreadwind, and Blackwing, Legends Class Beachcomber, and the Prime Master Liege Maximo with Skullgrin decoy shell. Along with providing their thoughts on the figures themselves, the cast speculates along the way about the other potential figures that could be present in the line, as well as the possibility of new combining character sets. They also discuss the overall storytelling potential present and how that may or may not relate to the work done by IDW Publishing in the Transformers comic book universe. IDW's breaking stories from the convention are discussed as well, with the revelation that Unicron will be making his way into the Hasbro comic universe in 2018. The show concludes with a discussion and analysis of the latest comics releases, Rom vs. Transformers Shining Armor #1, and the fantastic Optimus Prime #9, "The Life of Sideswipe".]]> Hobbies Mon, 24 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:25:42 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #179 "Forever Is a Long Time Coming"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-179-forever-is-a-long-time-coming/38865 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-179.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #179: Forever Is a Long Time ComingOn Episode 179 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, the group first discusses the reissue of Masterpiece Optimus Prime, to be featured as an SDCC summer exclusive before being distributed to Toys 'R' Us. On the subject of Masterpieces, the cast discusses the upcoming Takara Tomy Mall exclusive cassettes Stripes, Nightstalker, Wing Thing and Enemy, as well as ensuing rumors for future Masterpiece releases. The discussion moves on to the unrealized Botcon concepts revealed and showcased at Pete's Robot Convention. With conventions in mind, the cast ponders the upcoming Hascon in Providence, RI, and what to expect at Hasbro's first standalone convention. We talk once more about SDCC exclusives, black Leader Class Powermaster Optimus Prime and Voyager Class The Last Knight Optimus Prime, and what we aren't seeing: Trypticon. We discuss Takara Legends as well as the eHobby exclusives Bat Convoy and Magna Convoy before moving on to the lastest two Transformers comics releases from IDW Publishing, Lost Light 7 and Till All Are One 11. As arcs and runs come to end, the cast talks about how these issues set the tone for what's to come. We wrap up the episode with bragging rights, and what each cast member managed to acquire since the last recording.]]> Hobbies Sun, 09 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:42:24 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #178 "The Last Knight: A Twincast Review"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-178-the-last-knight-a-twincast-review/38645 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-178.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #178: The Last Knight: A Twincast ReviewJoin the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast for their latest episode which is all about the fifth, just released latest installment of the Transformers live action movie franchise from Director Michael Bay: "Transformers: The Last Knight". The episode begins with a discussion of how each cast member took the movie in, be it through IMAX 3D, 3D, or traditional 2D screenings. After that, k2gx73.cn owner Ryan Yzquierdo talks about his amazing experience as a press member on the red carpet for the movie's premiere in Chicago, Illinois. This is followed by a discussion of the content of the movie itself, and this comprises the bulk of the episode. Covered are topics such as the main key scenes in the movie, so spoilers are abound for any listeners that haven't caught the film. The cast dives into the big reveals, plot, pacing, writing, cinematography, special effects, and much more. Conversation moves to an overview of our favorite parts, where the movie ranks in terms of the other Transformers movies, and dissection of some plot holes. Analysis of the messaging and tone of the movie is also considered throughout the episode. Things wrap up with some final thoughts, plus speculation on the franchise's future in cinemas.]]> Hobbies Thu, 22 Jun 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:31:45 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #177 "Forged To Mic"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-177-forged-to-mic/38590 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-177.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #177: Forged To MicThe latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, "Forged To Mic", primarily focuses on the Transformers mobile fighting RPG game from Kabam! Studios, Forged to Fight. This Android and IOS game has been available for some time now, and k2gx73.cn's WilliamJames88 was able to travel to Vancouver for a visit with the creators of the title. He and the other cast members talk about the game in general, along with the creative process the developers take to bring the Transformers characters within it to life on the screen. Other discussions about the game and visit include those about Hot Rod's inclusion using his design from Transformers: The Last Knight, as well as the challenges the Kabam team faces in including characters that are known for using similar or identical models as other characters, merely in different colors. The Forged to Fight chat wraps up with general thoughts about to potential longevity of the game in a marketplace where products aren't always known for sticking around. The show ends with some unstructured chat about recent Transformers toy releases from Takara Tomy's Legends series and The Last Knight.]]> Hobbies Mon, 19 Jun 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:29:26 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #176 "Moonbase Gray"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-176-moonbase-gray/38486 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-176.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #176: Moonbase GrayThe latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, "Moonbase Gray", begins with the cast having a conversation about recently reveale upcoming Transformers Masterpiece toys, including Dinobot, Sunstreaker, and an updated Sideswipe from Takara Tomy. The surprise reveal of another MP-10 Optimus Prime reissue from Hasbro is used to wrap up the chat about Masterpiece. Items revealed at the recent Tokyo Toy Show from the Transformers Legends series come next, with the cast sharing their excitement about upcoming releases like Six Shot, Misfire, and others. Brief talk about drill tanks leads into a quick in-hand opinion on Legends Godbomber. Things switch over to some thoughts about the very soon to release Transformers: The Last Knight film, as the amount of trailers and TV Spots now available to preview the movie has reached a high number. The episode shifts into IDW comics as news of the cancellation of Till All Are One hits the cast hard. Lost Light's just concluded first story arc, "Dissolution", is also a topic of debate for the podcasters. The show closes out with the Twincast freestyle, where the participants are free to bring up any Transformers related topic not already discussed during the episode.]]> Hobbies Sun, 11 Jun 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:35:18 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #175 "Bayhem"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-175-bayhem/38230 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-175.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #175: BayhemOn Episode 175 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, titled "Bayhem," the group first discusses the new international trailer for Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight that was released May 18, including plot points, characters, and other new information. Articles interviewing Ian Bryce, the producer for The Last Knight, as well as the movie writers, is also discussed at length. The conversations move to international promotions for the movie, including a Coca-Cola raffle in China, a Coca-Cola steelcase promo in Singapore, and 7-11 Japan's exclusive Dark Optimus Prime figure. International distribution and international collector habits are examined in the context of marketing. Following this movie discussion, the group moves on to a comics conversation involving Lost Light #5 and Optimus Prime #7. The crew of the Lost Light find themselves in a functionist alternate universe, and the group takes a close look both at Rung's newfound abilities, as well as at Megatron and the dueling consciences he has found in Terminus and his more recent shipmates. In the latter comic, Optimus Prime embarks on his own evolution as a leader, and the podcast crew gets into the 'humanity' of the Prime, as well as the growing rivalry between the eponymous Autobot leader and the torchbearer Pyra Magna. The podcast ends with a freestyle segment, wherein each cast member discusses a topic of their choice.]]> Hobbies Thu, 25 May 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:09:06 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #174 "Autobot Jedi Newtypes"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-174-autobot-jedi-newtypes/38050 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-174.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #174: Autobot Jedi NewtypesThe latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast, "Autobot Jedi Newtypes", begins with a discussion about the recently discovered effect of Plasticizer Migration on toys from previous toy line ups such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. With toys for The Last Knight released the show's cast discusses some of the stand outs, including Deluxe Class Barricade and Voyager Class Optimus Prime. Other Last Knight products from Hasbro such as the Tiny Turbo Changers get time in the spotlight, and the upcoming Masterpiece Movie Optimus Prime is speculated upon as well. A segment touching on tangential pop culture franchises like Rom the Space Knight leads into segments analyzing the most recent IDW Publishing Transformers comics releases. These include Till All Are One number 9, and the sixth issue of Optimus Prime. Yet more diversions from other popular fantasy and sci-fi fictional brands such as Game of Thrones and Star Wars garner some discussion in the context of framing how the Twincast podcasters would like to see the Transformers characters in Michael Bay's live action movies portrayed. The show closes out with the Twincast freestyle, where the participants are free to bring up any Transformers related topic not already discussed during the episode.]]> Hobbies Mon, 08 May 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:48:22 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #173 "Crossing The Rubicon"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-173-crossing-the-rubicon/37901 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-173.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #173: Crossing The RubiconIn the latest Twincast / Podcast Mainframes episode, the team tackles Till All Are One Issues 5 through 8. Starting in the first issue, we recap the lead up to the arc, started by events in Titans Return, discuss the buildup and peril, and the Council's first response. We analyze the politics, characters introduced or developed, and the ties to the timeline. Continuing with the next issue, we examine the sweeping action scenes, carnage caused by the invasion, and the characterization of Carcer's inhabitants. Proceeding to issue 7, we remark on the lush visuals and set pieces while delving into Windblade's plan and the subsequent reveal. Concluding with issue 8, we speculate on the larger implications of the reveal, praise the artistic choices, and attempt to divine the future in Till All Are One's near term and the Transformers IDW-verse in the long term.]]> Hobbies Mon, 24 Apr 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:32:33 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #172 "Ready For Launch"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-172-ready-for-launch/37890 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-172.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #172: Ready For LaunchThe Twincast / Podcast's latest episode features ScottyP, xRotorstormx and RodimusConvoy13 discussing the latest Transformers: The Last Knight trailer, Nemesis. Conversation then moves to a look at The Last Knight Movie Toy Launch Day, which is Monday, April 24th. After that, Scotty discusses his thoughts about the amazing engineering behind the latest masterpiece figure, MP-36 Megatron. Next, the cast discusses the color change that Takara just went through on the upcoming Legends series Targetmaster Kup. The season 3 trailer for Robots in Disguise was released and some brief discussion follows on the direction of the show and toy line. We follow up with a listener question about whether or not characters that were "similar" in G1, like Ironhide and Ratchet continue to be redecos/similar molds in the modern toy lines. IDW unveiled the newest Hasbro property cross over "First Strike" and Hasbro teased their new "Reveal Your Shield" Transformers Celebration shortly before the recording, and the cast takes some early looks at these events. We close out the night with a new segment called Blast from the Past as we tell you about some older toys that we've rediscovered recently.]]> Hobbies Sun, 23 Apr 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:06:39 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #171 "Team Knightmare"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-171-team-knightmare/37755 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-171.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #171: Team KnightmareThe k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast's latest episode catches up with the latest news and notes about the upcoming next chapter in the Transformers live action movie franchise, The Last Knight, from Paramount and Director Michael Bay. Impressions of the footage shown at this past week's IMAX Fan Event preview are discussed, along with the special trip k2gx73.cn's owner got to experience. After a long look at these topics, some of the upcoming toys to support the film are discussed, including the recently seen Voyager Class Nitro, Deluxe Class Skullitron, and the speculative look at Cogman. Kabam's mobile platform fighting video game, Transformers: Forged to Fight has launched, and the cast members that have already started on this latest adventure fill in listeners on what they can expect from this game. A brief discussion about the IDW Hasbro Universe then occurs, including reasons why Transformers fans can enjoy those comics on their own without needing to necessarily follow other Hasbro property series. The show wraps up with a long 'freestyle' segment, where cast members can bring up any topic they choose. This ends up including things ranging from the recently released Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron from Takara Tomy, and even 3D printing and how that could affect the future of the Transformers brand.]]> Hobbies Sun, 09 Apr 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:52:06 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #168 "Teasers"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-168-teasers/37580 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-168.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #168: TeasersThe Twincast / Podcast's latest episode features Megatronus and xRotorstormx discuss the latest Transformers news and more. This episode of the podcast, titled "Teasers", begins with a discussion on the movie trailers previewed during the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and before the theatrical showing of Beauty and the Beast. The podcasters continue to discuss Takara Tomy's marketing of their upcoming Tryptican Titan Class figure, including tweeted images and the revealed manga accompanying the toy. From there, the discussion takes up the now shipping subscription service figures from the Transformers Collectors Club, and the offshoot convention being run by former Fun Publications employees. The podcast wraps up with the bragging rights segment, where Megatronus and xRotorstormx review what figures they have acquired recently, and what piece of Transformers news they cannot let go.]]> Hobbies Tue, 21 Mar 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:16:19 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #169 "Worst Giveaway Ever"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-169-worst-giveaway-ever/37581 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-169.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #169: Worst Giveaway EverEnjoy a lighthearted Twincast Podcast from k2gx73.cn as ScottyP and Razorclaw0000 prepare for NC Comicon by cracking open two sealed cases of Fleer Transformers Armada trading cards in a futile attempt to complete Scotty's collection and start Razorclaw's off in a big way. Learn everything you need to know about rares, parallels, comic cards, flippers, and Energon Scorponok to participate in a truly strange Twincast Giveaway. Then, relax with them as they reflect on the show after it has wound down. The duo reflects on events from the show including panels, vendors, guests, and the venue itself. They then give some previews and context to the interviews with IDW personnel to follow on the next show. This shorter episode then closes out with some weekend bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Tue, 21 Mar 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:50:00 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #170 "NC Comicon 2017"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-170-nc-comicon-2017-featuring-idws-barber-hedgecock-and-ryall/37582 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-170.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #170: NC Comicon 2017A special Twincast Podcast episode brings you interviews featuring several of the talents from IDW Publishing that bring you Transformers comics and more each month. "Optimus Prime" writer John Barber, Editor in Chief David Hedgecock, and Chief Creative Officer (and the co-writer of Rom) Chris Ryall join us to dig into the world of Revolution, Optimus Prime, Rom, IDW's shared Hasbro Universe and more with. With John and David, we discuss how they keep the shared universe organized, deal with shipping schedules, and deep dive on they mythos in Optimus Prime and its connection to the Aligned Continuity and Thirteen Primes. After wrapping up with some fun questions with non-canonical answers, we catch up with Chris Ryall from the show floor. Chris elaborates on some galactic mythos in ROM, motivations of the Dire Wraiths, and more.]]> Hobbies Tue, 21 Mar 2017 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:51:04 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #167 "Optimus Sub Prime"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-167-optimus-sub-prime/37498 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-167.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #167: Optimus Sub PrimeThe latest Twincast podcast picks up right away with toy talk focused on upcoming products for Transformers: The Last Knight. These discussions include speculation about a potential Masterpiece version of the 'Movie' design Optimus Prime, the complexity of the Leader Megatron toy, and a look back at releases from Revenge of the Fallen and other past line-ups by way of Takara Tomy's Movie The Best series. With the cast being without latest Masterpiece releases Grapple and Cheetor, they discuss various avenues for acquiring these products. Toy discussions wrap up with Titans Return, including the Chromedome from new Deluxe Class revision assortments and Leader Class Sixshot. IDW's Transformers comics are talked about as well. This starts with a look at Revolutionaries #2 and Kup's prominent role, moves on to Till All Are One #7 and the cliffhanger ending, continues with Optimus Prime #4 and its quality production, and finishes up with Lost Light #3 and the attempts within to solve long running mysteries. The show ends with a look at what the cast found to be recent highlights of Transformers fan community output.]]> Hobbies Sun, 05 Mar 2017 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:11:08 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #166 "Toy Fair 2017"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-166-toy-fair-2017-tfny-hasbrotoyfair/37428 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-166.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #166: Toy Fair 2017Toy Fair 2017 gave us a look at the latest Transformers toy product reveals from Hasbro, including the highly anticipated lineup for the upcoming Transformers movie, The Last Knight, as well as more Generations Titans Return. Fan Titan Class choice Trypticon leads in to the conversation as it later covers other new Transformers Generations products such as Overlord, Twintwist, Windblade, Octane, Blitzwing, and boxed sets featuring Nautica, Quickswitch, Tidal Wave, Metalhawk, and much more. Product discussion doesn't end there, as we also take a look at upcoming The Last Knight toys including the Tubro Changer Dragonstorm, Leader Megatron, Tiny Turbo Changers, more Dinobots such as Grimlock and a Voyager Class Scorn, and much more. Optimus Primal's victory in the Power of the Primes fan vote is given a brief analysis, followed by discussion of the upcoming Forged to Fight mobile game from Kabam studios. After some other brief discussion about new Toy Fair product, the show concludes with some Toy Fair superlatives and the recurring Bragging Rights segment.]]> Hobbies Tue, 21 Feb 2017 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:04:47 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #165 "Recall Bias"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-165-recall-bias/37273 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-165.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #165: Recall BiasThe k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast's latest episode begins with a retrospective look at Transformers: Rescue Bots. Discussion revolves around the longevity of the franchise and the factors that have contributed to this. A discussion and review of Optimus Prime number 3 from IDW Publishing follows, with companion ongoing Lost Light's second issue taking focus after that. Once the discussion of the current stories concludes, a special topic about possible confirmation bias due to nostalgia for the original "Generation One" Transformers cartoon series looks critically at an ongoing desire expressed by some fans. Toy Fair speculation, the Transformers and AU phone toy crossover, and brief speculation about the IDW Hasbro comics universe follows. The recurring bragging rights segment concludes the show, with a special game helping the proceedings.]]> Hobbies Sun, 05 Feb 2017 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:18:20 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #164 "Getaway Was Right"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-164-getaway-was-right/37167 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-164.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #164: Getaway Was RightThe Twincast podcast returns as the gang is reunited for some toy talk, focusing on Titans Returns Krok and Quake, recent Takara Tomy Legends releases Super Ginrai, Soundwave, Ravage, Laserbeak, and the Headmasters anime styled Brainstorm. The show then fields some listener questions about collecting habits, toy line preferences, and even what would happen if Transformers were involved in Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is followed by speculation on Movie Masterpiece Last Knight MPM-3 Bumblebee, and discusses Combiner Force Crash Combiners. As a round table topic, they analyze the potential lost opportunity of IDW comics original characters, especially those from More Than Meets The Eye and Lost Light, as toys and venture on the effects of third party toys that have picked up that style. Taking a swing into comics, the group offers their opinions on IDW's Revolutionaries #1. This segues into the episode's featured topic, which is a debate on whether Getaway was right to stage a mutiny aboard the Lost Light.]]