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IDW Comics News Roundup with Layoffs Announced, Simon Furman Commentary and TF VS Terminator Cover

Transformers News: IDW Comics News Roundup with Layoffs Announced, Simon Furman Commentary and TF VS Terminator Cover
Date: Monday, May 25th 2020 11:56pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, People News, Company News
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): Bleeding Cool and SYFY

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News on the comics front was a bit slow due to IDW and other big publishers choosing to postpone their release of new comics during part of the pandemic. Well, we got a lot of news all at once and some of it is pandemic related and quite sad. Quite a bit of the . This includes Managing Editor Denton Tipton, Associate Publisher David Hedgecock, Senior Graphic Artist Gilberto Lazcano, Senior Graphic Designer Christa Miesner and Brand & Marketing Manager Spencer Reeve.

On the Transformers side of things, we have some new art with Freddie Williams II's retail incentive cover for Transformers vs. The Terminator 4. You can see it below. It will be coming out June 24th. And you can discuss about that series here.

Last but most certainly not least, we have Simon Furman discussing the first 4 pages of the upcoming Transformers '84: Secrets & Lies. This is set before Marvel's first issue of Transformers, and we have a nice shot of Jetfire working alongside his Decepticon brethren. The article comes to us from . This book is coming out in July and you can discuss that series here

The attack on Stanix is also referenced by Optimus Prime in Transformers ’84 #0, dovetailing the narratives somewhat. Ratbat made his U.S. comic book debut in TF US #27, which established his role (on Cybertron) as the Decepticons’ fuel auditor, and here he plays a bigger role in the unfolding events. By the way, Shockwave’s solution (on the following pages) provides another key twist to established/formative events in Transformers (Marvel) #1.”

IDW Transformers Comic Book Solicitations for August 2020

Transformers News: IDW Transformers Comic Book Solicitations for August 2020
Date: Sunday, May 24th 2020 12:23pm CDT
Category: Comic Book News
Posted by: ScottyP | Credit(s): IDW Publishing, Previews World

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While it appears we're still a few weeks out from new Transformers comic books returning to the shelves with the scheduled June 17th (for now) release of Transformers #20, that hasn't stopped the resumption of solicitations for the coming months. Via IDW Publishing and Previews World, we have two solicitations for August to share with you below.

If you need a Transformers comics fix in the meantime, be sure to check out the k2gx73.cn eBay store for a wide selection of new and vintage Transformers comics, as well as a selection of other popular comic books.

(W) Brian Ruckley (A) Anna Malkova (CA) Joana Lafuente
"We Have Deceived You." Cybertron has suffered. The world is in chaos. The situation on the ground truly is a crisis. Sentinel Prime, head senator and leader of the Autobots, will denounce the Ascenticons, the Rise, and anyone he thinks is an enemy of Cybertron's security. But to do it, he'll have to get through Senator Megatron first.

(W) Simon Furman (A/CA) Guido Guidi
The epic conclusion to Secrets and Lies! On Earth, Grimlock stands alone against... Megatron?

Meanwhile, on Cybertron, The Wreckers take on their very first mission! The secret history of Earth and Cybertron is revealed!

Transformers Selects God Neptune Fully Revealed along with Price, Release Date and New Manga

Transformers News: Transformers Selects God Neptune Fully Revealed along with Price, Release Date and New Manga
Date: Thursday, May 14th 2020 11:10pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Toy News
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): Dengeki Hobby

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While the initial Seacons were a slow reveal, Takara is revealing everything about God Neptune all at once. This was a redeco of the G1 toys for their exclusive Beast Wars subline. And now years later, we have it as a Transformers Generations Selects release.

While the original was more or less a straight redeco, there is some retooling in this set. Scylla has new upper arms, new head, new chest, new knees, and new thighs to make her appear more feminin.

Nautilator isn't part of this group though, which was expected.

Everything included is listed below. It will be sold as a whole set for 20000 Yen (around $190 USD) at the end of October 2020. For residents in Japan, it will only be sold through Takara Tomy Mall. For people outside Japan, it will be made available through various online retailers, as the previous Seacons were. The price will probably be around $200 USD. You can see images below after the description and we also have links to some new chapters of the Transformers Manga, thanks to Sabrblade.

Set contents: Half shell body x 1, Rifle (half shell) x 1, Sword (half shell) x 1, Shield (half shell) x 1, Sea Phantom body x 1, Gun (Sea Phantom) x 1, Sword (Sea) Phantom) x 1, Sea Lagon body x 1, Canon (Sea Lagon) x 2, Sword (Sea Lagon) x 1, Terramander (Body) x 1, Laser Rifle (Terramander) x 2, Beam Gun (Terramander) x 1, Sword (Terramander) × 1, skewer body × 1, gun (Scylla) × 2, sword (Scylla) × 1, fist for combining × 4, feet for combining × 2, instruction manual × 1

In addition, there are two more new manga chapters for God Neptune! Here are the links below as well as images we made of each page for your viewing pleasure. This comic features many Transformers characters from various Universes. Lots of eye candy in these comics. Thanks to Sabrblade for providing us with links to the comics.