> Hobbies Sun, 22 Jan 2017 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:26:52 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #163 "Through The Space Hole"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-163-through-the-space-hole/37075 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-163.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #163: Through The Space HoleThe k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast returns for 2017 with a show primarily featuring discussion of the latest Tranformers comic books from IDW Publishing. A discussion of Till All Are One leads off the show, with the cast giving their perspective on the Cybertron focused book. New ongoing series Optimus Prime comes next, with the first two issues already available for readers. The relaunched More Than Meets The Eye is here under its new title of Lost Light, and the highly anticipated first issue is looked back on with the characteristic speculation about the series rounding out the chat. The recently revealed Titans Returns Deluxe Kup, Topspin, Quake, and Krok take the show into toy discussion. Along with that, the recently released MP-10K BAPE Black Camo Convoy also comes up. The show closes out with holiday bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Sun, 08 Jan 2017 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:51:18 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #162 "2016 Year In Review"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-162-2016-year-in-review/36935 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-162.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #162: 2016 Year In ReviewThe k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast's retrospective end of year show for 2016 starts out with a discussion about the end of Botcon. Hasbro's Combiner Wars boxed sets then take center stage, as these frequent 2016 releases featured characters such as Superion and Menasor in their Generaton 2 inspired paint schemes, as well as other combiner characters like Computron. The popular Titans Return line is looked back on, leading into additional toy related topics surrounding Takara Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece series as well as Hasbro's ongoing Robots in Disguise product line. The year's media ventures are also looked back on, including IDW comics and the recently concluded Revolution crossover event. Finally, the cast members' "Best of 2016" picks are presented, with predictions for 2017 rounding out the episode.]]> Hobbies Thu, 15 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:29:43 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #161 "The Last Knight Forged"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-161-the-last-knight-forged/36910 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-161.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #161: The Last Knight ForgedEpisode 161 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast features a discussion of the first trailer for Transformers 5: The Last Knight. While we break it down piece by piece, follow along with the excellent gallery of still images right here on k2gx73.cn. These screen captures from the trailer are presented in high definition resolution so you can look at what we saw in the clearest possible detail. Once the in depth analysis of this teaser trailer has come to a conclusion, an interview with one of the creators of the upcoming Transformers: Forged to Fight mobile game by Kabam rounds out the rest of the show. This action and fighting game will see release in the upcoming months for fans around the world to enjoy.]]> Hobbies Mon, 12 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:01:24 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #160 "Grappling with Memory"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-160-grappling-with-memory/36860 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-160.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #160: Grappling with MemoryEpisode 160 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast starts out with a discussion of the recent Titans Return wave 3 product sightings. After that a listener question related to what price the podcast members use to determine whether a specific toy or figure is worth it is answered. The show moves on to a discussion of the recently released Masterpiece Inferno figure, which has started arriving in the United States. This discussion features a live unboxing of the figure, and the group gives their in-hand impressions of this latest Takara Tomy Masterpiece release. Next comes a conversation about Combiner Wars, and with the line wrapping up, the cast engages in a post-mortem discussing how the line has shaped the brand and consumer expectations. Talk transitions to the newly announced sequel seasons for this years Combiner Wars web series from Machinima. This encompasses some talk about the existing series, as well as a look ahead to both Titans Return and Power of the Primes. The show closes with each podcaster choosing a particular favorite Transformers product acquisition made over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.]]> Hobbies Sun, 04 Dec 2016 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:56:27 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #159 "Imperfect Specks"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-159-imperfect-specks/36719 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-159.mp3 Hobbies Sun, 13 Nov 2016 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:15:33 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #158 "Altered Image"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-158-altered-image/36626 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-158.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #158: Altered ImageEpisode 158 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast picks up with the most recently revealed Masterpiece Transformer from Takara Tomy, which is a new version of Decepticon Leader Megatron. Thoughts about the toy itself along with comparisons to the previous Masterpiece version released over a decade ago are among the topics discussed relating to this news. Along with this discussion, speculation about possible future Decepticon Masterpiece figures occurs. The podcasters also use this topic to consider what makes a toy the definitive version of the character it's made to represent. Thoughts about the latest Transformers comic releases from IDW Publishing follow, with the 57th issues of Transformers and More Than Meets The Eye both under analysis. Additionally, comics in the ongoing Revolution crossover event are talked about. A similar topic about definitive characters comes next, and this is then followed by a return to toy topics with a quick chat about the Titans Return Walgreens exclusive, Deluxe Class Brainstorm. The show concludes with the recurring Bragging Rights segment, where the cast talks about their most recent Transformers product acquisitions.]]> Hobbies Sun, 30 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:10:42 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #157 "NYCC 2016"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-157-nycc-2016/36519 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-157.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #157: NYCC 2016Episode 157 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast is all about the latest Transformers brand toy products announced and revealed at New York Comic Con 2016. A conversation about the tease and partial reveal of the next Generations Titan Class figure, Trypticon, kicks off the show. After that, upcoming Leader Class, Deluxe Class, Voyager Class, and Titan Master figures from Generations Titans Return are analyzed. Almost every Generations figure revealed at the show is talked about in detail with early speculation on potential future figures included. Robots in Disguise products from the new Combiner Force subline continue the conversation after that. Additionally, early reveals of Takara's reissue toys commemorating the tenth anniversary of the first live action Transformers movie have surfaced, and this topic wraps up discussion related to current events. The show concludes with multinational bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Mon, 10 Oct 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:28:11 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #156 "Gestalt Theory"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-156-gestalt-theory/36409 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-156.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #156: Gestalt TheoryEpisode 156 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast begins with a quick discussion of the Machinima Combiner Wars series, as it recently concluded its run. A look at IDW Publishing's Till All Are One issue four comes next, with a focus on the characterization of the Combaticons. This leads into a special discussion where the cast recalls their favorite instances of combiner characters and teams being well defined within their media representation. As a follow up to that, each cast member then makes an attempt to flesh out combiner characters that haven't been thoroughly defined through the years. A strategy discussion for the Transformers Earth Wars mobile game comes next. The Revolution crossover series sees a brief feedback focused discussion, as the podcast hosts share their thoughts about this combined universe of Hasbro properties. After a listener question and some looks ahead to future Generations Titans Return toys, the show concludes with the recurring Bragging Rights segment.]]> Hobbies Sun, 25 Sep 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:11:12 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #155 "Pillarboxed"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-155-pillarboxed/36323 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-155.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #155: PillarboxedEpisode 155 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast begins with an in depth look at the imminent Bluray release of the 1986 Transformers: The Movie from Shout! Factory. Comparisons of the special features and audio/visual quality of this version to other past versions await listeners. Recent Transformers Masterpiece toy reveals and rumors for characters such as Grapple, Megatron, and Shattered Glass Optimus Prime comprise the next points of discussion. After a brief, casual chat about recent Generations toys and G2 toy advertisements, the latest Generations Titans Return products such as Chromedome, Mindwipe, and Alpha Trion are analyzed. Quick reviews and recaps of recent Transformers comics comes next, followed by a listener question about preferences regarding which characters end up being represented as toys. The recurring Bragging Rights segment caps off the show.]]> Hobbies Sun, 11 Sep 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:19:48 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #154 "The Misfits"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-154-the-misfits/36226 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-154.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #154: The MisfitsEpisode 154 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast begins with a discussion of the recent Takara Tomy Unite Warriors reveal, Megatronia. Questions from listeners come next involving the limits on Transformers collections, as well as lessons learned from our low points in the hobby take the spotlight for a more serious discussion. After this, recent Robots in Disguise Clash of the Transformers toys get a close examination, as do the latest efforts from the Transformers Collectors' Club that have just recently arrived in mailboxes. Final thoughts on this year's SDCC exclusives follows, plus speculation surrounding the recent accidental unveiling of Titans Return Doublecross. The show concludes with a lighthearted segment involving Battle Beasts.]]> Hobbies Mon, 29 Aug 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:04:18 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #152 "The Hollow Men"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-152-the-hollow-men/36133 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-152.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #152: The Hollow MenEpisode 152 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast sees the return of Mainframes, which takes a deep look into the world of Transformers comic releases from IDW Publishing. This episode's focus is on the recently concluded Dying of the Light story from the cult phenomenon, More Than Meets The Eye. This episode will completely "spoil" this story, and many plot points in the greater IDW Transformers story arc, for readers that have not caught up to this point in the story. Analysis of all the shocking twists and turns seen throughout the six issue run, along with general thoughts and speculation about future potential plot lines awaits. Theories about what might have been are also in store, plus don't miss a shocking conversation about what may have happened at the end, and how the goal of the quest may have been realized years ago without readers knowing.]]> Hobbies Tue, 16 Aug 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:37:06 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #153 "Last Knights of Cybertron"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-153-last-knights-of-cybertron/36134 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-153.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #153: Last Knights of CybertronEpisode 153 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast takes a look back at the Transformers the Movie, about to celebrate its 30th anniversary, while also taking a look forward to Transformers: The Lost Knight. Here the crew discuss their memories of the movie, its cultural impact, and the quirks and oddities of its various releases. Then join us for an in depth, behind the scenes look at the making of Transformers: The Lost Knight from its filming in Michigan. Next up, the cast discusses the IDW comic universe as one of the guests catches up on three years of comics in the span of four months. Finally, we talk toys, touching on Fort Max as well as CybertronCon reveals like Sixshot, Hot Rod, and Triple Changer Optimus Prime.]]> Hobbies Tue, 16 Aug 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:12:41 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #151 "SDCC 2016"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-151-sdcc-2016/36011 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-151.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #151: SDCC 2016This episode is all about the news from San Diego Comic Con 2016 revealed related to the Transformers brand. All the latest Transformers toy line product reveals from both the latest Generations line, Titans Return, as well as Robots in Disguise are discussed in detail. Each reveal has the cast speculating on what to expect from the upcoming Titan Masters, Deluxe, Warrior, and Voyager Class figures seen at the show. Machinima's upcoming Combiner Wars animated series also gets serious discussion with its premier drawing close. Plus, with this being a show about Comic Con, it only makes sense for the cast to tackle the latest news from IDW Publishing about Revolution, and the upcoming Optimus Prime and Lost Light comic series. The show concludes with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment and other miscellaneous topics.]]> Hobbies Mon, 25 Jul 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 04:23:26 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #149 "Titans Arrive"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-149-titans-arrive/35820 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-149.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #149: Titans ArriveThis episode focuses on the newest Transformers Generations toy line: Titans Return. Each size class is discussed at length with the cast members having these new toys in hand, starting with the Voyager and Deluxe Class figures. The line's potential play pattern using bases for the smaller Titan Masters comes up as we discuss not only those but Leader Class toys Optimus Prime and Blaster. Fortress Maximus gets a brief discussion as the toy gets opened on the air. Some later Combiner Wars and Unite Warriors releases such as the Transformers Collectors' Club Windsweeper and Takara's version of Bruticus come up as well. The show concludes with the recurring "Bragging Rights" segment and other miscellaneous topics.]]> Hobbies Mon, 11 Jul 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 03:29:06 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #150 "Wreck. Rule."]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-150-wreck-rule/35819 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-150.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #150: Wreck. Rule.Episode 150 of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast sees the return of Mainframes, which takes a deep look into the world of Transformers comic releases from IDW Publishing. This episode's focus is on the entire Sins of the Wreckers series. This episode will completely "spoil" this issue, and many plot points in the greater IDW Transformers story arc, for readers that have not caught up to this point in the story. Speculation abounds along the way, with several stops to look at where the series has been and where it might be going. Analysis of the structure, tone, and character work in the book is also in the scope of discussion for the team. Listener questions from the k2gx73.cn forums are also fielded, with some answers being definitive, and others being a nice surprise.]]> Hobbies Sun, 10 Jul 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 03:29:03 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #148 "And Rom The Space Knight"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-148-and-rom-the-space-knight/35722 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-148.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #148: And Rom The Space KnightOur first chat is about the most recent issue of Transformers #54, new series Transformers: ’TIl All Are One and of course, not to be left out a little something we like to call More Than Meets the Eye, issue #54. What is Galvatron’s final play…does he have a trump card or is it all on the table? Is Swindle still alive? Should Megatron die? We ask these questions and more, then to wrap up the comic discussion, we talk more REVOLUTION and decide if the TRANSFORMERS universe is getting a soft reboot, no reboot, or a very hard reboot. Our ongoing Beast Wars TV series rewatch continues with episode 18, "Spider's Game", and episode 19, "Call of the Wild". After that, we briefly reach into our creative bags and throw some paint schemes out there for the new PLATINUM EDITION UNICRON and KRANIX. SDCC is coming soon, and we share what version of TITAN MASTERS FORTRESS MAXIMUS we want the most to be our Fortress. You’d think this would be enough, but nope, we finally delve into a topic led by Counterpunch that breaches the world of packages ... Transformers toy packages that is. The best? The worst? What in packaging attracts you? What turns you off? What packages do you keep or do you just throw it all away? We end this jam session with some bragging about our BEST recent purchases that are toys at least 10 years old.]]> Hobbies Tue, 28 Jun 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 03:18:20 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #146 "Happy Accidents"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-146-happy-accidents/35623 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-146.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #146: Happy AccidentsWe talk about the newest toy reveals from Takara Tomy from Legends Ginrai to new Masterpiece toys like Beast Wars Cheetor, there was a lot of news to discuss. The Beast Wars rewatch segment also continues as the cast takes a look at episodes 14 through 17, featuring the two part "The Trigger" pair of episodes that are well known as some of the best of the season. After talking about some of their favorite import Beast Wars toys from throughout the years, the discussion changes gears and moves towards IDW Publishing's recent announcement of the "Revolution". The introduction of other Hasbro universe characters into the Transformers comic book world has had mixed reactions from fans, and we take it all on. The likes of GI Joe, ROM the space knight, MASK and more even come back around during a discussion of the upcoming Transformers 5 live action movie, where a shared universe looks like a likely possibility as well. The show wraps up with a look at the upcoming Blu-Ray release of The Transformers: The Movie in the US.]]> Hobbies Wed, 15 Jun 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 04:32:02 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #147 "In Flanders Fields"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-147-in-flanders-fields/35624 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-147.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #147: In Flanders FieldsWe take a deep look into the world of Transformers comic book releases from IDW Publishing. This episode's focus is all on More Than Meets The Eye issue number 53, with Scotty P, Mr. Starscream, and Dr. Va'al going page by page through the book. This episode will completely "spoil" this issue, and many plot points in the greater IDW Transformers story arc, for readers that have not caught up to this point in the story. Speculation abounds along the way, with several stops to look at where the series has been and where it might be going. This is a special episode of the show in a slightly shorter time format, so tune in as the team analyzes and ponders the goings on with the crew of the Lost Light.]]> Hobbies Tue, 14 Jun 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:14:18 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #145 "May Mayhem"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-145-may-mayhem/35450 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-145.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #145: May MayhemWe start the show with a continuation of our Beast Wars Season 1 rewatch. The Beast Wars fun continues after that as the cast members "draft" characters for a fantasy team of robots in three fun rounds. A critical look at the most recent comics releases follows, with both The Transformers #53 and More Than Meets The Eye #53 in the crosshairs. A special topic about the place of music in the Transformers universe, inspired by the recent Sony Music release of the Roll Out album, continues the show, and this features both a review of the album as well as thoughts on how the cast imagines a Transformers soundtrack should be. May Mayhem kicks into high gear after this, with thoughts and even repair tutorials for the Fan Built Combiner Wars Victorion set. This is followed by the anti-climactic small release of Deluxe Groove and the impact that had this week, and we then wrap up toy discussions by moving into our thoughts about the recently revealed Tokyo Toy Show exclusive Loud Pedal from Takara Tomy. Robots in Disguise's 2nd season finale is discussed as well, along with some thoughts about how the show has progressed since the start. We wrap up with a quick bragging rights segment featuring some unique curio additions to our collections.]]> Hobbies Fri, 27 May 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 03:03:47 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #144 "Don't Touch That Dial"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-144-dont-touch-that-dial/35386 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-144.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #144: Don't Touch That DialWe begin with our thoughts about what we found most intriguing about the original 80s Transformers cartoon. Later, we discuss a selection of episodes from Beast Wars. Then, each cast member talks about their preferred release schedule for Beast Wars Masterpiece toys, followed by discussion about the recently revealed Masterpiece Inferno figure. The show progresses to a conversation about comics, and the penultimate issues of several important story arcs in Sins of the Wreckers, The Transformers, and More Than Meets The Eye. News of upcoming Japanese releases in the Unite Warriors / Combiner Wars toy line takes center stage, as does the many confirmed and rumored differences between the domestic and overseas releases. The show concludes with bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 16 May 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:45:05 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #143 "The Hangover: Hascon Edition"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-143-the-hangover-hascon-edition/35275 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-143.