Interview with Transformers / My Little Pony Crossover Creative Team

Transformers News: Interview with Transformers / My Little Pony Crossover Creative Team
Date: Wednesday, April 22nd 2020 11:10am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Interviews
Posted by: D-Maximal_Primal | Credit(s): Hollywood Soapbox

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Over at the , the Soapbox crew got the chance to conduct an interview with the creative team for the upcoming Transformers / My Little Pony crossover event, which will run for 4 issues and, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, was set to come out next month. The creative team included in this round of interviews includes writers Ian Flynn and Sam Maggs, as well as artist Jack Lawrence.

You can check out the full interview by following the above link, and you can also read some snippets of the interview included below. Let us know what you think and let us know how excited you are for this crossover that will hopefully soon grace our comic book shelves!

Were you skeptical at first that My Little Pony and Transformers could come together for a comic book?

IAN FLYNN: Not skeptical, more like delightfully baffled. With a little bit of work and research, they came together surprisingly easily. It’s like mixing up your toy boxes and playing with everything.

SAM MAGGS: I thought the idea was both absolutely brilliant and absolutely bonkers. I pitched on it immediately.


How difficult was it to have two artistic styles for this four-part series?

JACK LAWRENCE: I didn’t actually approach it as two artistic styles as such. It’s different characters as part of the same animated TV show like, say, Bobby interacting with Uni in the ’80s Dungeons & Dragons show. The two character types are built differently, but exist in the same world.


What do you like about Twilight Sparkle as a character?

SAM MAGGS: I think I find Twilight Sparkle relatable, personally. She loves to read and learn and can get lost in books. But over the course of the series, she’s really come out of her shell, and that’s inspiring.

What do you think is the most appealing aspect of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series for its fans?

JACK LAWRENCE: I think everything about it is appealing. The characters and world designs are just so pleasing to the eye, which draws you in, but then it’s very, very funny at times — and the stories are really good. You don’t necessarily expect ‘epic’ from My Little Pony, but that’s what you get!

SDCC 2020 has officially been canceled due to COVID-19

Transformers News: SDCC 2020 has officially been canceled due to COVID-19
Date: Friday, April 17th 2020 2:33pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Toy News, Event News
Posted by: Seibertron | Credit(s): SDCC

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Transformers News: SDCC 2020 has officially been canceled due to COVID-19

The dramatic and unprecedented impact of the Coronavirus pandemic continues with its latest casualty. Earlier today, the organizers behind San Diego Comic-Con announced that this summer's SDCC 2020 event is canceled, which would be the first time ever in its 50 year history. The decision was made after recent statements by California's Governor as well as their monitoring of health advisories. As one can imagine, social distancing is very challenging at an event so large with hundreds of thousands of attendees from around the world.

Transformers News: SDCC 2020 has officially been canceled due to COVID-19

This marks the 2nd event that has been canceled for Transformers fans, the first being the unofficial fan-convention TFcon USA, which was canceled last month near the beginning of the pandemic here in the United States.

Over the past couple of decades, SDCC had become a tent pole event of the year for many pop-culture icons like the Transformers brand. With new product reveals, celebrity interviews and appearances, exclusive toys and comics, and so on, fans have clamored around this event year after year.

One could make the argument that the importance of SDCC for some pop-culture toy brands has become bigger than the annual New York Toy Fair, which happens annually in February.

While no Transformers exclusives had been announced for SDCC 2020, it is presumed that there were to be exclusives and it is assumed that those exclusives will most likely find another home online in order to get those products to consumers. We will keep you updated as further information becomes available.

Here is the from the organizers of San Diego Comic-Con:

Comic-Con Announces Plans in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Current Situation Requires Exceptional Measures

For the first time in its 50-year history San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), the organizers behind the annual pop culture celebration, announced today with deep regret that there will be no Comic-Con in 2020. The event will instead return to the San Diego Convention Center from July 22-25, 2021.

Recognizing that countless attendees save and plan for its conventions each year, and how many exhibitors and stakeholders rely upon its events for a major portion of their livelihood, they had hoped to delay this decision in anticipation that COVID-19 concerns might lessen by summer. Continuous monitoring of health advisories and recent statements by the Governor of California have made it clear that it would not be safe to move forward with plans for this year.

Similarly, WonderCon Anaheim, which was to have been held April 10-12, 2020 will return to the Anaheim Convention Center from March 26-28, 2021.