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #143: The Hangover: Hascon EditionWe begin with our final thoughts and retrospective of the recently concluded Botcon 2016. Each cast member talks about their most anticipated toy from the upcoming Hasbro Transformers Generations Titans Return toy line. After that, speculation about the potential for a Hascon convention from Hasbro featuring many of their popular brands such as G. I. Joe, My Little Pony, and more comes up. Along with the convention, news of a combined writers room for Hasbro movies also becomes a topic of interest for the show's cast, as they talk about what implications that could have on the Transformers live action movie franchise. The show concludes with some quick hit discussions about Robots in Disguise's second season, rumors of a Takara Masterpiece Inferno Toy, the Combiner Wars animated series, and the upcoming Transformers Earth Wars mobile game.]]> Hobbies Mon, 02 May 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:50:22 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #142 "Botcon 2016 Part 3: The Last One"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-142-botcon-2016-part-3-the-last-one/35185 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-142.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #142: Botcon 2016 Part 3: The Last OneDid you think it was over? It ain't over until Dr. Va'al, Seibertron, and Starscream return to say it's over! More post-BotCon thoughts from this crew await, are you in for the long haul? The three randomly assorted hard candies discuss, in spite of the elements and the sore throats, the various BotCon souvenirs, from the Dawn of the Predacus box set to the single toys - Megatron, Unit-3, Tigatron, Airazor, the Reflector 3-pack - the highlights, the surprises, the disappointments. They touch upon the various hauls, including comics and comics art as well as toys, and the differences between conventions, running by the gigantonormous dealer room (can you tell who's typing this section, by now?). Spending some good time on the artist alley population, from Hayato Sakamoto to Alex Milne, Sara Pitre-Durocher to Robby Musso, and more. Other topics discussed, of course, were the various panels that included reveals for the coming part of the year, from the Hasbro Brand panel, with Scrounge (!) and Overlord (!!) in the pipes, to the TFCC roundtable, featuring MP Ratbat, GI Joe crossovers, and Counterpunch taking over (much to our own Counterpunch's joy). They start speculating on the future of the Club, now that FunPub is DonePub, and it would actually be really interesting to hear what listeners think Hasbro should do with the concept - and with any possible incarnation of BotCon. Make sure to drop your suggestions in the comments! Before the segment is over, though, they also make sure to note the highest points of the event: the people who attend, year after year or for the very first time, what really makes the whole experience what it is. The show ends with a short editorial segment from yours truly. If this is the end of Botcon, let's remember it fondly, and find hope in the possibilities of the future.]]> Hobbies Mon, 18 Apr 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:21:56 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #141 "BotCon 2016 Part 2: Homers"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-141-botcon-2016-part-2-homers/35184 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-141.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #141: BotCon 2016 Part 2: HomersOur discussion agenda was simple and it went a little something like this ... Botcon, Botcon, and more BOTCON! From the early displays on Friday, to the new reveals on Saturday, we discuss Titans Return, the Platinum set exclusives, the new set of Club figures, and we spend a heavy dose of time comparing the HASBRO vs. UNITE WARRIORS COMPUTRON sets with the real winner being, us, the fans! A couple of other topics that are also touched on are what we wanted to see, or wanted to see more of, and didn't, including those little teasers that we we were given: once at the end of the slide show presentation and once on the cross-sell for Liokaiser. Having both been Botcon veterans, we too reminisce about Botcons and exclusives past, and where and what the future might hold, with no real answers, but plenty of questions. After we wrap up those proceedings, there's more! This epic show continues with an interview, featuring special guests from Hasbro, Brand Marketing Manager Ben Montano and Product Designer Ed Masielo. We ask some burning questions to members of the Transformers brand team. Look out for Episode 142, which wraps up our Botcon coverage.]]> Hobbies Fri, 15 Apr 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:17:54 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #140 "BotCon 2016 Part 1: Eastbound and Down"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-140-botcon-2016-part-1-eastbound-and-down/35183 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-140.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #140: BotCon 2016 Part 1: Eastbound and DownYour Botcon recap show starts with none other than the journey to the show itself! Seibertron, Starscream, and Dr. Va'al himself hit the road from Chicago to Louisville and recap the history of the show. But first, comics talk. It all starts out with Megatron: Origin. Dr. Va'al leads a deep dive through how that foundation has led to the current events with Megatron in MTMTE. Road trip conversations seem to go anywhere. Even Pretenders come up along the way, with thoughts about what could happen if they mastered all the things. They'll frame up the ongoing conversation about the Titan Master gimmick. The Botcon set itself then takes over the focus, including the Dawn of the Predacus boxed set and attendee freebie Terrorsaur. A look back at Botcons of the past continues the conversation. Relive memories of the past with all your Botcon pals like Deathsaurus, Tyrese, Clench, and more. That wasn't the only crew headed out on the open road. Scotty P and Razorclaw0000 wearily pass the last hour of their road trip from Raleigh by recording thoughts just for you. After the brief origin story, current events are back in focus as we speculate on toys seen but not yet owned, those being this year's Botcon souvenir figures. Listen to what we're thinking about them mere hours before they're in our possession. A big part of Botcon is the dealer and exhibitor room. ScottyP and Razorclaw go through their wishlists, with some items that are painful to hear about now that the convention has passed. Stay tuned very soon for Episode 141, which will feature some of our more traditional convention news reactions and coverage.]]> Hobbies Tue, 12 Apr 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 03:31:27 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #139 "No Deviations"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-139-no-deviations/35018 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-139.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #139: No DeviationsThe recurring Beast Wars TV series re-watch continues, and on this episode the sixth, seventh, and eighth episodes of the series gets a retrospective analysis from the Twincast crew. After this, multiple questions from listeners of the show are answered, with the first regarding Transformers toy lines with thematic play patterns such as Hasbro's Generations Combiner Wars and Titans Returns line-up. After looking into our crystal balls with the second listener question, we jump over to our third and final listener inquiry by talking about the balance between complexity and design considerations in Transformers toys. The ongoing Transformers comic from IDW Publishing has had it's 51st issue hit stands, and the podcast crew discusses their thoughts on the issue and its place within the overall storyline. The show winds down with two roundtable discussions, the first of which involves collecting "Holy Grails" and what each cast member considers to fit that category. The recurring "Bragging Rights" segment returns to end the show, with a twist that ends up encompassing multiple cast members' list of recent Tranformers product acquisitions.]]> Hobbies Tue, 29 Mar 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:11:41 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #138 "#^@!( Off Megatron"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-138-off-megatron/34958 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-138.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #138: #^@!( Off MegatronThe recurring Beast Wars TV series re-watch continues, and on this episode the third, fourth, and fifth episodes of the series gets a retrospective analysis from the Twincast crew. After this the show goes into lengthy review and discussion of the milestone Transformers comic issues from IDW Publishing. The fiftieth issues of both "The Transformers" and "More Than Meets The Eye" are in shops now, so the cast breaks down each issue with an in depth analysis and provides opinions and predictions on where the books go from here. After this the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece Delta Magnus from Takara gets a quick look over, as well as recent releases in the Masterpiece line of Ironhide and Hot Rodimus. With news of the end of Botcon and the Transformers Collectors' Club as we know it, we take a look back at the years of the operation, and then take another retrospective of the soon to sunset Transformers Battle Tactics from DENA games. After this, we look to the horizon with Space Ape's soon to be released Transformers Earth Wars mobile game. The show ends with the cast talking about some of the Transformers toys that we own that are our least favorite additions to our current or past personal collections.]]> Hobbies Sun, 20 Mar 2016 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:27:14 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #137 "Toy Fair 2016"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-137-toy-fair-2016-hasbrotoyfair-tfny/34781 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-137.mp3 Hobbies Thu, 18 Feb 2016 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:00:43 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #136 "The Gathering"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-136-the-gathering/34680 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-136.mp3 Hobbies Sun, 31 Jan 2016 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:17:10 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #135 "The Road to Multiverse"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-135-the-road-to-multiverse/34567 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-135.mp3 Hobbies Sun, 17 Jan 2016 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:30:09 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #134 "Whale Wars"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-134-whale-wars/34491 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-134.mp3 Hobbies Mon, 04 Jan 2016 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:11:17 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #133 "2015 Superlatives"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-133-2015-superlatives/34424 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-133.mp3 Hobbies Sun, 20 Dec 2015 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:00:40 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #132 "Watch Out For The Stinger"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-132-watch-out-for-the-stinger/34319 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-132.mp3 Hobbies Wed, 02 Dec 2015 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:07:50 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #131 "The Darkest Timeline"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-131-the-darkest-timeline/34251 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-131.mp3 Hobbies Tue, 17 Nov 2015 00:00:00 -0600 no 04:08:31 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #130 "Retools"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-130-retools/34171 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-130.mp3 Hobbies Tue, 03 Nov 2015 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:58:40 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #128 "TFcon USA 2015"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-128-tfcon-usa-2015/34137 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-128.mp3 Hobbies Tue, 27 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:10:11 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #129 "Nick Roche talks Sins of the Wreckers"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-129-nick-roche-talks-sins-of-the-wreckers/34136 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-129.mp3 Hobbies Mon, 26 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:05:10 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #127 "Titans Return"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-127-titans-return-includes-interview-with-hasbro-from-nycc-2015/34068 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-127.mp3 Hobbies Mon, 12 Oct 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:39:37 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #126 "False Finish"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-126-false-finish/33974 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-126.mp3 Hobbies Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:15:15 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #125 "Wrinkles"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-125-wrinkles/33898 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-125.mp3 Hobbies Wed, 16 Sep 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:36:26 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #124 "Dogfight"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-124-dogfight/33799 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-124.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #124: DogfightSeveral members of the Twincast filled out a recent Hasbro UK survey, and boy do we have thoughts about this. Plus, what's this about 3rd Party items? From there we move on to TCC Service 4.0 reveals. As of this writing, Bludgeon is the latest Club reveal, and Twincast reactions are mixed. Combiner Wars wave 4 and Optimus Maximus are here! Will these versions spur us to replace our Classics and Universe figures? We've got some interesting redecos coming out of the Transformers Adventures line, including legends class Override and Runabout, and the ever-stoic and much vaunted deluxe class Vehicon General. We've end up back to the Masterpiece line, and we still have some gripes about the upcoming MP-27 Ironhide. Also, what's with this red Bumblebee? We finish up the Twincast with some bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 31 Aug 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:02:41 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #123 "Vroom Vroom Vroom"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-123-vroom-vroom-vroom/33747 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-123.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #123: Vroom Vroom VroomWe jump right in with some discussion on the new Robots in Disguise Deployers and Minicons and we also discuss the TRU exclusive Clash of the Transformers subline. Takara seems to be pulling out all the stops with their new TAV line, which coincides with Robots In Disguise. Case in point, TAV21 Optimus Prime. Next we dive into some comics. Our comic gurus take on IDW's Transformers issue #44. The Transformers Collectors Club's new Transformers / G.I. Joe crossovers are available: Marissa Faireborn with Afterbreaker and Old Snake with the Advanced Stealth B.A.T. duo. Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee has shipped and many of us have him in hand. Is this a Masterpiece figure that every G2 enthusiast or masterpiece collector needs? Well, you'll have to tune in to find out what we think of this little gold bug. We finish up this episode with a round of bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Wed, 19 Aug 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 03:59:40 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #122 "The One Where Rodimus Sings"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-122-the-one-where-rodimus-sings/33655 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-122.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #122: The One Where Rodimus SingsWe start off with comic-talk, specifically Transformers #43 and the more divisive MTMTE #43 with Holo-matter avatars abound! Listen in for some strong opinions. Only a select few of the Twincast crew are caught up on the RID Cartoon as we ask one question: WHY? Listen in as we compare RID to its predecessors, discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Next up is Transformers Subscription Service Impactor which the Twincast agrees is COOL! Time for some Masterpiece talk featuring MP-11T Thundercracker and MP27 Ironhide! Doctor McGrath asks "Combiner Wars Devastator looks great, but where does he fit in your collection?" We finish up with some bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Wed, 05 Aug 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:14:18 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #121 "SDCC 2015"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-121-sdcc-2015/33543 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-121.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #121: SDCC 2015In this episode we will be discussing all the latest news coming out of San Diego Comic Con from rumors and reveals to new comics that will be headed to a comic shop near you. San Diego Comic Con, the place where everyone wants to be, is taking place this week (July 9-12) and we've got the latest scoop on all the big surprising and those not so surprising reveals in the Transformers world BUT we decided to throw you a curve ball tonight and start off with a little discussion of non-TF SDCC news that we are each looking forward to.]]> Hobbies Wed, 22 Jul 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:25:31 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #120 "Cons"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-120-cons/33402 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-120.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #120: ConsEpisode 120 of the Twincast / Podcast is all about Transformers conventions. The episode features a special interview with Colin Douglas, co-founder of TFCon, the largest unofficial Transformers convention in the world. A lively discussion follows on San Diego Comic Con and BotCon exclusive figures, including SDCC Devastator and Botcon's lineup of Diaclone homages. The podcast then moves to the most recent Transformers comics, and everyone's favorite part of the show, bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Sun, 05 Jul 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:28:44 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #119 "One Hour BotCon"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-119-one-hour-botcon/33332 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-119.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #119: One Hour BotConGotta BotCon hangover? Reminisce by listening to our latest podcast! Topics include: Voyager Sky Lynx, Transformers Subscription Service 4.0 - Mayhem Attack Squad, Combiner Wars Heritage characters replacing their classics counterparts?, upcoming Legends figures, including Shockwave!, Combiner Wars Bruticus, Hasbro Devastator, Club Exclusive Universe Ramjet and Skywarp, Tokyo Toy Show Reveals Masterpiece Optimus Primal and Masterpiece Ironhide, Takara Tomy's Devastator, and we close up shop talking about the leaked Titan Wars concept art. Enjoy!]]> Hobbies Mon, 22 Jun 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:04:19 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #118 "Countdown to BotCon 2015"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-118-countdown-to-botcon-2015/33135 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-118.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #118: Countdown to BotCon 2015As we begin the countdown to Botcon 2015, in this episode's special segment the Twincast sits down with Pete Sinclair of Fun Publications. Sit back and enjoy while we find out what really goes in to putting together one of the premier Transformers conventions. You might even hear a surprise or two! As we transition on to some toy talk, we'll discuss our thoughts on a new video that has surfaced finally showing how Combiner Wars Devastator will combine. Images have surfaced of some pretty wild decos of SDCC exclusive Arcee, Windblade and Chromia! Up next, images of the newest member of the Platinum Edition family, Trypticon, have been revealed! Now comes time for one of our favorite segments of the show, another round of bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 08 Jun 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:18:07 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #117 "Block Town"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-117-block-town/33034 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-117.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #117: Block TownWe get started with a few of this year's Club exclusive figures: Subscription Service 3.0 Carzap, Club "freebie" Lio Convoy, and Club Store exclusive Nova Prime. Next up we discuss Combiner Wars Leader Thundercracker. With the release of Legions Class Cliffjumper, Skywarp, and Ultra Magnus, some of us want to know what all the Ultra Magnus fuss is about. We move onto something BIG - San Diego Comic Con's exclusive Titan Devastator. Next up is Unite Warriors Defensor with deluxe class Protectobot Groove. The time is ripe ... for a LISTENER QUESTION! News staff member williamjames88's thoughtful query initiates a lively discussion about buying at retail vs online. We get on to some unlikely art-talk with the release of five very cool Fembot concepts by IDW artist Alex Milne. The popularity of female Transformers amongst the fandom, and the demand for more toys of such characters, has been an encouraging trend. Botcon is less than a month away, and we've caught wind of some rumored Waspinator-based army builders. Which of these taste-the-rainbow decos make sense, and which don't? We finish up with some bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Thu, 28 May 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:58:07 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #116 "Character Piece"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-116-character-piece/32882 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-116.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #116: Character PieceWelcome to the latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast! This episode features your no-longer-on-the-market host ScottyP, site owner and photographer extraordinaire Seibertron, Not-Optimus RodimusConvoy13, and the late (to the show) Jon3.0. On this episode we start out by catching up on some comic talk. The not-quite latest issue of More Than Meets The Eye kicks things off, as we take a rather long time to catch up on the dastardly(?) deeds of the DJD.]]> Hobbies Wed, 06 May 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:17:16 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #115 "Nenemis Prime"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-115-nenemis-prime/32790 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-115.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #115: Nenemis PrimeToday's a toy-centric Twincast, folks, and the crew is ready to tackle the rush of Transformers reveals coming your way. First we discuss the latest Botcon 2015 Cybertron's Most Wanted box set reveals: Battletrap, Shattered Glass Stepper, and... DOTM Megatron? The Twincast crew discusses Duocons, mirror universes, and the divisive first release of the Arms Microns Breakdown mold in the US, which is captured in a stunning gallery by our very own Seibertron. Which of these figures are we most excited about? Well, you'll just have to listen to find out.]]> Hobbies Wed, 22 Apr 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:00:00 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #114 "Brainmasters"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-114-brainmasters/32636 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-114.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #114: BrainmastersFirst, we take a look at newly arrived MP-24 Star Saber as well as MP-25 Exhaust. The Twincast briefly gives their thoughts on the recently announced MP-18B blue Bluestreak. Next up: Combiner Wars Quickslinger and Breakneck (AKA Slingshot and Wildrider) are coming down the pipes. Botcon 2015 in Chicago is coming up fast, and this is already proving to be an interesting year. We have the first Cybertron's Most Wanted Box Set reveal: Packrat! Better images of the simplified Cyber Series sub-line have been unveiled. Images of Takara Legends LG-13 Megatron have finally arrived, and we discuss the differences between Hasbro and Takara's versions. Next, we move on to the potential expansion of the Transformers Live Action Movies. We even squeeze in a Listener Question this episode. We finish up the Twincast with our latest bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Wed, 08 Apr 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:07:09 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #113 "Signal To Noise"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-113-signal-to-noise-includes-interview-with-james-roberts/32531 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-113.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #113: Signal To NoiseSpoilers Abound! This episode contains spoilers for all of the following: Episodes 1 and 2 of the new Robots in Disguise cartoon, Transformers #39, and More Than Meets The Eye #s 1-39. This is your one and only warning. Then, we have a very special treat for our listeners – an interview with none other than James Roberts of More Than Meets The Eye fame. Next, we return to our traditional comfort zone: upcoming Transformers toys: simplified Cyber Series sub-line that took us all by surprise, Platinum Edition Blitzwing and Astrotrain, and the Coneheads "Seeker Squadron" set. We wrap up with another segment of bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Wed, 25 Mar 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:53:56 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #112 "A New Beat"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-112-a-new-beat/32404 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-112.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #112: A New BeatFirst up we have comic talk. More Than Meets the Eye #38 and The Transformers #38 were released the day of recording. What's our take on Masterpiece Tracks? Is it the same as yours? Did Raoul win the casting call? We had Seibertron and ScottyP's awesome reporting from ToyFair, now find out what the rest of us thought about all the new reveals in New York City, including Devastator, the Protectobots, Ultra Magnus, and more. While you catch up on our thoughts, be sure to catch up on all of k2gx73.cn's awesome photo galleries from Toy Fair 2015. We also discuss the new Leader Megatrons: are they good representations of these characters, or is Armada Megatron gonna have to stab somebody? We remind you to report your sightings! We have sightings threads here, plus there's also a fantastic sightings database on the front page of k2gx73.cn, so be sure to check all that out and help out your fellow local collectors. Plus is the new packaging a nemesis, or a friend?]]> Hobbies Wed, 11 Mar 2015 00:00:00 -0500 no 03:09:28 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #111 "New York Toy Fair 2015"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-111-new-york-toy-fair-2015-includes-interview-with-hasbros-jerry-jivoin/32279 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-111.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #111: New York Toy Fair 2015Live, from New York, it's a Twincast Podcast Saturday Night! Maybe not quite live or on a Saturday, but it's still our recordings from New York City as yours truly, episode host Scotty P sat down with Ryan and RIPT Apparel's Paul to discuss the new toys and goings on from the toy industry's largest annual trade show. With big reveals like Combiner Wars Devastator, Defensor, and Ultra Magnus, there's plenty to talk about this episode. Plus ScottyP squeezes in a 20 minute interview with Hasbro's Jerry Jivoin for your listening pleasure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our annual pilgrimage to the one and only New York Toy Fair. Enjoy!]]> Hobbies Fri, 20 Feb 2015 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:33:54 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #110 "Crazy Devy"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-110-crazy-devy/32123 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-110.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #110: Crazy DevyFirst up, we want to welcome our final auditioner, Samsonator to the show tonight! This episode we discuss Combiner Wars DEVASTATOR, the end of the Club Seekers, Takara reveals of Unite Superion and their new Adventure line, Combiner Wars Rodimus and Skywarp, a possible Combiner Wars Defensor, Masterpiece rumors of Tracks, Road Rage and Ironhide, Hasbro's fan built bot for Combiner Wars, Cloud Roadbuster, IDW's Punishment, another k2gx73.cn gallery milestone, and Bragging Rights!]]> Hobbies Tue, 03 Feb 2015 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:49:23 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #109 "I Can Deal With That"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-109-i-can-deal-with-that/32026 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-109.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #109: I Can Deal With ThatGet ready to command some cities with the Twincast! Join host ScottyP, regulars Counterpunch, Jon3.0, xRotorstormx, Razorclaw0000, Seibertron, and Twincast auditioner Leader Ultra Magnus as they delve into an all toy, all the time episode. This episode covers everything from Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, Combiner Wars Devastator rumors, Generations Arcee and Chromia, Combiner Wars Wave 1, the theme for BotCon 2015, inexcusable flaws with Transformers toys, Ask The Twincast, and Bragging Rights. Enjoy!]]> Hobbies Tue, 20 Jan 2015 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:59:35 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #108 "2014, We'll Meet Again"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-108-2014-well-meet-again/31951 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-108.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #108: 2014, We'll Meet AgainThe Twincast Crew wraps up 2014 in style! This episode covers upcoming Platinum Edition Insecticons, the recently released Robots In Disguise toyline, Masterpiece Bumblebee, and our year-end coverage of 2014!]]> Hobbies Fri, 02 Jan 2015 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:28:25 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #107 "A Knight at the Theatre"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-107-a-knight-at-the-theatre/31890 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-107.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #107: A Knight at the TheatreWe have some very special guests joining us for tonights twincast podcast, please welcome the guys from Audio Knights Theater! We sit down with Dave, Peter and Andrew to discuss everything from their influences to their inspirations for the show and characters.]]> Hobbies Fri, 19 Dec 2014 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:12:00 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #106 "McCarthyism"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-106-mccarthyism/31751 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-106.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #106: McCarthyismFresh and energized before an inevitable turkey-coma, the Twincast / Podcast is back to present our latest episode. Join host Scotty P as he sits down with the mysterious Punch, as well as our second potential new friend, SW's Silverhammer. Discussions this episode range from Masterpiece Exhaust, Armor Knight Optimus Prime, Combiner Wars, Past Treasures, IDW's Transformers comics, Jagex, 3rd party products and more! Enjoy!]]> Hobbies Fri, 05 Dec 2014 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:47:58 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #105 "Megatronus"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-105-megatronus/31691 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-105.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #105: MegatronusWelcome to the latest edition of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast! This episode features your host for the evening, Counterpunch, along with ScottyP, Seibertron, Razorclaw0000, and special guest and prospective cast member Megatronus! This episode catches us on the latest events in the IDW universe and has a look at the vast number of toys releasing on both sides of the world in the next few months. Check it out by clicking here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 24 Nov 2014 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:09:56 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #104 "Wrath of Con"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-104-the-wrath-of-con/31612 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-104.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #104: Wrath of ConWelcome to the latest edition of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast! This episode features your host for the evening, ScottyP, along with Jon 3.0, Seibertron, and Rotorstorm. Tonight we look back on the fun that was TFCon Chicago along with another masterpiece reveal, some long awaited decals, the next star of the James Bond series and the latest announcement from the Botcon crew!]]> Hobbies Mon, 03 Nov 2014 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:25:53 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #103 "Road Trip"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-103-road-trip/31552 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-103.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #103: Road TripWelcome to the latest edition of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast! This episode features your host for the evening, ScottyP, along with Seibertron, Rotorstorm and special guest, Shadowbeast. Tonight we discuss those newly annouced Year of The Goat platinum figures, fun times a New York Comic Con, road trippin' to TFCon, Angry Birds, the drool worth Legacy book and the ever elusive G2 Combat Heroes Optimus Prime and Megatron. Check it out here!]]> Hobbies Mon, 20 Oct 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:31:40 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #102 "Hidden Mickeys"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-102-hidden-mickeys/31486 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-102.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #102: Hidden MickeysWelcome to the latest edition of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast! This episode features your host for the evening, ScottyP, along with Jon 3.0 and Rotorstorm. Tonight we'll be discussing one glorious Masterpiece figure, the final countdown for the HUB, Hasbro taking over the world, and our hero finally getting a well deserved award.]]> Hobbies Mon, 06 Oct 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:52:02 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #101 "Talkin' 'Bout My Generations"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-101-talkin-bout-my-generations/31364 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-101.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #101: Talkin' 'Bout My GenerationsWelcome to the Twincast Podcast Episode 101. Last episode was a celebration, but this episode it's back to business as usual. ScottyP hosts with Seibertron and Tigertrack jaw-jackin' on a Saturday afternoon about the most recent Transformers GENERATIONS toys and NEW comics releases, as well as recent club happenings. We find time to answer a listener question, and we’ll actually take time to discuss the other listener question within the thread for this episode (which you can participate in!). Check out the podcast here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 22 Sep 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:47:05 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #100 "#100 In a Four-Episode Limited Series"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-100-100-in-a-fourepisode-limited-series/31240 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-100.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #100: #100 In a Four-Episode Limited SeriesWe made it. After four years and 99 episodes, we've finally arrived at episode #100. We're thrilled to bring you this very special edition of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast. Join your host Counterpunch as he brings along special pals John Barber from IDW Publishing, freelance author Jim Sorenson, and our comics editor Va'al for unique segments you're sure to want to catch. Although, first you'll have to listen to your regular cast Jon 3.0, Razorclaw0000, yours truly Scotty P, and Seibertron, who pops in for a few as well. Check out this landmark episode by clicking here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 08 Sep 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:53:51 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #99 "Penultimate"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-99-penultimate/31201 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-099.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #99: PenultimateWelcome to the latest edition of the k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast! This episode features your host for the evening, ScottyP, along with Jon 3.0, Rotorstorm and Tigertrack. Tonight we discuss those bizarre cloud figures, some neat TFCC goodies, a really drool worthy Masterpiece figure and how times are changing in the collecting world. Check it out here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 25 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:43:51 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #98 "Combiner Wars"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-98-combiner-wars/31086 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-098.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #98: Combiner WarsThis episode we start off discussing the highly anticipated theme for the 2015 Generations line ... Combiner Wars! Has Hasbro finally answered our prayers for combiners or is something else motivating them? We then follow up with some in depth discussion about the Stunticons. Up next we will discuss our thoughts on the new Generations Sky-Byte and Roadbuster. Tankor and Rattrap are finally starting to appear at retail. The SDCC exclusives have finally hit the Hasbro Toy Shop! Up next, we discussed the TFCC and their 2 big figure reveals. The 2015 membership freebie figure, Lio Convoy, and the club exclusive figure, Nova Prime. We then talk about the new images of Masterpiece Star Saber that surfaced but...how well will this MP figure do? Is Star Saber popular enough? Tune in to hear our answers. Up next, we have our favorite segment...Listener questions are next followed with some bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Fri, 15 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:27:50 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #97 "The B-Side EP"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-97-the-bside-ep/31004 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-097.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #97: The B-Side EPIt's time for your Pre-SDCC edition of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast. Join Host Scotty P, Seibertron, and our guest for the evening, pop-up wizard Matthew Reinhart, as we take a look at everything Transformers - from the rare and unreleased B-side EP of Generation 2 to SDCC exclusives to comics and more!]]> Hobbies Wed, 06 Aug 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:42:56 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #96 "Age of Extinction"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-96-age-of-extinction/30765 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-096.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #96: Age of ExtinctionIt is the moment we have all been waiting for...Age of Extinction has finally hit theaters and IMAX 3D. Many of us saw the film the night before opening day (Thank goodness for 9 PM showings!) so without further adieu we give you the Twincast's AoE review.]]> Hobbies Mon, 07 Jul 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:32:47 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #95 "BotCon 2014"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-95-botcon-2014/30764 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-095.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #95: BotCon 2014Not live from Pasadena, CA, it's the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast Botcon 2014 edition! Part one of your early-July Twincast Doubleheader features on site analysis recorded on Botcon Saturday in Pasadena from Seibertron himself, Scotty P, Rotorstorm, and special guest Mkall, as they give their earliest opinions on the latest and greatest news in the Transformers world.]]> Hobbies Mon, 23 Jun 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:10:22 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #94 "Monsters of Rock"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-94-monsters-of-rock/30475 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-094.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #94: Monsters of RockOne of this years SDCC exclusives has been revealed and boy does it ROCK! Hear what the cast thinks of this set and who actually wants to own one. We've finally gotten the TFCC membership exclusive Rampage figure in hand we were certainly impressed, but there was one thing we weren't thrilled about ... and some of us even broke down and bought Rampage's partner in crime, Trans-mutate. The first subscription service figure, Barricade and Frenzy, is finally in hand for the cast so you'll have to tune in to hear our thoughts! With about a week to go, the cast breaks down some Botcon 2014 rumors and what we hope to see next week. The second release of Masterpiece Grimlock has been spotted at retail recently. While some of us were lucky enough to get our paws on the first run, there are some differences that may have us reaching into our wallets again for this beauty. New images of Masterpiece Sunstorm hit and, well, he sure is bright and sunny? Up next the cast discusses the continuing AOE onslaught of new figures! Included in this bombardment is Deluxe Strafe. Another new figure released is the Optimus Prime Evolution 2 pack which ends up intriguing the entire cast. More TV spots for AOE! Even though a lot of us are disappointed that there will be no Hall of Fame dinner event this year, there has been voting going on for the new inductees for the Hall of Fame. Tune in to hear what goes in to the voting process and who we think should be added. We close out the night with some confessions, errr I mean some bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 09 Jun 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:09:52 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #93 "Rear Ended"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-93-rear-ended/30345 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-093.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #93: Rear EndedAge of Extinction toys finally hit the shelves and were gobbled up by hungry fans. First up we discuss some of our in-hand thoughts on the new Constructbots Dino Riders. We even show some love to the new Power Attacker figures. Next we tackle the Deluxe Class figures followed up by the new Optimus Prime and Grimlock Voyager Class / Leader Class figures. We take a break from toy talk to answer one of your listener questions! Up next we'll discuss the new images of the new crazy colored MP-10 cross overs, EVA Masterpiece Prime and BAPE Masterpiece prime. Million Publishing teased us with an image of 10 "upcoming" figures only to find out, its a poll for their next figure (BUMMER!). The Kreo Character Encyclopedia as finally shipping and ScottyP was lucky enough to have it in hand to discuss his thoughts. We then dive into another one of your listener questions to answer something I think we've all asked ourselves...what's up with store distributions? More movie trailers and TV spots are being released and we all agree that they are doing an excellent job building up the excitement for AOE. We close out the night with some bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 26 May 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:01:13 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #92 "Extinction Season"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-92-extinction-season/30167 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-092.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #92: Extinction SeasonBotcon registration has gone live, Age of Extinction toys hit the internet and will start (officially) hitting shelves later this week, but they've already hit the world famous Seibertron galleries! We talk about the Leader Class and Deluxe Class toys right off the bat. We then turn our attention to the store exclusives for AOE. Even the Construct-bots toys get some time in our spotlight of words. After a brief interlude about the last waves of Beast Hunters, we consider another group of delayed toys in the most recent Generations waves. We circle back around to Botcon and consider their final reveal, Fire Guts Ginrai. This discussion is so exciting it causes dead air, technical difficulties, and a flash flood warning. Tune in as we help justify the choices made for this toy - or not. We wrap up toy talk with a look at Masterpiece 22 Ultra Magnus. Free comic book day GI Joe/Transformers crossover book, More Than Meets The Eye 28 and Robots in Disguise 28 conclude our topic discussions. We take a listener question, and then wrap up with some bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Mon, 12 May 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:27:14 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #91 "History Lesson"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-91-history-lesson/29993 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-091.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #91: History LessonWe decided to change it up this week and start off with your listener questions! We received two questions that brought us down memory lane and even made us put our thinking caps on! The Windblade comic has finally came out and the response from the fans seem pretty good... but what does the cast think? Next up we dive into the latest Age of Extinction galleries that have been posted to Seibertron! We also have some awesome news that just came from the Takara camp ... a G1 deco Slug! Does this mean more G1 deco dinobots are in the works? New images of Takara's "Movie Advanced" line have surfaced and we discuss our thoughts on this new figure line. Closing out our toy talk...we saved the best for last... it's TANKOR! Photos were taken at JoeCon 2014 that showed us some of the new head sculps for this year's club toys. We are pretty excited for one of these guys, but you'll have to tune in to hear what we thought of the rest! Now, is anyone surprised that subscription figures have been delayed until late May? We close out talking about some bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Mon, 21 Apr 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:53:36 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #90 "Dark Scorponok"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-90-dark-scorponok/29915 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-090.