In addition to their conventions, Comic-Con has been planning a major renovation of Balboa Park’s Federal Building to be completed for the grand opening of the Comic-Con Museum in the summer of 2021. However, the COVID-19 situation has had an effect on those efforts as well. As such, they will be rephasing the Museum’s initially planned major renovations, but will not scale back the experience to be offered to visitors upon the Museum’s grand opening. They anticipate releasing building plans illustrating the Museum’s transformation and sharing more information about those efforts in the coming months.

SDCC also announced that individuals who purchased badges for Comic-Con 2020 will have the option to request a refund or transfer their badges to Comic-Con 2021. All 2020 badge holders will receive an email within the next week with instructions on how to request a refund. Exhibitors for Comic-Con 2020 will also have the option to request a refund or transfer their payments to Comic-Con 2021 and will also receive an email within the next week with instructions on how to process their request.

In the next few days onPeak, Comic-Con’s official hotel affiliate, will be canceling all hotel reservations and refunding all deposits made through them. There is no need for anyone who booked through onPeak to take any action, including trying to cancel their reservations online or contacting the company via phone as the process will be handled automatically. Those who booked rooms through onPeak will be notified when refunds have been completed.

"Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and while we are saddened to take this action, we know it is the right decision," said David Glanzer, spokesperson for the organization. "We eagerly look forward to the time when we can all meet again and share in the community we all love and enjoy."

While this is a bummer, it was expected and is something that should have been canceled in lieu of the pandemic and the extreme importance of social distancing in order to defeat this virus. Until we can all get together again, stay safe and healthy my friends and fellow Seibertronians.

Transformers News: SDCC 2020 has officially been canceled due to COVID-19

Seibertron Store: 25% off sale, new Transformers Comics, Back-Issues, BotBots and more!

Transformers News: Seibertron Store: 25% off sale, new Transformers Comics, Back-Issues, BotBots and more!
Date: Wednesday, April 15th 2020 3:31pm CDT
Categories: Site News, Comic Book News, Toy News, Sponsor News
Posted by: Seibertron

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! We've been busy listing new Transformers, comic books and other collectible items which we think might be of interest to you.

25% off Sale - We're having a currently through Saturday night that includes comic books, Transformers BotBots, and other collectible items! Most Transformers toys are currently excluded from the sale.

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The latest Transformers comics are available from the Seibertron Store on eBay!

In addition to new Transformers comic books, we also have a variety of back issues available with hundreds more to be listed over the course of the next month.

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IDW exclusive cover variants from postponed WonderCon 2020 now available online

Transformers News: IDW exclusive cover variants from postponed WonderCon 2020 now available online
Date: Thursday, April 9th 2020 2:30pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Event News
Posted by: Bounti76 | Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, EVERYTHING HAS BEEN CANCELED. Life goes on in the new normal, however, and people are finding ways to enjoy life regardless. One such example is that of IDW's presence at ... which is something of a smaller scale San Diego Comic Con that happens annually at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA each Spring. , though San Diego Comic-Con still has not been postponed or canceled unfortunately as of this news post. While the publisher of the ongoing Transformers titles, along with other Hasbro brands such as My Little Pony and G.I. Joe, was set to have a presence at this year's convention along with several con-exclusive comic covers, COVID-19 scuttled those plans. However, IDW is still offering these exclusive comics online!

IDW's Wonderfest 2020 exclusives include:

  • (featuring Bumblebee with Fluttershy)

Check out their announcement below then click on any of the exclusive cover images shown below to be taken to their order page!

IDW Publishing wrote:We're excited to announce that we're taking IDW's Wondercon online! You'll find great comics in our Wondercon exclusive web store, now through Sunday, April 12th! Free domestic shipping on all orders $35 and up! Buy 2 get 1 FREE on all Wondercon 2020 exclusive products!

Another Manga Installment Posted Online for Selects Super Megatron

Transformers News: Another Manga Installment Posted Online for Selects Super Megatron
Date: Wednesday, April 8th 2020 12:59am CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Toy News
Posted by: Emerje | Credit(s): Takara Tomy Mall

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Not only did we get a new look at Selects Super Megatron from but we also got another two part web manga furthering the story of Star Convoy versus Super Megatron and all his forms (the first part came be read here. To say there's a lot going on in this installment would be an understatement, it's almost overwhelming! To help make a little sense of what's going on I'm going to enlist a bit of help from Seibertronians JelZe GoldRabbit and Sabrblade from the forums further down below the images to help explain some of who and what we're seeing.