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #90: Dark ScorponokBotcon 2014 inches closer and we have a pair of exciting reveals to discuss. We share our thoughts on Scorponok and Devcon. Our focus then shifts over to the latest Transformers comics as we discuss Dark Cybertron and Windblade. After that it's time again for more toys, namely Masterpiece Soundblaster and Ratbat set, Wheeljack and the shadow of Ultra Magnus. Our toy talk wraps up with a brief discussion of upcoming Age of Extinction toys, which are hitting shelves even now in some parts of the world! We wrap up this episode with a few listener questions and some new bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Mon, 07 Apr 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:14:07 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #89 "Degeneration One"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-89-degeneration-one/29822 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-089.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #89: Degeneration OneThe original run of Transformers comics comes to its end as Regeneration One #100 hit newsstands and comic shops last week. Listen in as yours truly completely fails to succinctly summarize this seized up slop of a story, as we lament missed opportunity and tell you how much we really, really didn't like this arc. Previews are out of the upcoming Windblade Mini-Series and we speculate on the art and story of the book. Plus, our staff on the other side of the ocean has been busy working hard, so be sure to check out Va'als interview with Windblade artist Sarah Stone while you listen for more insight into the creation of this upcoming book! After the comic talk, we transition into toys by speculating if the presence of Galvatron in June's solicits portends a new toy in the works. We talk about the super high-end Action Master Movie Prime and Ultimetal Megatron. More information is available on Masterpiece 21 Bumblebee during this episode, so reaction and speculation ahoy! We then turn to Botcon for their latest reveal of Ferak. We also discuss the goings on with this year's convention, craziness with Joecon and potential ripple effects with Botcon, competition on the convention circuit, and lament the total lack of buzz in the community for this upcoming show. Listener questions come next, where we actually say some stuff about third parties. We then wrap up with some Bragging Rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 24 Mar 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:05:31 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #88 "Marky Mark and the Transformers Bunch"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-88-marky-mark-and-the-transformers-bunch/29640 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-088.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #88: Marky Mark and the Transformers BunchThis episode features your host and idol of millions, Counterpunch, along with Rotorstorm, Scotty P, Seibertron, and even a little bit of Jon 3.0. The full blown Age of Extinction teaser trailer has hit the airwaves. While we break it down, follow along with the excellent gallery of still images right here on k2gx73.cn. Livio Ramondelli stopped by the Twincast as well! We ask the questions everyone always wanted to ask, and have a ton of fun along the way. Just in time to not be relevant, we discuss the Masterpiece Bumblebee silhouette and ponder what the final product might look like. We give our thoughts on G2 Lambor/Sideswipe and finish up with YOTH Optimus Prime. Cloud Brawn and Starscream have arrived to confuse our shelves once again. Hope you're ready for a whole bunch of Dinobots this summer, as we get to see one of the first exclusive releases for the Age of Extinction toyline in the Grimlock Evolution 2-Pack. Your listener questions come next and then we wrap up with some Bragging Rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 10 Mar 2014 00:00:00 -0500 no 03:05:27 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #87 "Toy Fair 2014"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-87-toy-fair-2014/29512 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-087.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #87: Toy Fair 2014It is the year 2014 and the heroic Seibertron and El Duque have come to retake New York City. The reason, why it’s TOY FAIR of course! The one event that makes our wallets cry as each new figure is revealed. First up, we discuss the next wave of Generations figures. Hasbro unveiled some awesome figures so tune in to hear which ones we pick as our favorites! Up next we discuss the Age of Extinction Robots in Disguise line. We have finally gotten a glimpse of the new Age of Extinction movie Generation figures including a classic flat nosed Optimus Prime and a purple triceratops! Hasbro also unveiled the next wave of Kre-o toys. Next, we discuss our thoughts on the vinyl figures from Loyal Subjects. Closing out the toys, we discuss the new fascination with super kid friendly figures like Hero Mashers, Construct-bots, Potato Heads and Battle Masters. Will the cast be buying these for the tater tots in our family? We close out this episode with another "Ask the Twincast" and some bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 24 Feb 2014 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:03:13 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #86 "Extinct Mega Drive Cannonballs"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-86-extinct-mega-drive-cannonballs/29402 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-086.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #86: Extinct Mega Drive CannonballsThe first trailer for Age of Extinction has been seen. We break it down piece by piece, follow along with the excellent gallery of still images right here on k2gx73.cn. Our attention then shifts to the newly released Age of Extinction First Edition Optimus Prime toy. Generations gets some love in this episode too, especially with the latest leaked pictures of Generations Leader Jetfire spreading like wildfire through the internet. The first Botcon toy has been revealed, Deluxe Class Cannonball using the Prime RiD Ratchet mold. Takara brings us our next adventure in weirdness topic with their upcoming Megadrive Megatron. We finish up our toy talk with thoughts about the latest k2gx73.cn Transformer Galleries, Razorclaw gives his thoughts on the newest Generations toys, and we all speculate on what might be in store for Toy Fair next week. We follow that up with a couple of listener questions and wrap up with some Bragging Rights ... who overpaid for what on ebay this week? Tune in to find out.]]> Hobbies Wed, 12 Feb 2014 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:08:44 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #85 "Pirates vs Twincast"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-85-pirates-vs-twincast/29352 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-085.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #85: Pirates vs TwincastSnow storms! Listener Questions! Age of Extinction news! Hero Mashers line! Lockdown! Bumblebee! BotCon 2014 Theme: Pirates vs... Knights?! Generations Deluxes! Voyager Whirl! Simplified Beast Hunters Voyagers! Bragging Rights! Check it all out by clicking here.]]> Hobbies Tue, 04 Feb 2014 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:25:18 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #84 "Covenant"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-84-covenant/29325 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-084.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #84: CovenantWelcome to the latest edition of the k2gx73.cn Twincast! This episode features the triumphant return of The People's Host, Counterpunch, along with regular crew Seibertron and Scotty P, plus our guest for the evening Sabrblade. Here are the awesome fun time topics that the cast discusses in this episode: The Covenant of Primus, Age of Extinction toys, Drift, Kid's Logic Optimus Prime, Masterpiece Wheeljack, simplified Beast Hunters Predaking, Botcon's Pirates theme, TF Con USA in Chicago, Listener Question, and Bragging Rights!]]> Hobbies Tue, 07 Jan 2014 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:13:48 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #83 "2013 Wrap-Up"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-83-2013-wrapup/29060 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-083.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #83: 2013 Wrap-UpThis episode we discuss the first wave of the 2014 IDW Generation deluxe figures have been appearing in more stores lately! This wave includes Waspinator, Skids, Goldfire and Dreadwing. After that we discuss Rhinox and Doubledealer, Generations Wave 3 figures including Rattrap, Crosscut and Tankor, Robots in Disguise #24, Regeneration #97, Transformers: Legends MMO, 2013 Wrap-Up coverage from our favorite figures to our favorite comics and more. We end the episode with some listener questions and some bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Tue, 24 Dec 2013 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:13:16 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #82 "Horsin' Around"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-82-horsin-around/29059 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-082.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #82: Horsin' AroundThis episode we discuss some of the upcoming toys that leaked from 2014's TF4 movie toy line, then we discuss Platimum Edition Year of the Horse Starscream and Masterpiece Optimus Prime, Masterpiece Star Saber's announcement, Calvin Johnson Megatron, Transformers Cloud Optimus Prime and Megatron, Dark Cybertron, Regeneration One, Transformers 4 plot details, listener questions, and braggin' rights!]]> Hobbies Tue, 10 Dec 2013 00:00:00 -0600 no 00:46:08 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #81 "Fixit"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-81-fixit/28861 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-081.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #81: FixitDark Cybertron is upon us! Special topic: cleaning and repairing Transformers! New Hasbro Product Listings! Generations Waspinator and Skids! Simplified Deluxes! Ultra Mammoth and Black Big Convoy! TF4AOE Optimus Prime riding Grimlock! Listener question! Bragging rights! All this and more ... check out our latest podcast by clicking here.]]> Hobbies Tue, 26 Nov 2013 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:13:04 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #79 "Streakin'"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-79-streakin/28771 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-079.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #79: Streakin'This episode's topics include: Masterpiece Bluestreak, Generations Magnificus, new Arms Micron exclusives from TakaraTomy, Go! Optimus Prime Triplechanger, a Fragment hobby discussion, Regeneration #95, More Than Meets The Eye #22, Dark Cybertron #1, the return of Listener Questions, 3rd party toys and more!]]> Hobbies Tue, 12 Nov 2013 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:21:35 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #80 "The Ultimate Pop-Up Podcast"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-80-the-ultimate-popup-podcast/28685 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-080.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #80: The Ultimate Pop-Up PodcastJoin the Twincast B-Team as they pop-up into Episode #80! Yes, you read that right. #80! You might be asking yourself ... what happened to #79? Well, make sure you check back later this week for the debut of #79 which was pushed back so that we could time this episode with today's release of the Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe book. This out-of-sequence episode is hosted by k2gx73.cn site owner Ryan Yzquierdo who is joined by Matthew Reinhart, Emiliano Santalucia, and Ben Kubasak. Pop-up paper engineer extraordinaire Matthew is the author and architect behind the Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe, Emiliano's beautiful artwork graces the pages of Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe, and Ben is one of Ryan's best friends, a fellow programmer, and a collector of Masters of the Universe, Transformers, Star Wars and Disney. In this episode, we discuss a huge array of topics from Transformers, Masters of the Universe, My Little Pony, Star Wars and more! Here's a run down of our discussion ... Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-up Universe (in-stores Tuesday October 29th, 2013), Hasbro's Transformers bible, Mattel's Masters of the Universe brand, Rhinox and Waspinator, Transformers Animated, Peter Cullen, Hasbro's problems with the G.I. Joe brand, Age of Extinction, Hasbro's My Little Pony brand, and we even get some bragging rights in!]]> Hobbies Tue, 29 Oct 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:58:46 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #78 "Dramatis Personae"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-78-dramatis-personae/28596 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-078.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #78: Dramatis PersonaeWelcome back to the one and only k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast! Join our cast this week as they discuss our first look at Optimus Prime from Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, Masterpiece Prowl, rerelease of Masterpiece Starscream, Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, Vince Dicola, IDW's Dark Cybertron event, Robots In Disguise #21, Rise of the Predacons, and Orson Welles. This week's round table discussion centers around having a "Small Cast" versus "Selling Toys" versus "Gimmicks". And finally, Seibertron pops in from a Japanese karaoke bar in New York City. Find out what everyone's got to say by listening to the latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast!]]> Hobbies Tue, 15 Oct 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:57:43 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #77 "Drop The Mic"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-77-drop-the-mic/28487 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-077.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #77: Drop The MicHow do you ‘drop the mic’? In this episode of the Twincast, you’ll find out at least two ways that MC Razorclaw0000 and his crew of rhymin’ ROTORSTORM, jammin’ JON3.0, stylin’ SCOTTYP, slammin’ SEIBERTRON, and tenacious TIGERTRACK figured out how to do just that. After the introductions, we quickly get into a passionate discussion about comics, specifically IDW’s TRANSFORMERS MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE #21, sharing our thoughts on the conclusion of this arc, and its many surprises. Much love and respect to the creators. Comic talk continues with slightly less vigor as this 2LiveCrew reacts to TRANSFORMERS REGENERATION ISSUE #0. In a surprise move, HASBRO reveals plans for the near future in a toy magazine insert and of course, we all react! Dinobots are on our mind again, TF4, and will Beast Hunters ever end? What’s this new cartoon event about? Club Subscription Service 1.0 Breakdown shows up, and we offer up praises to the club, and check out the new SEIBERTRON gallery. Then we kick about the subscription service 2.0 which has gone live with a cool sweet early-TF toy catalog advert image, and just how cool is this set shaping up to be? HASBRO’s new channel for showing how to transform TRANSFORMERS toys has gone live and we’re liking it, but not lovin’ it. Do video reviewers like our friend JON 3.0 have to worry? In totally unrelated news, JON3.0 shares information about his contest to win Beast Hunters toys by just watching his videos! Pretty dope, yo. *If you haven’t guessed, we went into extra innings with this episode...and I’m running out of creative gas as the list of topics continues...there are only so many ways to say ‘discuss’.* We take a virtual tour of the CHINA EXPO TRANSFORMERS DISPLAY, and slip on the collective pools of awe-induced slobber. You could say it was pretty impressive. Did you know there was a Costco Exclusive Cyber Metal Armor DOTM Shockwave that had some really cool details like clear tubing and other goodies? Apparently, neither did SCOTTYP. It’s the return of the during show counterpunch purchase...(x2) and related COSTCO and SAM’s CLUB EXCLUSIVES like COSTCO GENERATIONS METROPLEX banter and braggadocio. You’d think all that would be enough to entertain you for one show, wouldn’t you? Oh no my friends, we’ve got quite a few more subjects to cover including Generations Deluxe Wave 3 Comic Packs images, Generations voyagers Rhinox and Doubledealer, and Beast Hunters Weaponizer Wave 2 (listen carefully and hear Bumblebee talk!). Wait, there’s more! SEIBERTRON shares what might have been as he debates the LINKIN PARK version of G1 SOUNDWAVE’s PROs and CONs and just how far it fell from its initial introduction. And finally, the surprising return of KREO as wave 4 Microchangers are revealed and there is much rejoicing--and we talk about customizing your own little bots too. We throw in some talk about the GO! TRANSFORMERS NINJA TEAM as well... and what the shizzle are these, and where do they fit in your collection? Oh and GUREN DRAGONTRON too. And then there are bragging rights... and it... gets... real.... (Spoiler Alert....Rotorstorm wins!) Man we hope you enjoyed that episode that goes longer than just about any theatrically released film known to date.]]> Hobbies Tue, 01 Oct 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:50:36 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #76 "Spoilsport"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-76-spoilsport/28376 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-076.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #76: SpoilsportEpisode #76 educates your brain on the following topics: Getting to know Rotorstorm, We got our Circuits closed, just in time to open up discussion on this latest club subscription figure, the cast raves about the inclusion of Microns in Transformers Subscription Service 2.0, except for Jon 3.0, who takes the time to instead crush our hopes and dreams of a never ending road into Micron glory, we take some time to discuss the other recent reveals from the Club: Fisitron, Rewind, and the idea of Eject, Seibertron recently sat down with the Club and interviewed them. Also: are we Pasadena bound next Summer, we Thrustinate deep into this topic - the final reveal from FSS 2.0, another venture in to the wild world of Michael Bay is upon us. Dinobots, Titles, and villains galore! Spoilers within! Everyone drools over the upcoming Masterpiece Transformers. Or is one of them drooling at us? Metroplex and other Takara Generations toys are upon us. Who in the cast will take up the challenge of collecting them all? We stumble in to picking a winner of our Photo Contest, and Scotty comes up with the worst idea ever on how to do it. Thankfully, this idea is ignored. Congratulations to our winner, Jackstraw! Jelly pants are had all around as an epic amount of bragging rights are unleashed. Will Scotty cry? What has Mike gotten into lately? And has Jon 3.0 got cool news to share? We then wrap up the show as awkwardly as we can.]]> Hobbies Tue, 17 Sep 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:32:30 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #75 "Lady Robots"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-75-lady-robots/28221 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-075.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #75: Lady RobotsThe k2gx73.cn Twincast is back with another episode, featuring host Counterpunch along with regular crew Razorclaw, Seibertron, ScottyP, and Jon3.0. This episode, we discuss Transformers Subscription Service 2.0 Barricade, Chromedome, proliferation of IDW and Hasbro design sharing, Henkei Specialist Three Packs, Kabaya Gum Plus Gaia Scramble, Transformers Go! Goradora, Victory on Blu-Ray, k2gx73.cn 3,000th Gallery, "Gender in Transformers", More Than Meets The Eye Comic Discussion, Robots in Disguise Comic Discussion, Regeneration one Comic Discussion and Bragging Rights.]]> Hobbies Tue, 27 Aug 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:27:22 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #74 "Charticon"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-74-charticon-2013/28165 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-074.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #74: CharticonThis episode of the Twincast has a couple of different pieces. The previously mentioned introduction by Counterpunch, Scotty P, Jon 3.0, and Tigertrack as we discuss small conventions, and Charticon specifically and some appropriate new news items like Generations Hoist and Thundercracker (and the other recently released Generations toys as well--check out the galleries!), the new Bot Shots reveals (cool new Soundwave!), and always relevant and reliable for a great discussion, the TRANSFORMERS COLLECTOR's CLUB and their sharing of the first full figure digital mock up of FSS 2.0 TREADSHOT and a secret scout-sized 7th character toy! Also in this short first segment, these 4 guys (missing a guy and fries) also discuss KRE-O, retail release of Platinum Edition toys, and even touch on the comics a little as we discuss the recent 'Dark Cybertron' covers and what has interested us lately in comics. Then, Part 2 of the podcast is a live recording from Charticon in North Carolina with podcasters Mike, Bob, and Scotty, and some other friends who joined them in discussions and fun. Don't forget! The podcast is running a photo contest. We currently have two entries for this contest, so the rest of you need to pick up the slack, and show us your creativity, or you are just conceding that the two entries we have are THE MOST CREATIVE POSSIBLE... See you around next time faithful listener, and thank you for listening to the podcast. By the way, check out the image of Seibertron board member JRGReer74 and his awesome prize from CHARTICON! Congrats JRGreer74, many jealous board members salute you!]]> Hobbies Tue, 20 Aug 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:57:19 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #73 "Beast Hunting"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-73-beast-hunting/28096 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-073.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #73: Beast HuntingIn this episode, Ryan and Mike go in to collector nirvana describing what it's like owning the super-awesome collectible that so many now have their hands on ... Metroplex. Twincast / Podcast Episode #73 "Beast Hunting" A little ol' convention called WONDERFEST happened, and there was some big yellow plasticy Scorponok thing shown on display next to G1 Fortress Maximus. The crew speculate, and wonder what does it actually mean? And then we talk dolls... like CM Corps new addition in Spike and Daniel Exosuits. Then there's the hunting. Beast Hunters 'Rise of the Predacons' Exclusives, Target resets, Generations comic packs, and more seemed to magically appear all at the same time. Is Target the most consistent retailer for releasing similar toys at similar times in so many stores? Not only are Beast Hunters toys making news, but the Beast Hunters cartoon showed its final episode, and we share a few thoughts on its finality, Bumblebee speaking, and what comes next for Transformers cartoons. Believe it or not, the Twincast also had a few moments to talk about the SDCC TF/GI JOE Exclusive Set and how separate entities are having trouble playing nice when it comes to a certain white jet with black and red details, and super-cool fast pack jet engines. And finally... Do you like free stuff? If so you may want to tune in as the crew of the podcast announces a bit of a contest. Details are in the show, and will be expounded on in this podcast thread. We're looking forward to your creativity. The winner will receive a new Generations deluxe class Transformers toy. Only U.S. residents and non-k2gx73.cn staff members are eligible to win. Thanks for tuning in! If you get a chance, please leave us some feedback about this episode. We really like to hear from our listeners!]]