Sabrblade wrote:G1 Optimus reading the Covenant of Primus aboard the Ark
Blue Big Convoy
The Primus Vanguard featuring a whole host of crazy cameos
Black Megatron cameo
The Alpha Matrix and the Silver Matrix striking one another
A flash forward to the Cybertron Alliance plus Artemis and Moon
Ultra Megatron Omega
Primus himself!!!
A whole hoard of Seacons
Primacron with what look like some primitive Beastformers

JelZe GoldRabbit wrote:The return of the Primus Vanguard, last seen in Magna Convoy's storyline is unexpected... but apparently having blue is a prerequisite. I spot:

- an Omega Sentinel redeco of TR Astrotrain/Sentinel Prime, with a head I don't recognise
- Sky Claw redeco of Prime Legion Smokescreen
- BWII Dirge
- MP Bluestreak
- Prime Dark Energon Wheeljack
- TR Blurr
- T30 Brainstorm
- SonicBlue Bumble
- Siege Holo Mirage
- G1 Blue Bacchus
- Prime Hot Shot
- G1 Rumble
- a blue redeco of TR Sky Shadow?
- G1 Tracks
- G1 Dirge
- G1 Soundwave
- Straxus

And Lucky Draw Primus makes a return.

And it all ends with a big "to be continued". Just when you think these manga can't get any crazier they find new ways to outdo themselves. As always let us know what you think of these new pages in the Energon Pub forums!

New Manga Featuring Generations Selects Super Megatron Shows Third Mode

Transformers News: New Manga Featuring Generations Selects Super Megatron Shows Third Mode
Date: Thursday, April 2nd 2020 1:37pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Toy News, Digital Media News
Posted by: william-james88

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Takara Tomy has posted a new manga on their site. This continues the story that started in the Generations Selects Star Convoy manga. The links to the pages are below. What is interesting here is that we see two features that the Super Megatron toy will most probably possess (I say that only because we have yet to see stock images confirming it). Firstly, we see that he has two faces with different insignias on his forehead. But more importantly, we see the tank mode which takes influence from the Ultra Megatron design. This would explain the tank threads found on the toy and we can see what lies inside the cannon when the front is folded back.

Here are the links:

And here is an image of the tank.

IDW Transformers Vs Terminator 1 Review

Transformers News: IDW Transformers Vs Terminator 1 Review
Date: Wednesday, March 25th 2020 8:37pm CDT
Categories: Comic Book News, Reviews
Posted by: william-james88

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Everybody's Dead
A Review of Transformers vs Terminator #1

Honestly, not much to spoil here that hasn't been shown in the preview

This is a special week in the world of Transformers comics because not only are we getting two books, but these two books are the last we'll be receiving for a while.

And one of them happens to be Transformers Vs Terminator, a book that intrigued quite a few. I know it intrigued me. The fact that the now legendary Transformers artist Alex Milne was attached to it, made it even more of a must check out. And now it's here and while I am still just as intrigued to see where it goes, the first issue didn't really do it for me.

My main issue here is that the first issue is very derivative, on purpose. It's basically just a retelling of the terminator lore, filled with the typical lines so that someone can say "oh, he said the thing!". It didn't make for the most engaging read.

I much prefer the first few pages which were already shown to all in the preview which show the future all out war of Transformers vs Terminators, featuring new Transformers designs by Alex Milne.

Transformers News: IDW Transformers Vs Terminator 1 Review

Speaking of the art, that opening is also where we see the most bots and thus where Alex Milne shines most. Now don't get me wrong, Alex Milne is as fine an artist as they come, but he has this amazing skill for depicting Transformers which really make him stand out compared to everyone else. However, when it comes to humans, there isn't as much in the style that makes him stand out.

Also, while he does aim for Sarah Connor to look like Linda Hamilton, I did not realize that the terminator was supposed to be of the Arnold variety. It could be Michael Beihn as much as it could be Arnold (which is actually what I thought they were going for at first, like some sort of switcheroo) or Duke from GI Joe. So that iconic Terminator aspect, which the script is clearly going for, is lost in the art too. When I read the panel you'll see below, I realized the author was hoping we'd been reading the Terminator's dialogue with Arnold's accent but the art never gave us indication of that so it took me out of it. It's like the nuts and bolts of the comic suddenly appeared and I saw a writer inserting some dialogue to make up for them not being able to get the rights to an actor's likeness.

Just a side note, I did find it interesting that the Terminator drives an Optimus Prime looking truck in this issue, smashing into cops, when the T-1000 drove a "nemesis prime" deco of a similar looking truck in Terminator 2, while dressed as a cop.

The final splash page is enough to have any fan want more, I just wish the first issue as a whole felt more meaty rather than just going through the motions to get to that final page. It was an average issue overall so I'll give it an average score.

Final Score
. :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstarhalf:
out of
:rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar: :rodimusstar:

This issue is out today, March 25th, and you can pick it up at the k2gx73.cn eBay store or at your local shop, , but you may want to call to get their operational status before making a trip.

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