> Hobbies Tue, 06 Aug 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:22:29 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #72 "BotCon 2013 Seibersocial"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-72-botcon-2013-seibersocial/28019 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-072.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #72: BotCon 2013 SeibersocialSaturday night at BotCon unfolded like many previous BotCon Saturday nights. After the traditional dinner reception, many BotCon attendees partook in a fun Casino night accompanied by drinks and other entertainment. Many of us headed to Town & Country's Charlie's bar afterwards. Once the bar closed down, we thought it'd be fun to do an impromptu k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast recording because, you know, that's always a good idea after a night of drinking and tomfoolery. Many regular Seibertronian BotCon attendees were present ... some of the roster includes Joevill, El Duque, ScottyP, his girlfriend Candace, Rated X, Flux Convoy, Claire, Prime Evil, Mr and Mrs Delicon, and many others. If you were there, please feel free to join our conversation to share your thoughts about the first ever official SEIBERSOCIAL! A word of caution about this episode ... it's a pretty raw episode. It was recorded around midnight on a Saturday night at BotCon after the bar closed. We were all having a really good time. During the episode, there are some ramblings, repeated questions, etc. And we all continued on with having fun while we were recording. It's a light hearted episode that some of you will find very entertaining while some of you will find it very annoying. It's just a carefree episode with a group of Seibertronians recording a moment in time at BotCon 2013. You've been officially warned!]]> Hobbies Sat, 27 Jul 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:51:32 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #71 "SDCC 2013 Preview"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-71-sdcc-2013-preview/28015 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-071.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #71: SDCC 2013 Preview"It's Summertime in northern Michigan..." and everywhere else, even though Kid Rock only cared about the latter, Ryan and Matt discuss vacations, trolls, and yoopers, and then the group gets SERIOUS! Join master of ceremonies Mike (Counterpunch), and the likes of Ryan (Seibertron), Matt (tigertracks 24), and guest-orator Scotty P (Scotty P)! Beat the summer heat and listen to these chaps talk Transformers as the Eve of Sand Diego Comic-Con is upon us. This iteration of the Twincast talks about the Transformers exclusive toys that are to be available to purchase at SDCC and hopefully, on HASBRO TOY SHOP early next week. We focus mainly on the insanely shiny and gigantic Metroplex; but also talk about 'the pales in comparison, but still nice Shockwave's Lab'; and the "not even Action Masters" vinyl figures set. In case you missed it, Ryan also posted galleries here on Seibertron of all 3 exclusives, including quite a few comparison Metroplex pics between the SDCC Exclusive and the retail HASBRO release. The debate is on as to what version of versions YOU MUST OWN (or not, no pressure)! You can also hear our thoughts on the Takara Tomy SENATOR RATBAT Generations toy, Toys R Us' Masterpiece Pre-order eBay Auction Oopsies, the newest toys like TT vs. HASBRO Hoist, TT vs. HASBRO Blitzwing and Springer, the new Construct-a-bots Blitzwing in-hand review by Scotty P, and much, much, more! Note from Ryan: This episode was recorded on July 12th, almost a week before SDCC. The craziness and 16+ hour days of Comic-Con prevented this episode from being posted last week and earlier this week. Without further ado, here's Episode #71: "SDCC 2013 Preview" ...]]> Hobbies Fri, 19 Jul 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:30:15 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #70 "BotCon 2013"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-70-botcon-2013/27785 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-070.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #70: BotCon 2013The k2gx73.cn Twincast is on the streets of San Diego, giving you our thoughts on BotCon 2013! Join host Counterpunch along with regular crew Razorclaw, Seibertron, El Duque, tigertracks 24, and newcomer rpetras for discussions about the show and much more. Episode #70 includes the following BotCon 2013 topics: First-hand report from the show floor with Seibertron and El Duque, discussion about the location, lines, dealer room, and general show mechanics, discussion of all the BotCon 2013 exclusives, Masterpiece Soundwave and Acid Storm, Platinum Edition, the recently announced SDCC Exclusives, Beast Hunters, Generations, Club Exclusives, and Bragging Rights.]]> Hobbies Fri, 05 Jul 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 03:12:48 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #69 "Excellent Adventure"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-69-excellent-adventure/27634 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-069.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #69: Excellent AdventureThis week on the Twincast podcast live from parking lot of the Circle K, we join a dynamic uno and his partner as they discuss recent Transformers related stuff. Air guitars ready? "Excellent!" Let's hope we don't run into any evil robot us's. (cue riff) Listen to host Counterpunch S. Preston Esquire and his sidekick tigertracks24 Theodore Logan as they jam on a WILD STALLION something near-and-dear to ol' tt24's heart, Masterpiece Tigertrack(s), as well as the most recent developments about Transformers 4 vehicles and setting. What results is a bit of love for Lamborghini's and a geography lesson... "Most excellent." (less excited segue guitar riff) Also the awesome pair with the great hair shares thoughts about other toy news like the SDCC Exclusive GI JOE Transformers Crossover Set ("Whoa..."), the Beast Hunters exclusives ("Heinous..."), and Generations Trailcutter ("Station!"). Our trip in the phone booth concludes with some Botcon talk including a final wrap on the exclusive figures set and it's 'totally awesome' box and the guest lineups, which then transitions to some bragadocious bragging rights when the twosome becomes a threesome and ends the jam session as the wily Jon 'RUFUS' 3.0 pops in just in time to say, "Adieu!" "No way!!" Check out this excellent Twincast Podcast Episode by clicking here. 69 dudes!!!! Check out this excellent episode]]> Hobbies Fri, 21 Jun 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:29:47 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #68 "ReChrome"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-68-rechrome/27312 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-068.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #68: ReChromeYou've heard of Bennifer and Branjelina, now the latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast is here to tackle the thorny issue of "ReChrome", the relationship between IDW's Chromedome and Rewind, featured in "More Than Meets The Eye". Episode #68 includes the following discussion topics: Bragging Rights, catching up with Counterpunch and Tigertracks, in hand with Generations Springer and Blitzwingm, Generations Metroplex Official Images (thoughts on size, articulation, and much more), Transformers: Legends (who's playing? How much have we spent? Is it fun and can you play for free?), ReChrome (Transformers Comic Roundtable: What does Chromedome and Rewind's relationship mean to the continuity? Does it matter? Why was it done? Join us for a respectful, candid discussion on the nature of sexuality and relationships in the IDW universe.), and Bragging Rights (part 2)!]]> Hobbies Thu, 16 May 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:01:54 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #67 "Pop Up (Part 2 of 2)"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-67-pop-up-part-2-of-2/27249 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-067.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #67: Pop Up (Part 2 of 2)Episode #67 "Pop Up" Part 2 is a special 2-part episode, which is the conclusion to Episode #66. Episode #67 includes the following discussion topics: More Tranformers Generations Springer and Blitzwing talk, Discussion over new Generations figures replacing existing Third Party toys, Comics Discussion which includes Regeneration, the return of Guido Guidi, Robots In Disguise, and More Than Meets the Eye, Transformers GO! Animation and Toyline and Bragging Rights.]]> Hobbies Tue, 07 May 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:47:09 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #66 "Pop Up (Part 1 of 2)"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-66-pop-up-part-1-of-2/27248 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-066.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #66: Pop Up (Part 1 of 2)Episode #66 "Pop Up (Part 1)" is a special 2-part episode which concludes in Episode #67. Episode #66 includes the following discussion topics: General welcome and catch up, Tranformers Generations Springer and Blitzwing first impressions, Reminiscing on previous anniversaries in Transformers, including the 15th anniversary featuring Robots In Disguise, New Transformers Officially Licensed Merchandise from The Loyal Subjects, Matthew Reinhart's upcoming pop up book Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe, BotCon 2013 Slow Registration and Transformers Collector's Club Figure Subscription Service Delayed. See more of our discussions with Matthew in Episode 67!]]> Hobbies Mon, 06 May 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:47:56 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #65 "Fortress Maximus"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-65-fortress-maximus/27073 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-065.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #65: Fortress Maximusk2gx73.cn is proud to present the latest episode of the Twincast. Join auxiliary host Razorclaw, Seibertron, jON3.0, and special guest joevill for discussions about the latest Transformers talking points. Episode #65 includes the following discussion topics: Transformers 4 coming to Chicago and Detroit, E-Hobby Magnificus, Transformers GO!, Masterpiece accessories used as retail exclusives, Encore Fortress Maximus, Generations Hoist, BotCon Machine Wars Obsidian color scheme changed, Beast Hunters cartoon discussion, the latest site news including design changes and the return of the galleries, plus our latest Bragging Rights!]]> Hobbies Sun, 14 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:56:17 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #64 "Retaliation"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-64-retaliation/26897 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-064.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #64: RetaliationThis episode's topics include: G.I. Joe Retaliation discussion with our friends on the "What's on Joe Mind?" podcast, BotCon 2013 Registration, Beast Hunters Deluxe Wave 2, More Masterpiece News and Pictures from Takara, Transformers Collector's Club/E-Hobby Shattered Glass Soundwave vs Blaster: Solar Requiem, Listener Q & A from "Ask The Twincast", and Bragging Rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 18 Mar 2013 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:58:26 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #63 "Beast Machine Wars"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-63-beast-machine-wars/26816 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-063.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #63: Beast Machine WarsWe're proud to present the latest episode of the Twincast, blasting at you with all dirt on the BotCon 2013 news and much more! Join us for a round table discussion on the set preview and details of the upcoming convention! Topics include: BotCon 2013 Set Preview - our thoughts on each figure and the set as a whole, the price of BotCon - how much is too much? Thanks to the meticulous data maintained by collector G.B. Blackrock, we discuss the rising costs of the set and add-ons, Transformers Collector's Club 2013 Incentive Figure Depth Charge, Arms Micron Ending - our thoughts on Nightmare Unicron, Final Battle Megatron, and Jet Vehicon General, Takara Generations 2013 Wave 3 Discussion, and this episode's discussion topic - With the rising cost of collecting, the Twincast team shares some of their best tips to save money and maximize your purchase power!]]> Hobbies Tue, 05 Mar 2013 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:12:22 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #62 "Toy Fair 2013 Special"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-62-toy-fair-2013-special/26717 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-062.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #62: Toy Fair 2013 Specialk2gx73.cn is proud to present a special episode of the Twincast, giving you a breakdown of all the news overflowing from the Javits Center and New York Toy Fair 2013! Join auxiliary host Razorclaw, along with Jon 3.0, and joevill as we hear details straight from the floor courtesy of Seibertron and El Duque! As always, the episode is available directly and in our RSS Feed and should appear on iTunes in 24 to 48 hours. Topics include: Titan Class Metroplex, Generations 30th Anniversary Deluxes and Voyagers, Masterpiece Soundwave and Acid Storm, Beast Hunters, Platinum Ultra Magnus, Rescue Bots, Kre-O, Construct Bots, and Bot Shots. All of our Toy Fair 2013 coverage is available here.]]> Hobbies Tue, 12 Feb 2013 00:00:00 -0600 no 00:35:31 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #61 "New Soundwave"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-61-new-soundwave/26673 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-061.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #61: New SoundwaveWe're back with the latest k2gx73.cn Twincast episode, where host Counterpunch, along with Razorclaw0000, Jon 3.0, and special guest joevill discuss the massive flood of new release news and products in the last few weeks. As always, the episode is available directly and in our RSS Feed and should appear on iTunes in 24 to 48 hours. Topics include: Beast Hunters Predaking, Optimus Prime (in many sizes!), Beast Hunters Deluxe Wave 2 Smokescreen, Bulkhead, Starscream, and Ripclaw, Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus Prototype, Year of the Snake Omega Supreme, BotCon 2013 Hoist, Transformers Collector's Club Subscription Service Delayed, Fall of Cybertron Springer and Astrotrain, Masterpiece Soundwave, Masterpiece Alert, Masterpiece Prowl, Smokescreen, and Bluestreak, Masterpiece Acid Storm, Masterpiece Tigertracks, and Bragging Rights.]]> Hobbies Wed, 06 Feb 2013 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:40:32 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #60 "Boundaries"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-60-boundaries/26525 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-060.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #60: BoundariesGet ready for the latest k2gx73.cn Twincast episode, where host Counterpunch, along with Razorclaw0000, Tigertracks24, Jon 3.0, and Seibertron bare their hearts and souls in a discussion about buying habits, selling parts of collections, and what it means to be a collector. Topics include: New Beast Hunters figures at retail, new Bot Shots at retail, TCC Shattered Glass Soundwave vs Blaster set, Asian Exclusive Premium Brawl, upcoming Arms Microns, and this episode's round table discussion: "What are your collecting boundaries?" How do you decide what to buy or not buy? What does it mean to be a completionist?]]> Hobbies Wed, 26 Dec 2012 00:00:00 -0600 no 00:57:18 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #59 "Twin Spin"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-59-twin-spin/26409 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-059.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #59: Twin SpinIn a k2gx73.cn Twincast first, host Counterpunch and guest Razorclaw0000 attempt to carry the show solely on their witty personalities. This Podcast's topics include: BotCon 2013 Location - San Diego, CA, BotCon 2013 Set Theme - Machine Wars, Transformers Legends available on mobile devices and a discussion of the artwork. Generations Toy Roundup, Voyager Grimlock, Voyager Blaster, Hands On with Deluxe Wave 3 Ultra Magnus, Sideswipe, Kickback, Air Raid, and Starscream, Takara Generations Skywarp, Prime Skyquake, Prime Capsule Microns Wave 3, and Bragging Rights!]]> Hobbies Wed, 12 Dec 2012 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:22:55 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #58 "Armada"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-58-armada/26318 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-058.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #58: ArmadaThe k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast is proud to present our latest episode, featuring host Counterpunch and fellow podcasters Jon 3.0, Tigertracks 24, and Razorclaw0000, along with special guest Blurrz. Topics include: New Images of Upcoming Masterpiece, Arms Micron, Alternity GT, and Capbots, Thundertron Concept Art, spoiler heavy comic discussion on Rage of the Dinobots #1, More Than Meets The Eye #11, and Robots In Disguise #11 as well as a special Transformers Armada 10th Anniversary Roundtable discussion.]]> Hobbies Wed, 28 Nov 2012 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:46:19 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #57 "Marky Mark"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-57-the-funky-bunch/26186 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-057.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #57: Marky MarkTopics include: Mark Wahlberg for Transformers 4, Hasbro and Disney rumors debunked, Masterpiece Lambor/Sideswipe In-Hand, Transformers Prime Deluxes at Aldi's, United Hardhead and Reflector. Generations Data Discs, Striker Prime Asian Release, Matrix Promotions, Regeneration #85, Transformers Prime Season Finale, and Bragging Rights]]> Hobbies Wed, 14 Nov 2012 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:23:33 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #56 "Grand Maximus"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-56-grand-maximus/26111 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-056.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #56: Grand MaximusThe k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast is proud to present our latest episode, featuring host Counterpunch and fellow podcasters Jon3.0, Tigertracks 24, Razorclaw0000 and special guest Blurrz. Topics include: Alternity Returns, k2gx73.cn's EPIC Grand Maximus Gallery, Generations GDO Voyagers in the US, GDO Leaders in Store Computers, Asian Exclusive Seeker Ace and Seeker Elite 3 Packs, Arms Micron Orion Pax, Thundercracker, Silas Breakdown, Nemesis Prime, and Smokescreen, Takara Generations and Masterpiece figures, Transformers Prime cartoon roundup + Comic Book roundup, and Jon3.0 discusses his visit to Slag-A-Con.]]> Hobbies Mon, 29 Oct 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:12:27 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #55 "NYCC 2012"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-55-nycc-2012/26021 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-055.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #55: NYCC 2012After a brief hiatus, the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast is back and ready to bring you our unvarnished thoughts on NYCC 2012. Join host Counterpunch along with Razorclaw and Tigertracks as they discuss the NYCC 2012 Reveals (Beast Hunters, Generations Platinum Line, Kre-O), Encore Fortress Maximus, Hasbro Masterpiece Prime, Masterpiece Cassettes, future TRU Masterpiece exclusives, New Prime and Arms Micron figures, and Ryan interviews Jordan Hembrough from Travel Channel's Toy Hunter.]]> Hobbies Mon, 15 Oct 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:09:31 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #54 "RIPT"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-54-ript/25796 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-054.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #54: RIPTThis week, join Seibertron, Tigertracks, jON3.0, Razorclaw0000, and Joevill, along with special guest Paul Friemel/Diablien of Ript Apparel. This episode includes: Interview with Paul Friemel, Discussion of Ript Apparel, Paul's character-centric collection, GDO Leader Ironhide and Starscream, APS-01 Striker Prime, Dark Energon Edition Megatron, Voyager Brawn Cancelled?, Fall of Cybertron wrap up discussion (and spoilers!), Transformers Prime Legion figures, Masterpiece Thundercracker, TFCC/EHobby Solar Requiem, TFCC Subscription Service Preview Comic, Rainbow Shield Arms Microns, Unproduced Transformers/Justice League Crossover Art, Regeneration One #83, Robots In Disguise #9, Transformers Prime "Out of the Past", Bragging Rights!]]> Hobbies Fri, 07 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:32:25 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #53 "Fall of Seibertron"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-53-fall-of-seibertron/25690 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-053.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #53: Fall of SeibertronIn this episode, the Twincast / Podcast team discuss Transformers Fall Of Cybertron, Transformers Masterpiece Mp-12 Lambor, Transformers Collector's Club Subscription Service, Voyager Class Dreadwing Transformers Prime, Aeon Exclusive Arms Micron Terrorcon Bumblebee, Capsule Microns, CM Corps Ginrai, Year Of The Snake Omega Supreme, Transformers Prime's "Hurt", Rescue Bots' Season 1 finale, Classics Transformers Discussion, bragging rights, and jON3.0 even sneaks in an interview with voice actor Jack Angel.]]> Hobbies Fri, 24 Aug 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:18:07 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #52 "Action Force"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-52-action-force/25590 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-052.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #52: Action ForceWe're all back together for a new episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast. Join host Counterpunch, along with Seibertron, Tigertracks, and special guest (and fellow Seibertronian) chuckdawg1999 as they tackle the latest Transformers news and toys. chuckdawg1999 is also part of the popular "What's on Joe Mind?" G.I. Joe podcast. In this episode, we discuss the following topics: Fall of Cybertron Demo, Collectible Pins, Comic Book Round-up, Arms Micron Jet Vehicon, Cyberverse Skyquake, Tailgate, and Revoltech Sci-fi Optimus Prime, Master Collector, BotCon and JoeCon, the State of Our Toys Perceptions of quality, availability, and the changing market, the Inevitable G.I. Joe and Transformers Cross-Over Debate, and of course ... bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Fri, 10 Aug 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:20:01 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #51 "Bruticus"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-51-bruticus/25481 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-051.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #51: BruticusWe're all back together for a new episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast. Join host Counterpunch, along with Jon 3.0, Seibertron, Tigertracks, and Razorclaw as they reunite after SDCC 2012, and catch up on the latest news, toys, and reminisce over the reveals. The episode may be downloaded from iTunes, our RSS feed, and directly. Our topics this episode include: SDCC 2012 Exclusives on Hasbro Toy Shop, Fall of Cybertron Bruticus, Fall of Cybertron Art, US Toys'R'Us Exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime, Transformers Prime Weaponizers, 2012 Kre-O sets, Kreon Micro-Changers, Arms Micron Hell Flame Team, Arms Micron Swerve, Airachnid, Darkness Megatron, and Jet Vehicon, SDCC 2012 Wrap Up, Universal Studios Transformers the Ride and Retail Experience, k2gx73.cn's interview with Hasbro (audio), and bragging rights.]]> Hobbies Fri, 27 Jul 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:17:57 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #50 "SDCC 2012"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-50-sdcc-2012/25373 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-050.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #50: SDCC 2012Riding high on the news and big reveals from San Diego Comic Con 2012, k2gx73.cn is proud to present a brand new Twincast/Podcast episode! We tackle the breaking news from Thursday's Hasbro product panel and displays at SDCC. Non-SDCC topics covered: Regeneration One #81, Transformers Animated on the Hub (in HD!), BW Neo on DVD in Japan, CM Corps Minerva, Fall of Cybertron toys on the shelves and then we move onto the SDCC topics: Transformers Prime, Universal Repackages, Amazon Jetwing and Year of the Dragon Primes, Fall of Cybertron (A Fist Full of Brutici?), Generations Asian Imports, Amazon G2 Bruticus, Toys'R'Us Masterpiece Thundercracker and Prime, Transformers Brand Panel, Kre-O Combiners and Kreon Micro-Changers, Transformers Prime toys, SDCC 2012 Exclusive Shockwave Hiss Tank Gallery]]> Hobbies Mon, 16 Jul 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:14:31 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #49 "Rescue Me"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-49-rescue-me/25235 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-049.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #49: Rescue MeAs the k2gx73.cn staff gears up for our massive 2012 SDCC coverage in two weeks, the usual Twincast crew drops the news and some interesting discussion for your listening pleasure. As always, the episode is available on our RSS feed, via iTunes, and directly. Topics include: New Hasbro Transformers Prime Voyagers revealed, including Ultra Magnus, Thundertron, and a confirmation of Skyquake, New Takara Tomy Arms Micron Releases, particularly Breakdown and Darkness Megatron, Fall of Cybertron Deluxes Released in Asia (US not too far behind?), CM Corps Minerva, discussion of missed opportunities or surprising absences in figure repaints, discussion on Transformers Rescue Bots, Tokyo Toy Show Exclusives Galleries, Ask the Twincast, and bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 02 Jul 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:36:57 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #48 "The Flames of Boltax!"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-48-the-flames-of-boltax/25117 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-048.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #48: The Flames of Boltax!k2gx73.cn is proud to present another episode of the Twincast/Podcast! In this episode, your favorite Transformers podcast crew tells you what's on their minds about the following topics: Is Transformers 4 a reboot? Universal Studios Evac toy discussion, SDCC Exclusives: Shockwave H.I.S.S. Tank, FOC Bruticus, and Terrorcon Cliffjumper, Transformers Prime's Airachnid, Kre-O Quest for Energon sets, United Master Power Core Combiner repaints, Masterpiece Sideswipe and Soundwave, new problems with the Transformers Collectors' Club, Fall of Cybertron Media Blitz, and Bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 18 Jun 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:28:42 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #47 "Masterpieces"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-47-masterpieces/24991 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-047.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #47: MasterpiecesWe're back with another brand new episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast. This week's podcast brings some great news for Masterpiece fans as well as some strange oddities lurking in the fandom. Here are the topics we covered this episode: Hasbro's Masterpiece Thundercracker a Toys'R'Us Exclusive, Masterpiece Sideswipe and Alert prototypes and prices, Masterpiece Soundwave announced and priced, Future Masterpiece speculation, Arms Micron Voyager Starscream, Breakdown, and Deluxe Knockout, Arms Micron Capsule Toys, Asian Market Hasbro Generations Redecos and Remolds, the Transformers Collector's Club's partnership with e-Hobby, Fall of Cybertron Insecticons, Movie Barricade Prop Car for Sale, Transformers Mosaics, Universal Studios Transformers the Ride Grand Opening, GI Joe Retaliation Delayed plus possible implications for Transformers, KB Toys Exclusive Universe Snow Cat and Downshift, and Bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 04 Jun 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:01:16 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #46 "Winding Down"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-46-winding-down/24878 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-046.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #46: Winding DownAs the fever from BotCon 2012 begins to break, we take one last look after our massive coverage on the last show. Topics this episode include: Botcon 2012 wrap up, discussion about the BotCon 2012 toy galleries, artwork of TCC free toy Depth Charge, Arms Micron Bulkhead and Arcee, Arms Micron Campaign Shadow Microns, Hasbro Toy Shop Prime Cases and Case Assortment Fatigue, redecoed Marvel Crossovers for "The Avengers", Free Comic Book Day Regeneration 80.5, Transformers Prime wins a Daytime Emmy, Transformers Prime episodes discussion, Listener Questions, and more!]]> Hobbies Mon, 21 May 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:55:21 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #45 "Invasion!"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-45-invasion/24788 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-045.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #45: Invasion!The k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast is back from our Road Trip to BotCon 2012! This episode's topics include: the social aspects of the show, the k2gx73.cn bar meetup, the Hasbro Panel, the Club Panel, the Figure Subscription Service, the Simon Furman Panel, the box set, the souvenir figures, the customizing class, the Golden Ticket experience, as well as product reveals like the Toys R Us Masterpiece Prime, SDCC Bruticus, SDCC Rust in Peace Cliffjumper, Prime figures, and more!]]> Hobbies Mon, 07 May 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:55:11 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #44 "Road Trip"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-44-road-trip/24639 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-044.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #44: Road TripThe k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast is back just in time for all of you to enjoy on your way to BotCon 2012 this week. The podcast crew does their best to get all of you in the mood for BotCon and to catch all of you up on the most recent topics of interest to Transformers collectors. This week's topics include Botcon Discussions (Script Reading, Dan Gilvezan Book Signing, TF MMO Name Reservation, special guest Derrick J. Wyatt, attendance numbers, locations, and family vacations), Toy Discussions (Million Publishing's United Artfire, Transformers Prime Bulkhead and Starscream, New Takara Listings, BAPE Convoy 2.0, Kabaya Series 5), Fall of Cybertron Dinobots revealed, bragging rights, and more! Make sure you check out our BotCon coverage throughout this week!]]> Hobbies Mon, 23 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:50:10 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #43 "Armed Microns"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-43-armed-microns/24523 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-043.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #43: Armed MicronsAfter some fun with last week's April Fool's Day episode, the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast has returned with a straight face and an enormous amount of news! This time around we discuss BotCon Metalhawk, the 2012 BotCon set's blue, Artist Alley, Buster Jones, Club Runamuck, MP-11 Starscream in hand images, Knock Out and Hot Shot, Airachnid, Vehicon, Arms Micron discussion, Transformers Prime episode discussions, and more! Check it out here.]]> Hobbies Tue, 10 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:04:19 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #42 "Billy"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-42-billy/24435 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-042.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #42: BillyWe're back with our first ever April Fool's episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast! You can download the episode directly, or from our RSS feed, or finally from iTunes. Join host Counterpunch, along with regular cast members Jon 3.0, Razorclaw, and Seibertron as they discuss some exciting news of the week such as BotCon Metalhawk first in-hand pics, BotCon 2012 Invasion comic sneak peeks, Transformers Prime Robots In Disguise Deluxe Wave 3, Takara Arms Micron Official Images, Fall of Cybertron Gameplay Trailer, MP-11 Starscream in-hand images, CM's Corp Ginrai color images, TF Prime Cyberverse Commanders Ironhide and Dreadwing, and our bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Sun, 01 Apr 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:12:44 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #41 "Regenerated"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-41-regenerated/24376 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-041.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #41: RegeneratedJoin the Podcast staff as they dissect the news from Cybertron Con and prepare for the launch of Regeneration One. Discussions include: Transformers Prime Rumble, Kup, Voyager Breakdown, Encore Fortress Maximus reissue rumor, Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe), Soundwave, Generations WFC Starscream, G1 inspired Asian-exclusive repaints, Cyberverse Bumblebee Battle Suit, Bumblebee and Starscream Entertainment Pack released in Canada, Transformers Prime commercial, Takara Tomy's Arms Micron figures out of package, Transformers the Ride Evac, Shattered Glass G2 Prime, no 3rd Party or unlicensed products at BotCon, Simon Furman and Chris Latta in the Hall of Fame, BotCon prequel comic posted in it's entirety, IDW's Regeneration One, bragging rights, and an apology to our listeners and Fun Pub.]]> Hobbies Mon, 26 Mar 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:28:25 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #40 "Over The Hill"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-40-over-the-hill/24263 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-040.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #40: Over The HillThis episode features a discussion on toy photography. We also discuss Hall of Fame Choices finalized, Orion Pax part 3, Rescue Bots, Transformers Prime Japanese commercial spots, Transformers Prime Arms Micron figures, Toy Fair Australia, new TFP Voyager pictures, Hasbro responds to TCC Credit Card Issues, Cyberverse galleries and Photography discussion: Taking Indoor Pictures. All this and Bragging Rights too!]]> Hobbies Mon, 19 Mar 2012 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:39:44 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #39 "Pax Prime"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-39-pax-prime/24128 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-039.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #39: Pax PrimeWith the Twincast crew in brighter spirits, we are proud to present the latest episode, available from our RSS feed or directly in iTunes. Join your Twincast/Podcast crew as they discuss a truck-load of new news since our Toy Fair episode including Transformers 4, Transformers Prime Season 2, Club Exclusive Over-Run and Shattered Glass Drift, TFP RID Wave 1 and 2, Fall of Cybertron Combaticons, Encore Sixshot, MP Sunstorm, i-Gear Mini-Bots, potential BotCon Guests and our thoughts on the club panel. Check it out here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 05 Mar 2012 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:14:16 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #38 "Toy Un-Fair"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-38-toy-unfair/24019 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-038.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #38: Toy Un-FairJoin the Twincast/Podcast crew as they discuss k2gx73.cn's extensive Toy Fair 2012 coverage! Seibertron and El Duque were live from New York City, and have a mountain of images to share. Listen via iTunes, k2gx73.cn's Twincast RSS feed, or a direct link to hear our after show report including discussions about: Kre-O, Fall of Cybertron, Transformers Prime Robots In Disguise, Transformers Prime Cyberverse, Bot Shots, and SDCC HISS Tank Shockwave. Click here to join the discussion or listen to our latest podcast.]]> Hobbies Mon, 20 Feb 2012 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:04:43 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #37 "Sub-Prime"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-37-subprime/23927 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-037.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #37: Sub-PrimeOn the latest episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast, we try to find the silver lining in the disappointment the fandom has encountered over the last few weeks. Kicking things off, we discuss the launch (and relaunch) of the TFCC Exclusive Over-Run and Shattered Glass Drift figures, as well as the problems the Club managed during the sale. We discuss the issue with preorders, offer suggestions for the future, and discuss the figures themselves. Next up, we lament the unexpected end of Transformers Prime: First Edition toys. We analyze the problems with store exclusives, discuss the costs involved, speculate on reasons, and get rather salty about the whole affair, including the shortage of Takara First Edition toys to compound fan desire. Moving on from First Edition to Robots in Disguise, we give our thoughts on the recently revealed Ratchet and Optimus Maximus, as well as some of the other, upcoming figures. We then jump to other side of the world, and review the just-released United Rodimus and give our thoughts on his over-the-top paint apps. We have some Micron talk up next for those collectors with a tiny figure predilection, with the recently announced Arms Micron line. Finally, we discuss a few pieces of excellent art floating around from the likes of Jim Sorenson and Guido Guidi showing us some new sides to the art we've come to know and love.]]> Hobbies Mon, 06 Feb 2012 00:00:00 -0600 no 00:47:52 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #36 "Censored"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-36-censored/23763 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-036.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #36: CensoredWe're back with another exciting episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast Podcast. You can download the Twincast directly from iTunes or here at k2gx73.cn's Twincast RSS feed. After getting up to speed with Ryan and Jon, we launch into the latest BotCon reveals, the registration process, customizing class, and then we discuss the recently revealed Transformers: Prime toys. Finally, we discuss something very important out in the real world: SOPA and PIPA. We wrap up with some light-hearted bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 23 Jan 2012 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:37:06 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #35 "Holiday Returns"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-35-holiday-returns/23644 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-035.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #35: Holiday ReturnsThis episode we take a stab at some of the most pressing news in the Transformers Fandom as well as bring a close to 2011. We start by discussing our Christmas hauls, including Matt's new addition and Bob's new car, as well as Mike and Matt's bounties of new toys. Next, we recap the 2011 holiday season, and our year-in-review article, edited by news-mod extraordinaire Blurrz. Following that, we give you an overview on the latest galleries from k2gx73.cn. Finally, we get into the topic on everyone's mind: BotCon 2012 and the figure set. We also give you some tips for maximizing your convention experience.]]> Hobbies Tue, 10 Jan 2012 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:24:14 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #34 "Listener Call-Ins"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-34-listener-callin/23432 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-034.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #34: Listener Call-InsWe sounded the call, and you answered it! In our first ever "live" call-in show of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast. Over a dozen of our fans connected with us via Skype and discussed topics including: BotCon 2012 location and dates, set speculation, Transformers 4 - Prequel? Reboot? Unicron? Galvatron? Takara's TF Prime figures ... are they irrelevant? Transtopia and how to get started customizing (hint: we punted!) Are we reaching the end of the line for Third Party Toys? IDW's Transformers 80.5, Bragging Rights, and we also discuss the new site design. Thanks again to everyone who called in for making this show such a success!]]> Hobbies Thu, 08 Dec 2011 00:00:00 -0600 no 02:35:57 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #33 "Holy Grails"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-33-holy-grails/23278 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-033.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #33: Holy GrailsHappy Thanksgiving everyone! We have another week thick with news. We start this podcast out by answering a few emails, discussing the recently sighted Transformers Prime toys at TRU, the upcoming Encore Devastator set, Striker Optimus, "Year of the Dragon" Ultimate Optimus Prime, various upcoming 3rd party products, and galleries of Masterpieces MP-10 Convoy and Hasbro's Rodimus Prime. Our primary topic for this podcast is a subject called "Holy Grails" ... each of the Podcast crew sound off about what they own and what they are on the hunt for that qualifies as a Holy Grail. Find out more and get the download link here.]]> Hobbies Thu, 24 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:59:42 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #32 "Cold Math"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-32-cold-math/23222 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-032.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #32: Cold MathWe're back with another all new episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast! As always, you can obtain the podcast by visiting the podcast download area or directly from iTunes. First up, we give you some wild speculation, hopes, and dreams for the toys of BotCon 2012, after the recent reveal. Next, we discuss the frustration many fans are feeling towards the "First Edition" Transformers Prime figures. While on the topic of exclusivity, we discuss the Evac character being introduced at Universal Studios' Transformers: The Ride. Counterpunch gives us a cold, hard analysis on which 3rd Party Devastator homage he'll be buying. Finally, we wrap up the show with some listener questions and bragging rights!]]> Hobbies Wed, 16 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:08:29 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #31 "United Again"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-31-united-again/23090 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-031.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #31: United AgainHear what the crew has to say about Takara Tomy's new United figures and to which repaints we think you should pay attention. We also jump on the newly announced MP-11 Coronation Starscream. Next, we discuss "Fall of Cybertron" and try to figure out where the upcoming Transformers MMO from Jagex fits. Following that, we discuss the oddity that is CM Corp's Minerva. We also go deep with the news out of last week's New York Comic Con, discussing Prime and the Movie toyline. Finally, we discuss Blurrz's comprehensive coverage of the Third Party Scene at the Victoria's Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair 2011. Check it out here.]]> Hobbies Wed, 26 Oct 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:48:22 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #30 "Bonus Features"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-30-bonus-features/22964 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-030.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #30: Bonus FeaturesThis episode starts out with a very special interview in which Seibertron talks to two of the "Wing Men" from Dark of the Moon. After that, we discuss the release of DOTM on Blu-ray and DVD (including the lack of special features), the release of Beast Wars Seasons 2 and 3, the season finale of Transformers Prime, and Ongoing #27. The podcast then swings back to toys, with the surprise announcement of Encore Soundblaster and Twincast, MP-10 Convoy, Chronicles Optimus Prime and Megatron sets, the latest 3rd party and KO news, bragging rights, and an all-new "Listen To Win" contest!]]> Hobbies Wed, 12 Oct 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:54:55 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #29 "Return of the Podcast"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-29-return-of-the-podcast/22857 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-029.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #29: Return of the PodcastWe're back with another brand new k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast episode for your listening pleasure. In this episode, we discuss the massive new set of Star Wars crossover galleries in time for the release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray, Eggbods, some recent Dark of the Moon toys, the Dark of the Moon Blu-ray and DVD release, the Transformes: Prime "Darkness Rising" DVD, TCC Exclusive Runabout, "Rage Over Cybertron" TRU multipack exclusive, the onslaught of recent 3rd party products, IDW's latest series "Chaos", the 10th anniversary of RID, and Bragging Rights.]]> Hobbies Wed, 21 Sep 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:28:55 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #28 "Boxed In"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-28-boxed-in/22731 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-028.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #28: Boxed InAnother two weeks, another great episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast is ready for your listening pleasure! This week, we get discuss the Amazon.com Exclusive 25th Anniversary Unicron, the first color treatments for Club Freebie Runamuck, "Desk Fodder", collecting EZ figures (Legends class), defining the end of your collection, displaying sharing your collection, and much more. We also take some listener questions from wyokid and S.W. Silverhammer. Finally, our usual Bragging Rights section transforms into an ad hoc discussion of third party toys filling holes in your Neo-G1 collection. Click here to join our discussion and to download the latest Podcast.]]> Hobbies Wed, 07 Sep 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:01:27 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #27 "First Birthday"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-27-first-birthday-now-available/22636 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-027.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #27: First BirthdayIn this episode, we talk Human Alliance, Alternity, Transformers Crossovers, and Revoltech. The podcast then picks up where the last episode left off discussing some important points on long-term storage of a collection. Finally, we celebrate a very special milestone for the Twincast/Podcast ... our one year anniversary! In addition to all this, we also have another "Listen To Win" contest for you to enter! Join our discussion and get the download link here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 22 Aug 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:05:25 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #26 "Flood"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-26-flood-now-available/22540 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-026.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #26: FloodAfter some life getting in the way of podcasting, we are back with another Twincast/Podcast! This episode is chock full of laughs, heartbreak, and some really useful tips to keep your collection safe! Toy News Roundup: Masterpiece Rodimus US Release, SDCC Exclusives on HasbroToyShop.com, and Transformers Prime Starscream. Our roundtable discussion this week features the devastation of Ryan's MIB and MISB collection from a flash flood on July 23rd. We then get into the nitty gritty of protecting your collection. Topics include insurance and storage. This episode also features yet another "Listen To Win" contest! Check this episode out here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 08 Aug 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:33:24 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #25 "Longshot"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-25-longshot-now-available/22358 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-025.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #25: LongshotIn this episode, we interview YouTube personality SEANxLONG who joins Counterpunch, Seibertron, jON3.0, and Razorclaw0000 to discuss toys and DOTM. We discuss the brand-new forum changes, Razorclaw defends Voyager Sentinel Prime, we then debate Voyager Fireburst Optimus Prime and his fragile axe, we share our love for Leader Ironhide and his knife, Target DOTM exclusives, and then we wrap it up with some more DOTM talk. And don't forget our "Listen To Win" contest! Click here for more details.]]> Hobbies Sat, 16 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:23:57 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #24 "Lunacy"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-24-lunacy-now-available/22201 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-024.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #24: LunacyThe Podcast staff discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly about Transformers Dark of the Moon. Some of the topics they cover include their general thoughts on the film, voice-actor-palooza, new characters, the Wreckers, editing, the visual effects, Optimus Prime's characterization, and bragging rights! This episode features light editing and contains some inappropriate language. Warning: this episode is 100% full of spoilers. We also debut our first ever "Listen To Win" contest. To listen to this episode and to find out about the contest details, click here.]]> Hobbies Sat, 02 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 02:28:12 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #23 "Twincast Q&A"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-episode-23-twincast-qa-now-available-for-download/22065 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-023.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast / Podcast #23: Twincast Q&AJoin Seibertron, Tigertracks, Razorclaw, El Duque, and Jon3.0 in this Episode of the Twincast as your host Counterpunch and his gestalt team of podcasters answer a flurry of your need-to-know questions. We also do other cool stuff like talk about the amazing upcoming Jetwing Optimus Prime, TFCon, BotCon galleries, RTS at discount chains, TRU Scan Series, the Hub's woes, bragging rights, and we even buy a Primus or three.]]> Hobbies Tue, 21 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:34:07 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #22 "The Seiber-Tron-Job"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-22-the-seibertronjob-now-online/21935 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-022.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #22: The Seiber-Tron-JobOnce assembled back in their respective locations after BotCon 2011, the k2gx73.cn Podcast staff decided to do an impromptu podcast to give all of you faithful listeners a little insight to our experiences at this year's BotCon. In episode, k2gx73.cnpares this year's convention to previous BotCons, Jon3.0 realizes what binds all of us together at each BotCon, Diem shares his thoughts about his first BotCon, our final thoughts on this year's exclusives, Jon3.0 shares some his very cool experiences with all of us as he got the chance to rub elbows with some famous people in our hobby, and more than meets the eye! Download episode #22 and tell us what you think about this episode by clicking here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 20 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:42:28 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #21 "BotCon 2011"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-21-botcon-2011-now-available/21881 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-021.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #21: BotCon 2011Transform and Roll Out to the West Coast to Pasadena, CA for BotCon 2011! This week's episode of the Twincast has your host Counterpunch and his pals Tigertracks24, Razorclaw0000, and Robofreak covering the past week's breaking toy news as well as discussions on BotCon 2011. Thrills and chills await the eager listener as Counterpunch wills an Alternity Backstop into existence, Razorclaw and King Bolt run off together behind Robofreak's back, the ghosts of BotCons past teach Tigertracks the true meaning of BotCon, and a special report from Seibertron's own fortress of solitude is made live from Pasadena. We also explore news topics that were not made up and are very real! Download our latest podcast and tell us what you think by clicking here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 06 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:44:49 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #20 "Moon Launch"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-20-moon-launch-now-available/21719 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-020.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #20: Moon LaunchThis week the podcast crew discusses the Dark of the Moon Toys being released, new DOTM Galleries, the full BotCon guest list, Bay and Spielberg get inducted into TF Hall of Fame, Headmasters and Beast Wars DVDs, new TF:Prime episodes, our latest bragging rights, and we even throw in a couple of shout outs for good measure!]]> Hobbies Mon, 23 May 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:02:42 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #19 "The Derail Team"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-19-derail-team/21563 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-019.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #19: The Derail TeamA new week, kind of, and a new episode of k2gx73.cn's Twincast Podcast to celebrate this Monday It's the 19th episode, which means it's just one "1" short of being our 20 episode milestone - hurray! As always you can find it on iTunes and here on k2gx73.cn! This week on the Twincast, the cast discusses the Dark of the Moon full trailer, DOTM toys at retail, TFC exclusives Animated Cheetor and G2 Ramjet, G1 Collecting, and "Bragging Rights"! Check out this episode here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 09 May 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:15:53 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #18 "Judgement Day"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-18-judgement-day/21431 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-018.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #18: Judgement DayThe latest installment of the Twincast/Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure! In this episode, our podcast crew of Counterpunch, Seibertron, Tigertracks 24, Razorclaw0000, and Jon3.0 tackle the following exciting topics: MP 10 Convoy, Takara Tomy Attempt to Ban Third Party Items, 2011 Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive Dark Side Optimus Prime VS Dark Side Megatron, Million Exclusive Stepper, Kabaya Gaia Cross and Non-Standard TF Merchandise Collecting, Ongoing #18, DOTM Movie Comics, Heart of Darkness, Gallery Talk: United & Micromasters, Transformers Prime: Recent Episodes, and Bragging Rights!]]> Hobbies Mon, 25 Apr 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:19:31 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #17 "Hall of Fame Getting Bigger"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-podcast-episode-17-hall-of-fame-getting-bigger/21288 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-017.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #17: Hall of Fame Getting BiggerOnce again it's time for a new episode of k2gx73.cn's "Twincast/Podcast". Your favorite podcast crew is back! This episode is hosted by the notorious double spy Counterpunch with editing by the talented Jon3.0. Episode #17 is titled "Hall of Fame Getting Bigger". The Twincast/Podcast crew discuss the following topics this episode: General Podcast and k2gx73.cn discussion, Hall of Fame 2011 nominees sent from fansites to Hasbro, e-Hobby exclusive United Autobot and Decepticon sets, BotCon Primus package sells out in 6 days, IDW Transformers #81, and our recent Transformer acquisitions. Check it out here!]]> Hobbies Mon, 11 Apr 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:11:28 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #16 "Tsunami"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-episode-16-tsunami/21151 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-016.mp3 Hobbies Mon, 28 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:08:50 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #15 "Random Tangents"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-15-random-tangents/21048 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-015.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #15: Random TangentsEpisode 15 of the Twincast is now up and available to download. This time around Seibertron staff discuss: BotCon 2011 Motormaster, with its controversial mold choice, the newest galleries, including Windcharger, Wheeljack and Thundercracker, DOTM news including reveals of the toyline, the newest comics including Infestation and Ongoing #17, and "Ask The Twincast: How do you guys feel about the GEEWUNNERS perspective of the fandom who see everthing new and different as bad?" Download the MP3 and join our discussion here.]]> Hobbies Sun, 13 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:30:41 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #14 "Whatcon"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-14-whatcon/20934 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-014.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #14: WhatconThe latest Twincast episode is out and this time we get to hear about Counterpunch and Seibertron's excellent adventure at Toy Fair, a discussion is held about the Daytona 500 DOTM trailer, more BotCon figures, including the rumoured figures that have yet to be revealed, 2 episodes of Transformers: Prime are reviewed, and the latest galleries and IDW comics are discussed. Join our discussion and download the podcast here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 28 Feb 2011 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:24:18 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #13 "It's Prime Time!"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-episode-13-its-prime-time/20820 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-013.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #13: It's Prime Time!What Time is it? It's Twincast time! That's right kids! It's time for everyone's favorite podcast. The k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast! On this episode of the Twincast the crew talks about: DOTM Superbowl trailer, new DOTM Toys such as Sentinel Prime, Transformers: Prime's first toys are revealed, IDW's Infestation begins, Botcon 2011's Animated Breakdown is revealed, and Transformers: Prime is back for the official start of it's first season! Get the link and download this episode here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 14 Feb 2011 00:00:00 -0600 no 00:58:22 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #12 "Crash Test 'Cons"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/twincast-episode-12-crash-test-cons/20709 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-012.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #12: Crash Test 'ConsAre you perhaps wondering what the deal is with the Twincast Episode 12 title? It couldn't possibly have to do with an important announcement regarding everyone's favorite yearly Transformers event, could it? Our advice is to bend your ear with the sweet digital resonance of our charming voices for an hour or so. By the end, you'll be treated to information you've no doubt already heard except this time it will be peppered with our endearing (and free) opinions. We also discuss a few other toy related topics, doing our regular take on TF history, and even answer another listener question.]]> Hobbies Mon, 31 Jan 2011 00:00:00 -0600 no 00:57:26 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #11 "Third Party Crashers!"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-episode-11-third-party-crashers/20604 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-011.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #11: Third Party Crashers!Another 2 weeks has flown right by and the Twincast is back on the scene with a brand new episode for your listening pleasure! Check it out this week as we bring on all the latest news! First up, all the newest and upcoming figures from Generations and Reveal The Shield! These aren't the only highly-anticipated Transformers toylines. So much news, so many leaks, but what are we really getting for DOTM toys? We also take a look at some of the coolest unofficial products on the market.]]> Hobbies Mon, 17 Jan 2011 00:00:00 -0600 no 00:59:14 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #10 "Chaos, Comics, & Plastic Crack"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-episode-10-chaos-comics-plastic-crack/20534 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-010.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #10: Chaos, Comics, & Plastic Crackk2gx73.cn and the Twincast are proud to present our 1st episode of 2011! We're kicking the new year off with a bang as we get together to discuss some of the latest and greatest happenings in the world of Transformers. We revisit some of the coolest TF products and events from last year such as War for Cybertron, Transformers 3, and IDW Comics. Then it's onward to more current events: DOTM Megatron Cease and Desist, Generations Thundercracker, Reveal the Shield Rumble, Action Masters FTW, and then it's back in time to discuss Dreamwave's Transformers comic series. We'll also give you our thoughts on what we want to see in future Transformers, and leave you rocking in 2011. Happy New Year!]]> Hobbies Mon, 03 Jan 2011 00:00:00 -0600 no 00:50:19 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #9 "End of the Year Review Special"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-episode-9-end-of-the-year-review-special/20428 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-009.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #9: End of the Year Review SpecialFor our final episode of the year, the Twincast team takes a look back at some of the best Transformers happenings of 2010. One thing that's undeniable is all the amazing figures this year has brought us. The Twincast crew discusses some of the latest toy releases, the DOTM teaser trailer, Transformers: Prime miniseries, "Ask the Twincast", BotCon 2010, 3rd Party products, "Generations" and "Reveal the Shield"! Check out our Year in Review by clicking here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 20 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:08:05 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #8 "That's Just Prime"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertron-twincast-podcast-episode-8-thats-just-prime/20332 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-008.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #8: That's Just PrimeFear not, loyal listeners, the Twincast is back! And boy, do we have a show for you! This episode we discuss the new images of Generations G2 Optimus Prime, PCC Undertow and Salvage, Pyrostrata brings you the scoop on upcoming k2gx73.cn galleries, and the orange capped Legends class Megatron. In addition, we give you our thoughts about Transformers: Prime as only the Twincast can! We cover everything from TFP's characters, plot, voices, writing, spoilers ... we discuss it all! Transformers: Prime is a smash hit, and we'll tell you why! Check out our latest Twincast here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 06 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:07:01 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #7 "Hatformers"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/the-seibertron-twincast-podcast-episode-7-hatformers/20206 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-007.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #7: HatformersIt's that time once again for the bi-weekly k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast! The Twincast crew had a blast recording this week as you will quickly find out. Episode 7 covers images of Fansproject Protector Armor, G1 Divebomb replacement wings from Crazy Devy, IDW's Transformers #13, Transformers: Prime predictions, and this week in Transformers History. Download the latest episode here.]]> Hobbies Mon, 15 Nov 2010 00:00:00 -0600 no 01:13:16 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #6 "Ask the Twincast: With a Vengeance!"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/the-seibertron-twincast-podcast-episode-6-ask-the-twincast-with-a-vengeance/20138 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-006.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #6: Ask the Twincast: With a Vengeance!The Year is 2010, darkness and chaos reign supreme. Humanity has been driven to the brink of destruction, but from the internet one hope has emerged to to free human kind from it's cruel fate. That hope is... The k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast! Welcome to episode 6, "Ask the Twincast: With a Vengeance!" Check out our latest podcast by clicking here.]]> Hobbies Tue, 02 Nov 2010 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:05:00 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #5 "Zombie Core Combiners"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/the-seibertron-twincast-podcast-episode-5-zombie-core-combiners/20042 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-005.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #5: Zombie Core CombinersThe highly entertaining and informative k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast is back in full force! This week, the Twincast crew must have ate something funny, because we got exceptionally silly. Between the new title for Transformers 3, awesome new toys, Power Core Combiners, flesh eating undead and more ... the Twincast Crew have had their hands full. Check out the latest episode by clicking here.]]> Hobbies Tue, 19 Oct 2010 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:30:41 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #4 "Win and Cake"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertrons-twincast-podcast-episode-4-win-and-cake/19934 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-004.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #4: Win and CakeLook at your computer. Now look at my computer. Back to your computer, now back to mine. What is my computer have that your does not? One of the most beautiful Transformers discussion known to a man, the sound of special guest Linkara discussing Pat Lee's Transformers - all of this assembled into one hour of goody goodness. How do you get this sound onto your computer? You go through this news story, look at its wonderfully written English, and click the downloadable links at the end of it. Now look at my computer, the Podcast is now diamonds! Anything is possible when you're a listener of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast.]]> Hobbies Mon, 04 Oct 2010 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:09:48 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #3 "Yay Internet!"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertrons-twincast-podcast-episode-3-yay-internet/19818 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-003.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #3: Yay Internet!If you wanted more Rodimus, you'll be getting more Rodimus. If you don't want anymore Rodimus, put some popcorn in the microwave instead! In this 3rd episode we give you our opinions about FansProject Protector and Shadow Scyther, IDW's Transformers: Ongoing #11, Animated Rodimus, and Universe Galvatron. We also do our best to answer your "Ask The Twincast" questions and take you back to 1999 for this week in Transformers history. Listen here!]]> Hobbies Mon, 20 Sep 2010 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:03:29 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #2 "In a Steel Cage!"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertrons-twincast-podcast-episode-2-skice-vs-the-twincast-in-a-steel-cage/19773 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-002.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #2: In a Steel Cage!A frequent Podcast junky? A member of k2gx73.cn? A rabid Transformers fan? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO YOU ARE! Come one, come all, and enjoy the second episode of the k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast. News covered in this episode: Transformers: Prime Information and Voice Cast, Transformers: Prime Graphic Novel preview, Drift #1, and War For Cybertron DLC 2. We also premier our "Ask The Twincast" feature and discuss "More Than Meets The Eye" and "5 Faces of Darkness" in our Transformers History discussion. Want to contribute to what the Twincast is cooking? Send your questions, queries, and concerns to .]]> Hobbies Tue, 14 Sep 2010 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:04:36 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #1 "Indicative"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/seibertrons-twincast-podcast-episode-1-indicative/19609 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-001.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #1: IndicativeThe k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast is blasting at you again (for the first time) with our first official episode. In this episode, we cover recent toy news including Crazy Devy's 14K Gold Predaking wings, Million Publishing Exclusive Animated Optimus Prime Elite Guard Version, Takara Animated Blurr, and Generations Blurr. In addition, we have a roundtable discussion on the topic of collecting exclusive toys, both in regards to domestic and internationally, as well as a very interesting run of commentary on Japan's gift to the Transformers world ... Kiss Players. Comments, questions, suggestions, and hilarious one-liners about our work are always welcome at .]]> Hobbies Tue, 24 Aug 2010 00:00:00 -0500 no 01:06:04 <![CDATA[k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #0 "The Hundred Dollar Minicon"]]> http://k2gx73.cn/transformers/news/the-allnew-seibertron-twincast-podcast-is-blastin-at-ya/19549 http://www.k2gx73.cn/media/audio/podcasts/seibertron-twincast-000.mp3 k2gx73.cn Twincast/Podcast #0: The Hundred Dollar Miniconk2gx73.cn is proud to present our all-new Twincast/Podcast. The website's very first internet radio talk show! Every week we will be talking about the latest Transformers news and look back at some of the greatest moments in Transformers history. Enjoy the new Twincast podcast, and then join the discussion in the k2gx73.cn fourms.]]> Hobbies Thu, 12 Aug 2010 00:00:00 -0500 no 00:54:01